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  • M5.8 hit Fukushima offshore / 2 more major quakes in close area
    A major earthquake hit Fukushima offshore at 18:30 of 12/20/2014 (JST) according to Japan Meteorological Agency. Magnitude was 5.8. The depth of epicenter was 40km. The maximum seismic intensity was The post M5.8 hit Fukushima offshore / 2 more major quakes in close area appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 6 t of contaminated water leaked from ALPS / 720,000 Bq of all β nuclide leaked to environment
    On 12/17/2014, Tepco leaked 6 t of contaminated water to the environment. They report it was water processed by ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System). The leakage occurred when water was The post 6 t of contaminated water leaked from ALPS / 720,000 Bq of all β nuclide leaked to environment appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Tritium density rose up 10 × since July in seaside of Reactor 1
    Tritium density increased to be 10 times much as July near Reactor 1, according to Tepco. The sample is groundwater taken from the seaside of Reactor 1. Tritium density had The post Tritium density rose up 10 × since July in seaside of Reactor 1 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 160 volcanic earthquakes observed in the mountain 80km from Fukushima plant
    Following up this article.. Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater” [URL]   On 12/12/2014, Sendai district meteorological observatory announced they The post 160 volcanic earthquakes observed in the mountain 80km from Fukushima plant appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • NRA decided not to apply INES evaluation to Fukushima plant anymore
    On 12/10/2014, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced they are not going to apply INES (International Nuclear Estimation System) to any further accidents in Fukushima plant. Severe contamination leakage continues to The post NRA decided not to apply INES evaluation to Fukushima plant anymore appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater”
    On 12/12/2014, Japan Meteorological Agency raised the volcanic alert level of a mountain located 82km from Fukushima plant. The volcano is called “Azumayama”, located between Fukushima prefecture and Yamagata prefecture. The post Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater” appeared first on […]
  • M4.3 quake occurred at the foot of Mt. Fuji
    M4.3 occurred at the foot of Mt. Fuji on 12/11/2014, according to Japan Meteorological Agency. It hit around the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji at 15:07 (JST). The depth of The post M4.3 quake occurred at the foot of Mt. Fuji appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Cs-134/137 detected double as food safety limit from water purification plant soil in Saitama
    Photo : Piled radioactive soil from Okubo water purification plant in Saitama. Taken in 8. 2011.    190 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was detected from water purification plant soil in Saitama The post Cs-134/137 detected double as food safety limit from water purification plant soil in Saitama appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Tepco’s ordinary profit jumped up by 71.4% first half 2014 from the same period a year ago
    The ordinary profit of this first half year was 243 billion yen, Tepco reported on 12/8/2014. This is 71.4 % larger than the same period of 2013. (Consolidated) According to The post Tepco’s ordinary profit jumped up by 71.4% first half 2014 from the same period a year ago appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Refueling machine of Reactor 5 malfunctioned
    The refueling machine of Reactor 5 malfunctioned on 12/4/2014. Tepco has difficulties to remove fuel even from an uncrippled reactor.   The alarm of low air pressure went off when they The post Refueling machine of Reactor 5 malfunctioned appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • WNW 171-Fed and Congress Signal Trouble, Putin Defends Russia, ISIS War
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Friday 12.19.14) My top story is the economy, and I think the Fed and Congress just signaled that something is seriously wrong, and it’s going to get worse.  First off, the Federal Reserve just came out and said that it was going to be “patient” when normalizing the monetary policy.  I […]Related Posts:Is Ruble Collapse Act […]
  • Is Ruble Collapse Act of War-Paul Craig Roberts
    By Greg Hunter’s Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the only thing that explains the plunge in the Russian ruble is that it is being attacked by America.  Roberts contends, “It is not a currency crash in the sense there are no economic reasons for the ruble’s fall.  Unlike the United […]Related Posts:Gold and th […]
  • Oil Price Plunge Trigger for Next Global Crisis-Harry Dent
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Economist Harry Dent says falling oil prices will be a trigger for another economic calamity.  Dent explains, “Normally, oil prices falling in a good economy like the 80’s and 90’s, where we have falling inflation and booming productivity and good demographic trends, this would be a good thing.  […]Rel […]
  • WNW 170- Budget Battle, CIA Torture Distraction, Madoff Convictions
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Friday 12/12/14) The $1 trillion budget that just passed the House of Representatives has something in it for everybody–to hate.  Conservative Republicans hate that Obama Care and illegal immigration are funded and liberal Democrats hate the rollback of rules for Wall Street and political donations are dramatically increase […]
  • Big Banks Will Take Depositors Money In Next Crash -Ellen Brown
    By Greg Hunter’s  The G-20 met recently in Australia to make new banking rules for the next financial calamity.  Financial reform advocate Ellen Brown says these new rules will allow banks to take money from depositors and pensioners globally.  Brown explains, “It became rules we agreed to actually implement.  There was no treaty, and […]Rela […]
  • Global Deflationary Implosion Will Start Money Printing-Egon von Greyerz
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Gold expert and money manager Egon von Greyerz says Japan is leading the parade to the bottom of the currency heap. Greyerz says, “Japan is printing unlimited amounts, and we can see that yen is leading the race to the bottom of the currencies.  Gold in yen is […]Related Posts:Disorderly Reset Coming-D […]
  • WNW 169-Race Distraction, USA #2, US/Russia Coming War?
    By Greg Hunter’s (12/5/14)  It seems the mainstream media (MSM) is determined to bombard us with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Michael Brown was not gunned down with his hands up.  Forensic evidence and eye witness testimony from a half dozen African Americans has disproven this, and it is indeed not a fact.  […]Related Posts:WNW 168-Fergu […]
  • 3.9% GDP Nonsense-Dollar Turns Sharply Soon-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s Economist John Williams is not buying the recent 3.9% GDP upward revision. Williams explains, “No one I know thinks we are growing at 3.9% other than they are trying to sell a bill of goods to the markets, specifically the currency markets. 3.9% is nonsense. You had 4.6% growth in the […]Related Posts:Dollar on the Brink of D […]
  • Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) A few months ago, financial analyst Rob Kirby said the gold price was ready to go up. In the international market, where it is sold by the ton–it has. Kirby explains, “For large amounts of bullion in the Asian market, the pricing mechanism has completely and utterly divorced […]Related Posts:Colossal […]
  • WNW 168-Ferguson Analysis, Iran Nuke Deal Stalled, Gold Repatriation
    By Greg Hunter’s    (Friday 11.28.14)  I told you last week there would be no charges for the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, and no charges were brought. Of course, there was rioting and violence, and that seems to be what was wanted.   The Governor of Missouri did not deploy the National […]Related Posts:WNW 169-Race Distr […]
  • No. 683: November CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings
    (SGS Subscription required) • November Annual Inflation: 1.3% (CPI-U), 1.1% (CPI-W), 9.0% (ShadowStats) • Using Exaggerated Drop in Gasoline Prices, BLS Generated Headline CPI-U Monthly Decline of 0.3% (-0.3%), Instead of 0.2% (-0.2%) • Real Retail Sales Growth Was Distorted Heavily by Inconsistent Handling of Seasonal Adjustments for Gasoline Prices and Sal […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Existing Home Sales GDP New Orders for Durable Goods […]
  • No. 682: November Housing Starts
    (SGS Subscription required) • Headline November Housing Starts Fell Month-to-Month and Year-to-Year Amidst Ongoing Unstable Revisions • Smoothed for Extreme Reporting Volatility, Aggregate Housing Starts Show Pattern of Plunge and Low-Level Stagnation, No Economic Recovery […]
  • No. 681: November Industrial Production, Producer Price Index (PPI)
    (SGS Subscription required) • Scheduled for Second-Quarter 2015, Meaningful Benchmark Revisions to Industrial Production Could Be Unusually Large and to the Downside • November Industrial Production Jump Encompassed Utilities Surge, Widespread Manufacturing Gains, and Declining Oil and Gas Production • Utilities Output Spiked by Unseasonably-Cold Weather • S […]
  • No. 680: November Retail Sales, Financial-Market Distortions
    (SGS Subscription required) • November Retail Sales Gain Boosted by Spurious Seasonal Adjustments,0.5% of 0.7% Headline Sales Gain Tied Just to Gasoline-Seasonality Issues • Irrational Markets Continue as Great Dollar Calamity Nears […]
  • No. 679: Labor Numbers, Trade Deficit, Household Income and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Widening Fourth-Quarter Trade Deficit Should Hit GDP Growth Hard • October Median Household Income in Continued Low-Level Stagnation • Full-Time Employment Is 2.4 Million Shy of Pre-Recession Peak • Headline Unemployment Really Increased by 0.1%, But Gain Was Hidden in Rounding Details • November Payroll and Unemployment Data He […]
  • No. 678: October Durable Goods Orders, New-Home Sales, November Consumer Conditions
    (SGS Subscription required) • No Economic Boom in Durable Goods Orders or Housing Activity • Real Durable Orders Goods Set Early Pace of Flat-to-Down Activity for Fourth-Quarter 2014 • New-Home Sales Revised Lower in Third-Quarter; October Broad Sales Activity Remained Stagnant • Consumer Confidence and Sentiment Remain at Levels Consistent with Historical R […]
  • No. 677: Third-Quarter 2014 GDP, First Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • Gross Domestic Product Upside Revision Was Nonsense • Initial Gross Domestic Income Reporting Suggested Major Revision Shenanigans that Boosted Headline GDP • Underlying Reality Remains Down-Trending Stagnation in Broad Economic Activity […]
  • No. 676: October CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Annual Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.5% (CPI-W), 9.4% (ShadowStats) • Inflation Held at 1.7% for Third Month, Despite Tumbling Oil Prices That Reduced CPI-U by 0.5% • Annual Real Retail Sales Growth Fell Back to Recession Level, Amidst Suggestions of Much-Slower Fourth-Quarter Activity • Third-Quarter GDP Headline Growth of […]
  • No. 675: October Housing Starts, PPI
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Housing Starts Indicated Fourth-Quarter Contraction • PPI Headline Inflation of 0.2% Reflected Peculiarities of New Reporting Approach • October PPI Will Dampen Real Growth in New Orders for Durable Goods and Construction Spending […]



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  • Very, Very Bad Things
    Intel Cowboys (Part II)   By  Preston James     Note: This article is written for trained Intel professionals, Governmental Officials, and Senior Law Enforcement who honor their Oaths of Office and want to do their job expected of them by We The People and the Citizens of the World. This article is a walk […]
  • Uri Avnery – Splendid Isolation
    - Jim W. Dean..."The EU Jewish lobbies just suffered a tremendous political defeat with the recent landslide EU vote for Palestine statehood."
  • Merry Christmas is what they tell me…
    We’re supposed to be happy, and maybe we are, but often we’re not. It’s supposedly an urban myth that there are more suicides during the holiday season; instead, I’ve been told by some social scientists that the count for that and for people letting go with serious injuries increases or illness right after the season ends. Getting through another Christmas i […]
  • Press TV – a Loss for the Good Guys
    Iran's Press TV is still a force to be reckoned with, from a broadcast standpoint. They are still blocked from most satellites, from most service providers and from many entire nations. Their staff, the producers and presenters are world class. The problem is with the Press TV website. It has almost "gone dead," a big win for the controlled ma […]
  • NEO – Engdahl – Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine
    - Jim W. Dean..."Ukraine democracy goes under the tank treads of Western aggression."
  • Voter Fraud vs. Election Theft: The Wisconsin Scott Walker re-election
    Voter Fraud vs. Election Theft: The Wisconsin Scott Walker re-election The final poll from the Marquette School of Law showed a surge for Scott Walker, when there should have been a surge for Mary Burke instead. Suspicions that this was simply setting up the theft of the election for Walker have been borne out by […]
  • Findings: International Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism
    The war has now spread to Lebanon.  Overtly, the war is Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq standing against Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  In reality this is something very new happening here, ISIS simply doesn’t exist, no more than MS 13, Al Shebab or Boko Harum. Those many years ago, when Mike Ruppert and Gary […]
  • Sodomy and Zionist Dark Matter (Part II)
    Yuri Slezkine: "The modern age is the Jewish Century, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century….Modernization is about everyone becoming Jewish."
  • BOOK of the YEAR: Redeployment
    Phil Klay's Redeployment takes readers to the frontlines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, asking us to understand what happened there, and what happened to the soldiers who returned. Interwoven with themes of brutality and faith, guilt and fear, helplessness and survival, the characters in these stories struggle to make meaning out of chaos.
  • Veterans can apply to upgrade discharge for PTSD
    A special web page has been launched to assist veterans seeking to upgrade punitive discharges related to behavior problems caused by post-traumatic stress. The web page provides information and applications to seek an upgrade to discharge from service. The page can be found at It follows a recent directive to the […]
  • The “Impending” Russian Maidan
    The coordinated manipulation of global energy prices, a NATO build-up in Eastern Europe, and the rekindling of terrorism in Russia’s southern Caucasus region all appear to be ever-increasing crescendos toward a much larger event – a “Russian Maidan.” The necessary components of a successful Western bid to overthrow the Russian political order include a polit […]
  • GCC and its Problems
    The one-day summit in Doha of member states comprising the GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) in addition to attracting the attention of many politicians, also identified new trends in the development of domestic and foreign policies of Arab countries in this very important region. It is worth pointing out that […]
  • Qatar’s Interests in the Russian Economy
    Apparently, the Qatari sheikhs have no idea that Russia is not the Upper Volta, studded with missiles, as the United States once called us, but a great power, including in terms of economics, natural resources, oil and gas. And to think that under the current difficult conditions of sanctions, Russian companies can be bought on […]
  • Ukraine’s Poroshenko Prepared for ‘Total War’?
    “We are prepared for a scenario of total war…. We don’t want war, we want peace and we are fighting for European values. But Russia does not respect any agreement” “More than anything we want peace, but we must at the moment face up to the worst-case scenario.” Said in an interview Ukrainian president to […]
  • Indonesia: A Tidbit for the ISIS
    Responses to events in the Middle East have drifted all the way to Indonesia, and with such force that they have become a threat to national security. Indonesia, with a population of 250 million people, is the largest Muslim country and at the same time the youngest, judging by the number of young people in […]
  • The Election Results in Japan
    The pre-term re-elections to the Lower House of the Japanese Parliament were held on December 14. The decision to do so was taken by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on November 18, 2014 in accordance with constitutional authorities. As a rule, the prime minister invokes the pre-term re-election process in the Lower House of Parliament, when […]
  • Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine
    If it were not for the fact that the lives of some 45 million people are at stake, Ukrainian national politics could be laughed off as a very sick joke. Any pretenses that the October national elections would bring a semblance of genuine democracy of the sort thousands of ordinary Ukrainians demonstrated for on Maidan […]
  • Will Meskhetian Turks Return to their Original Homeland?
    The return of Meskhetian Turks to their historical homeland has been widely discussed for at least half a century by Turkic public organizations of this ethnic group, a group that had historically lived in the Turkey-Georgia border areas along with a number of international public organizations. Back in the Soviet days a total of one […]
  • The U.S. is crudely interfering in Russian-Iranian relations
    Iranian Oil Minister, Bijan Zanganeh, refuted statements of some Russian officials about an agreement between Moscow and Tehran regarding an exchange of Iranian oil for Russian goods and services. He added that the two countries cooperate with each other only within the oil and gas sector. Thus, he questioned the words of the Russian Minister […]
  • ISIS’ Bloody Footprints Lead From NATO Territory
    It was reported recently that Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) investigated what turned out to be hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies,  flowing into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).  Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, has played a pivotal role in the destabilization and destructi […]
  • ‘US bans aim to oust Venezuela gov't’
    Venezuela’s defense minister says the new tighter sanctions imposed on the country by the US are aimed at fomenting violent turmoil in the Latin American nation in a bid to topple its government.
  • NASA emails tool to space station
    Astronauts on the international space station (ISS) have used a 3D printer to produce a wrench from digital plans sent from earth via email.
  • NYPD cops shot dead ‘execution style’
    Two New York City police officers have been shot dead “execution style” while on duty, allegedly in retaliation against the US police killing of unarmed black men.
  • ‘ISIL trafficking organs to fund terror’
    The ISIL Takfiri group resorts to trafficking human organs as a means of funding its terrorist activities, according to a report. The US-based media website Al-Monitor reported the development earlier in the month, quoting Siruwan al-Mosuli, an otolaryngologist.
  • ‘Cuba not to quit socialist principles’
    Cuban President Raul Castro says the country will not give up its socialist principles as Havana and Washington are on a path to normalize their strained relations.
  • Saudis back thaw in Egypt-Qatar ties
    Saudi Arabia has announced that its initiative has led to talks between Egypt’s president and a Qatari special envoy, resulting in positive moves towards mending ties between the two governments. […]
  • French cops shoot dead knifeman
    French police have shot and killed a man they claim attacked three policemen with a knife in the central city of Tours.  […]
  • US approaches China over cyber attack
    The United States has asked the Chinese government to help with a cyber attack allegedly by North Korea.
  • French protest as police go unpunished
    French protesters call for justice as police officers involved in the death of an unarmed Muslim man remain free, Press TV reports.
  • 'Some 10k detained in Egypt crackdown’
    A crackdown in Egypt has led to the detention of around 10,000 people, referred to by a senior government official as those wanted in violent attacks.
  • THe INTeRViEW...
    . Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of Un...   . .   What do you think would happen if someone dared to produce a movie about a plot to ass-asinate the Butt-tard in Chief?     .   Misdirection: Instead of torture victims, we are now supposed to feel sorry for a hacked politically incorrect Hollywood studio...   . .   As much as I dislike the idea of any […]
  • Watch As NYPD Officers Turn Their Backs On NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
    Just over two weeks ago, as NYC was turmoiling in protests following the Eric Garner chokehold death and the subsequent acquittal of the police officer involved, none other than NYC's mayor Bill de Blasio - a person whose job is to seek to impartially preserve the peace at all costs - tried to score populist points by disparaging none other than the NY […]
  • China Tests Nuclear ICBMs, US Analyst Warns "Arms Control Is Failing To Increase American Security"
    China carried out a long-range missile flight test on Saturday using multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, according to U.S. defense officials. As The Washington Free Beacon reports, the test of a new DF-41 missile, China’s longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile, marks the first test of multiple warhead capabilities for Chi […]
  • 150 Years Of Global Monetary Policy Summed Up In One Word (And 1 Chart)
    "Zero..."     With all the "talk" of diverging paths of monetary policy... one could be forgiven, if glancing at the chart above, for thinking the inevitable endgame of Keynesianism is very much at hand as first The BoJ, then The Fed, then Europe all enter ZIRP... and now NIRP...   Source: Goldman Sachs […]
  • There Is Hope In Understanding That A Great Economic Collapse Is Coming
    Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, If you were about to take a final exam, would you have more hope or more fear if you didn’t understand any of the questions and you had not prepared for the test at all?  I think that virtually all of us have had dreams where we show up for an exam that we have not studied for.  Those dreams can be […]
  • The Day Einstein Feared Has Arrived
    Via BostonBob at Jim Quinn's Burning Platform blog,   […]
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Like A 'Run' On The Gold 'Bank'
    Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Signing Off  By Grant Williams On Christmas Eve 1979, 27 days before I became a teenager, in a surburban street in Moseley in Britain’s West Midlands, a group of musicians put the finishing touches on their debut album. The musicians — Brian Travers, Astro, James Brown (no, not that one), Earl Falconer, Norman Hassan, Mickey Vir […]
  • Two NYPD Cops Murdered In "Execution Style" Ambush, Shooter Commits Suicide - Live Coverage
    The simmering cold war involving the NYPD and various elements of New York's population just went nuclear when a little before 3:00 PM, reports hit that two NYPD officers were shot in their patrol car, and subsequently died, in what has been dubbed an "execution style" ambush in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy area. The alleged shooter was chased by […]
  • A Funny Thing Happened To Oil Prices When Nixon Killed The Gold Standard
    For the past 150 years, crude oil prices have varied between around $10 per barrel and around $120 per barrel. For many decades, oil prices were relatively "stable" but a funny thing happened in the early 70s and everything changed - whether coincidental or causative the linkages between the oil crisis and Nixon's Gold-Standard-busting of Bret […]
  • Credit Doesn't Care What the FOMC Says: The "Recovery" That Never Was Is Over
    Authored by Alhambra Partners' Jeffrey Snider, via Contra Corner blog, The stock market takes off in holiday celebration of the FOMC being even less clear than it really has been in some time; perhaps going all the way back to Alan Greenspan’s intentional mush. Equity “investors” are happy that the Fed may be happy about the economy, even though there i […]
  • As US-Cuba cold war thaws, rum wars set to heat up
    In Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana, the Havana Club is the home of the iconic Cuban rum of the same name; a small bar on the second floor, with the windows facing the cathedral where the body of Christopher Columbus had once lain. It is here that Greene’s anti-hero Wormold drinks and plays chess... […]
  • Austrailian mother charged in deaths of eight children
    The mother of all but one of eight children killed in the northern city of Cairns was charged with their murder on Sunday, Australian police said. The 37-year-old, who has not been named and remains under guard in a hospital bed, was charged with eight counts of murder after the children’s... […]
  • WATCH: NYC police officers turn backs on Mayor de Blasio following shooting death of two officers
    New York City police officers, already at war with recently elected Mayor Bill de Blasio, turned their backs on the mayor as he entered the police press conference to address the shooting deaths of two officers in Brooklyn, PIX 11 reports. Two officers were killed “execution style” as... […]
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs may be used for treatment of depression: researchers
    Scientists at seven UK universities are to set up a research consortium aimed at exploiting a newly discovered link between immune disorders and mental illness. The connection raises hopes that anti-inflammatory drugs can be adapted to treat patients with depression or senile dementia. The group –... […]
  • 12 arrested as #blacklivesmatter protesters descend upon Mall of America during Christmas crush
    (Reuters) – Hundreds of protesters against police violence shut down part of the Mall of America in Minnesota on Saturday, during the final weekend before Christmas as shoppers scrambled to buy gifts at one of the nation’s largest shopping centers, a community group member said. The... […]
  • Family of toddler injured in botched SWAT raid facing $1 million in medical bills
    The family of a toddler who was injured during a botched drug raid, after a Georgia SWAT team member threw a flash-bang grenade into his playpen, say they are facing close to $1 million in hospital bills, according to WSB-TV. As the holidays approach, the parents of Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh... […]
  • Cuban President Castro lauds diplomatic thaw but rules out changes in political system
    Cuban President Raul Castro said Saturday he was ready to discuss any topic with Washington after the historic bilateral rapprochement, but warned not to expect any major political change as a result of the detente. And while the leader of the Americas’ only communist nation hailed the... […]
  • CIA unlikely to punish agency officials over Senate Intelligence Committee computer search: NYT
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A panel investigating the CIA’s search of a computer network used by U.S. Senate staff will not recommend disciplining the agency officials involved in the incident, according to the New York Times. The review panel is looking into the search by agency officials... […]
  • Two police officers shot and killed ‘execution style’ in Brooklyn
    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A gunman who had posted anti-police statements on social media ambushed two New York police officers as they sat in their squad car on Saturday and then killed himself, police said. The officers were killed without warning in their marked police car as they were on duty... […]
  • S.F. Sheriff’s Deputy facing felony charges for assaulting hospital patient, filing false report
    A San Francisco County Sheriff’s Deputy has been charged with multiple felonies after assaulting a patient in a hospital waiting room and then lying about it in his report, KRON reports. 33-year old deputy Michael R. Lewelling, was arrested and charged with four felonies — perjury, filing a... […]
  • Anonymous threatens to release sex tape pics of rapper Iggy Azalea over remarks
    Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have threatened to release still photos from a reported sex tape made by white rapper Iggy Azalea unless the performer apologizes for recent remarks. Jezebel reported that Anonymous is angry that Azalea — a blond, blue-eyed former Wilhelmina model who... […]
  • Man faked attack by Pennsylvania mass murderer for attention and money, say police
    A Pennsylvania man is in trouble after falsely reporting to police that he was attacked on Monday by fugitive mass murderer Bradley Stone. According to the New York Daily News, Luke Sanderlin, 34, was arrested on Friday once police determined that he had falsified his report to police in order to... […]
  • Here’s how Russians dodge the draft
    Dodging The Draft, Russian Style Every April and October the color khaki seems to suddenly sprout on the streets as bands of young soldiers appear in the cities; skinny, in uniforms either too large or small, with pinched red noses and red ears, scowling at the Maybachs and gold-leaf restaurants.... […]
  • Four Afghan Guantanamo detainees repatriated, says Pentagon
    Four Afghans held for more than a decade at Guantanamo Bay have been sent home, the Pentagon said Saturday, edging President Barack Obama closer towards his goal of closing the controversial US military jail. The Department of Defense said the men — Shawali Khan, Khi Ali Gul, Abdul Ghani, and... […]
  • New video seems to show NFL’s Ray Rice, future wife kiss after he punched her out
    Newly released video footage appears to show professional football’s Ray Rice and his future wife kissing while handcuffed in a casino elevator following the couple’s fight that cost Rice his job with the Baltimore Ravens. The brawl in which Rice, 27, knocked out and dragged an... […]
  • Children’s movies are rife with murder, says science
    You might expect that children’s movies would be less violent than those geared toward adults. But you’d be wrong. “Just because a film has a cute clown fish or a singing mermaid or baby deer in it, doesn’t mean that there won’t be murder,” says Ian Colman, a mental health epidemiologist at... […]
  • Parents of accused Aurora, Colorado shooter: Don’t kill our son
    Making their first public comments since their son was arrested in a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, the parents of James Holmes said on Friday that the 27-year-old is mentally ill and should not be subject to the death penalty. “We love our son, we have always loved him, and we do... […]
  • Freezing people after heart attacks could save lives
    Chris Brooks was a healthy 22-year-old, working part time in construction and finishing up his last year in college. One evening, he went out bowling with friends, returned home to his parents’ house in Middletown Township, Pennsylvania, and lay down on the couch to sleep. Then his parents noticed... […]
  • Cell phones probably don’t cause cancer
    Most of us have heard the often alarming claim that cell phones may cause cancer. However, while many focus on the cancer part of the statement, few pay attention to the perhaps more important word: may. To be fair, there has never been any definitive proof that cell phones cause any illness, much... […]
  • What the books you receive this Christmas say about you
    Christmas is a time to give generously and receive graciously. And yet… And yet. Many of us have opened Christmas presents and thought: what does it say about me that you thought this – this! – was the gift for me? Do you know me at all? The Christmas presents we receive can yield all sorts of... […]

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◾Christmas Eve Event Warning! Millions In Midwest And East Coast To Be Impacted! MAJOR CONVERGING WEATHER FRONTS ON THE EAST COAST MAY AFFECT UP TO 98.6 MILLION PEOPLE,
◾IS has executed 100 foreigners trying to quit: report:he had ‘verified 100 executions’ of foreign IS fighters trying to leave the jihadist group’s de facto capital.
◾What’s black and white… and used to be red all over? World’s first tomato plant that grows fruits of either colour is created
◾Could the US even launch a nuclear missile if it wanted to? Critics point to growing alarm at decay of Air Force’s atomic weapons command;REMEMBER HENRY GRUVER’S VISION-AMERICA WAS UNABLE TO LAUNCH A RESPONSE!
◾New deadly illness discovered in Kansas: Tick-borne disease named the ‘Bourbon Virus’ is believed to be behind mysterious death of farmer
◾Experts Warning US Citizens To Prepare For ‘The Big One’-Extremely Concerned Over New Earthquake Data. God Is About To Shake ‘the Hell’ Out of USA At Any Moment! (Chilling Videos)
◾Experts Warning US Citizens To Prepare For ‘The Big One’-Extremely Concerned Over New Earthquake Data. God Is About To Shake ‘the Hell’ Out of USA At Any Moment! (Chilling Videos)
◾M6.6 – 157km WNW of Tobelo, Indonesia
◾Coming Egg Shortage Will Tax Family Budgets:Next month, beginning January 1, 2015, the chicken-and-egg production in the United States is in for a big shock.
◾U.S. issues rare worldwide travel warning; hotels, shopping centers, schools among possible targets
◾Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten and Fired
◾Sweden: Two car bombs rock Muslim area of Malmo
◾Judge Blasts School Board & Cop over Unlawful Arrest & Silencing of Concerned Father
◾America’s Big Five Are Plunging the World Into Another Banking Crisis
◾The disturbing mystery of ‘unknown drones’ flying over vulnerable nuclear facilities in Belgium France and Holland

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What Does it Mean

Obama signs massive defense spending bill

Obama Apologizes to Castro

Two Police Officers Are Killed by Ambush in Brooklyn; Suspect Is Found Dead

De Blasio accused of having ‘blood on his hands’ following murder of two cops: Police turn their back on Mayor during news conference

Warning Came Too Late for Slain NYPD Officers

US frees four Afghan Guantanamo detainees

Texas: Ft. Bend Police, Prosecutors Accused of Abuse in SWAT Incident

Virginia: 4-year-old handcuffed, shackled, hauled off to sheriff’s office

California Police Officer Shot Teenager Who Attacked Him With Machete

Risk council declares MetLife too big to fail

Obama defends opening to Cuba, vows response to Sony hack

Obama authorizes ‘economic embargo’ on Russia’s Crimea


Putin says Russia won’t be intimidated over Crimea

Poroshenko Says Ukraine Can’t Scrimp on Army as S&P Rating Cut

Ukraine forms ‘ministry of truth’ to regulate the media

Putin calls for calm work despite reaction to Russia’s efforts to ensure national security

Vladimir Putin invites Kim Jong-un to Moscow

Russian Nuclear Bombers Again Buzz Guam

Russia Reports It Bought Another 600,000 Ounces Taking Gold Holdings To New Record High

Russia to supply banks with up to $6.54bn to fight off crisis

Russia’s richest man first to bring foreign assets back home

Prosecutors seek 10yr jail sentence for opposition figure Navalny

S&P cuts Ukraine rating to CCC on default fears

Poroshenko urges IMF to consider increasing financial aid for Ukraine


​In Wake of Hong Kong, President Xi Warns Macau

North Korea denies hacking Sony, US stands by its assertion

North Korea Warns US of Nuclear Response

Xi Jinping calls on Macau to resolve ‘deep-rooted conflicts’

Umbrella ban as Xi Jinping arrives in Macau

Hong Kong activists on mission to reach Xi Jinping turned back at Macau ferry terminal

Ex-City Official and Property Tycoon Are Convicted in Hong Kong Graft Trial

China Offers Enhanced Cooperation as Russia Struggles

China Protests Planned US Sale of Warships to Taiwan

Apple failing to protect Chinese factory workers

China arrests US aid worker over NGO activities helping North Koreans

Ebola vaccine enters clinical trials in China

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