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  • WNW 187, Iran Navy Flees Yemen, Clinton Bribery Scandal, and Flash Crash Patsy
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (4/24/15)  There is some good news concerning the ongoing war in Yemen.  Iran cargo ships, possibly carrying arms and supplies, have turned around and are headed back to Iran.  Was it because of the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier group?  You can bet on it.  I was worried that this would turn […]Related Posts:WNW 183-War in Ye […]
  • Strong Dollar is Black Swan-Rick Ackerman
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  Trader/analyst Rick Ackerman says forget about the demise of the U.S. dollar anytime soon, Ackerman contends, “I have been totally bullish on the dollar for years, and it looks like clear sailing to me.  The dollar is certainly responding to what I would call economic fundamentals, even though bonds have been […]Related Post […]
  • Over $100 Trillion in Wealth Will Disappear-Harry Dent
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release) Best-selling author Harry Dent says the stock bubble we have today is the biggest in history.  Dent contends, “Now we’re in a third bubble, and each of these bubbles peaks at higher highs, and then they each crash to lower lows.  We’ve been looking for the Dow to […]Related Posts:Oil Price Plunge Trigg […]
  • WNW 186-Senate Gets To Approve Iran Deal, Russia Sends Air Defense to Iran, Middle East Chaos Continues
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   Congress is going to get a say in the upcoming deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.  Congress has a veto proof majority they will require the President to allow Congress to give its approval.  Just this weekend, the President said that the “GOP had overstepped in foreign affairs” according to the […]Related Posts:WNW 185 […]
  • Drought Number One Emergency in California-Ellen Brown
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Author and attorney Ellen Brown says the drought in California is dire.  NASA recently said that California has just one year of water left.  Brown says, “It was just declared our number one emergency. . . .It’s pretty shocking what is happening.  It’s our fourth year of drought.  The Governor just […]Related Posts:WNW-184- I […]
  • Fall 2015 Turning Point-Civil Unrest and Riots-Martin Armstrong
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release) Legendary financial analyst Martin Armstrong says the world is going to be hitting a major “turning point” this fall.  Armstrong says this is the end of a 300 year cycle and contends, “This appears to be a peak, as far as governments and bond markets are concerned, and […]Related Posts:War Cycle-Europe […]
  • WNW 185-Iran Nuke Deal Falls Apart, Will Fed Raise Interest Rates, Economy Getting Worse
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (4/10/15) The deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program is no deal at all.  How do I know this?  You just have to listen to the leadership in Iran.  The Ayatollah Khamenei has weighed in along with his subordinates, and they have said that the White House and the President are liars.  […]Related Posts:WNW-184- Iran Nuke Deal or […]
  • We’re Going to Step On a Mine before End of 2015-James Turk
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  Renowned Precious metals expert James Turk thinks this fall is going to be trouble for the U.S. dollar.  Turk explains, “I think that is the time frame we should be looking for, and there are a couple of reasons for this.  Every five years, the International Monetary Fund recalculates the “Special […]Related Posts:Outlook fo […]
  • Fed Rate Rise Would Smoke Derivatives-Bill Holter
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release) Financial writer Bill Holter says don’t expect the economy to get better anytime soon.  Holter says, “We’re probably in recession again . . . the economy has been quite weak.  It looks to me we could be breaking down in the stock market.  This is going to be […]Related Posts:Gold is Kryptonite to the Do […]
  • WNW-184- Iran Nuke Deal or No Deal, Russia Threatens Nuke War, 0% GDP Growth, California Drought
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (4.3.15) Looks like the U.S. and the rest of the major countries negotiating with Iran have a framework for a deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.  Let’s not call it a real deal.  Why?  Because this is only a so-called “framework,” and lots has to be agreed upon before it’s a […]Related Posts:WNW 185-Iran Nuke Deal Falls […]
  • No. 714: March Durable Goods Orders, Median Household Income, New- and Existing-HomeSales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Both Nominal and Real First-Quarter 2015 GDP Face Contraction, But Headline Downturn May Await the First Revision • Consensus Forecasts Never Catch Economic Downturns, Yet the Consensus Outlook Is Weighted into the Initial GDP Estimate • Real Durable Goods Orders Confirmed Back-to-Back Quarterly Contractions; Signaling a Second- […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Wednesday, April 29, 2015 GDP 2015Q1-V1 04/29/2015   Tuesday, May 05, 2015 Construction Spending Trade Balance March-2015 […]
  • Commentaries News
    PUBLISHING SCHEDULE:   The next Regular Commentary, scheduled for Wednesday, April 29th, will cover the initial estimate for first-quarter 2015 GDP. See Schedule (LAST UPDATED April 24th)
  • No. 713: March CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Housing Starts, GDP Prospects
    (SGS Subscription required) • Housing Starts Plunged at Annualized Pace of 31.0% (-31.0%) in First-Quarter 2015 • Real Retail Sales Contracted at 2.0% (-2.0%) Annualized Pace in First-Quarter, Worst Showing Since Depths of Economic Collapse • Annual Real Sales Growth at Recession Level • Real Earnings Fell by 0.4% (-0.4%) in March • March Year-to-Year Inflat […]
  • No. 712: March Nominal Retail Sales, Industrial Production, PPI
    (SGS Subscription required) • Quarterly Retail Sales and Industrial Production Last Dropped Together in First-Quarter 2009, When Real GDP Contracted 5.5% (-5.5%) • Nominal Retail Sales Fell an Annualized 5.0% (-5.0%) in First-Quarter 2015; March Annual Growth Was Weakest Since Economic Collapse • Real Retail Sales Also Locked-In to First-Quarter Contraction […]
  • No. 711: Updated Outlook for General Economic Conditions
    (SGS Subscription required) • Data in the Week Ahead Should Trouble the Financial Markets • Market Sentiment on the Cusp of a "New" Recession? • First-Quarter GDP on Track for Worst Contraction Since Depths of the Economic Collapse […]
  • No. 710: March Employment and Unemployment, Money Supply M3
    (SGS Subscription required) • First-Quarter GDP Contraction Is an Increasingly Solid Bet; Market Sentiment Should Begin Shifting Towards "New" Recession • March Labor Data Fell Apart on Both the Payroll and Unemployment Fronts • Net of February Revisions, March Payrolls Gained Just 57,000 • Masked by Rounding, Headline Unemployment Actually Decline […]
  • No. 709: February Trade Deficit, Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • For Purposes of the Initial First-Quarter 2015 GDP Estimate, Growth Will Be Hammered by a Quarterly Widening of the Real Trade Deficit and a Quarterly Downturn in Real Construction Spending
  • No. 708: Revised Fourth-Quarter 2014 GDP, Real Median Household Income
    (SGS Subscription required) • GDP Held at 2.22% but Broader GNP Tumbled to 1.36% • Shifting Global Financial and Economic Distortions Impair Domestic Economic Activity […]
  • No. 707: February New Orders for Durable Goods
    (SGS Subscription required) • Durable Goods Orders in Back-to-Back Quarterly Contractions, Both Before and After Consideration of Commercial Aircraft Orders and Inflation • Signal Is for an Intensified Decline in Production and GDP, in Both First- and Second-Quarter 2015, a Looming Recession […]



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  • Will it Be ‘So Long California, Been Good to Know You’?
    We occasionally hear stories of the Great Dustbowl in America’s grain-rich Midwest during the Great Depression of the 1930’s when prolonged drought became so extreme as strong winds, drought and clouds of dust plagued nearly 75 percent of the United States. The Dust Bowl lasted for eight years from 1931 to 1939. Yet we hear […]
  • MH17: How the Media Failed the Victims and the Families
    In examining the evidence relating to the shooting down of Flight MH17 over the eastern Ukraine in July 2014 it is appropriate to approach the task as one would a prosecution of those responsible. First, one has to establish the facts as they can be established to the requisite standard of proof. Secondly, discard the […]
  • Pakistan has Become the Playing Field for US and Chinese Arms Dealers
    Against the background of Washington’s attempts to gain more influence in various regions of the world, it symbolic that that the White House decided to strengthen military cooperation with Pakistan. Such steps of the United States are dictated by a number of variables, including the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear power, on top of […]
  • US Strategy of Carrot and Stick in Central Asia
    The USA revised its strategy in respect of the countries of Great Central Asia, which, in addition to the former Soviet Union republics, comprise Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Caucasus states – Georgia and Azerbaijan. The USA since recently has included Iran and Turkey in the Great Central Asia. Washington shifts from the policy of security […]
  • Armenian Genocide Remembered “4-All The Wrong Reasons”
    On April 24 Armenia was holding various events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, which is conventionally held to have begun on that date in 1915. Though the term genocide is now in common currency, it was only coined, in 1943, as a means of describing […]
  • California Goes Dark
    “We had better share our bewilderments. By hiding them from each other we should not hide them from ourselves.” — C.S. Lewis The darkness now enveloping the state of California is not a result of a power failure. Rather, it is the result of too much power, concentrated in the hands of those who do […]
  • Drama in the Mediterranean
    Mid-April 2015 will go down in Mediterranean history as a time of terrible tragedies. In ancient times called the Great Sea and Mare Nostrum, meaning “our sea”, it is coming to be known as the “sea of death”, having become the grave of many hundreds of immigrants, who risked the perilous journey from its Southern […]
  • Results, Causes, and US Media Deceptions About Iran
    After the announcement of a possible agreement regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program and the economic sanctions imposed on the country by the United States, the US media has escalated its confused and distorted coverage of the Middle East. Falsehoods, half-truths, and incomplete presentations of events in the region are being promoted by the major […]
  • Russia and Japan in the Face of Sanctions
    One eloquent expression says: ‘The East is a delicate matter’, and in the contemporary world it is also influence-prone. Japan, like all G-7 countries piloted by the key player – USA, has joined in economic sanctions against Russia due to the situation in the southeast of Ukraine. Japanese mass-media would one day scream about the […]
  • Ukraine Partnering with NATO…to the Surprise of No One
    Despite more than a year of claiming otherwise, the US-backed government of Ukraine is now openly acknowledging their close association with NATO. Although the rhetoric is carefully guarded so as not to admit that Ukraine has become a de facto NATO member, the inescapable fact is that it is in all but name. Remember back […]
  • China Considers Launching QE; Shanghai Stocks Soar
    Nearly two months ago we explained "How Beijing Is Responding To A Soaring Dollar, And Why QE In China Is Now Inevitable" in which we cited Cornerstone who reminded us "that from 2007 to late 2008, U.S. fed funds dropped 500 bp, and then the Fed still needed to do QE? The backdrop for China looks a bit similar. We had a credit bubble, they hav […]
  • Caught On Tape: Dramatic Video & Images From The Mount Everest Avalanche
    In the immediate aftermath of yesterday's destructive Nepal earthquake, which has led to hundreds of aftershocks and a constantly rising death toll, currently exceeding 2000, the most visually stunning, if quite deadly, phenomenon was a massive avalanche on Mt. Everest and leading to at least 17 casualties, including a Google executive, and 61 injured. […]
  • Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of "Small Debtors"
    Last week, the Greek government issued a decree which called for local governments to transfer excess cash to the central bank so that Athens would be able to pay pensions, salaries, and the IMF. The move is expected to raise as much as €2 billion to help keep the country afloat while the country’s “amateurish, time-wasting gambler” of a FinMin feebly attemp […]
  • The Virtual Immunity Of The Well-Connected: Gen. Petraeus Edition
    Submitted by Ray McGovern via Consortium News, The leniency shown former CIA Director (and retired General) David Petraeus by the Justice Department in sparing him prison time for the serious crimes that he has committed puts him in the same preferential, immune-from-incarceration category as those running the financial institutions of Wall Street, where, in […]
  • Russia Deploys Tactical Drones In The Arctic, Exposes Rarely-Seen US Spy Satellite Images
    While the USA is busy killing US civilians and terrorists with its drone program, Russia is set to deploy its own Orlan-10 drones in the oil- and gas-rich Arctic region (reportedly to monitor the climate situation). As SputnikNews reports, Colonel Aleksandr Gordeev stated "the drones' task is to maintain impartial control of the situation in the Ru […]
  • Boston Fed Admits There Is No Exit, Suggests QE Become "Normal Monetary Policy"
    Perhaps it was inevitable. After all, the term “QEfinity” entered the financial lexicon long ago and there were already quite a few commentators out there suggesting that it may now be too late to remove the punchbowl, meaning an “exit” will not only prove difficult, but may well be impossible.  Take Makoto Utsumi, who oversaw foreign-exchange policy at the […]
  • New Highs To Nowhere On Nothing
    Submitted by Mark St.Cyr, It’s official: all the markers of manias both past and present have now been surpassed. NASDAQ™ new highs? Check. All major Indexes both in actual terms as well as adjusted for inflation? Check. Earnings reports being enthusiastically reported as more “beats” than misses? Check. How about employment data? Yep. Within statistically a […]
  • How The Fed "Engineered A Massive Squeeze In The Markets"? With The Help Of 683x Leverage
    Citi's Matt King once again hits it out of the ballpark. After laying out the fundamental problems caused by central planning, namely a historic plunge in yields, and a collapse in global growth...   ... a decline in consumer spending and a collapse in investment, offset by a surge in buybacks and new debt issuance.   Matt King presents the only respons […]
  • Rising Police Aggression A Telling Indicator Of Our Societal Decline
    Submitted by Chris Martenson via PeakProsperity.com, My first Uber lift was in South Carolina.  My driver was from Sudan originally, but had emigrated to the US 20 years ago.  Being the curious sort, I asked him about his life in Sudan and why he moved.  He said that he left when his country had crumbled too far, past the point where a reasonable person coul […]
  • Chart Of The Day: Who Is Buying?
    At the end of last month we noted that stocks were entering a dangerous period: the "buyback blackout" that surrounds earnings. As we've documented exhaustively, stocks have benefited handsomely from the corporate share repurchase bid and so in the absence of demand from cost-insensitive corporate management teams, and with households and inst […]

What Does it Mean

United States

Obama Pushes to Keep Power to Shut Down Cellphone Networks

Japan’s Abe Arrives for US Visit

Kerry to Meet Iranian FM Zarif Monday, as Deadline Looms for Nuclear Deal

Clinton Foundation Admits Tax Discrepancies Amid Scrutiny Over Donations

US sending disaster response team, $1 million aid to Nepal

Deep Support in Washington for C.I.A.’s Drone Missions

Formerly secret report on surveillance released

Texas Pushes for GMO Labeling with Introduction of New Bill

TSA Warns of Possible ISIS Attack on U.S. Soil

Supreme Court hears arguments on same-sex marriage next week

Arrest Made in Crash of Drone Carrying Drugs to South Carolina Prison


​Putin says US helped North Caucasus separatists against Russia in the 2000s

Putin says taking Crimea righted historical injustice

Putin calls hostage crises in the Dubrovka, Beslan school hardest moments of presidency

Russia Erecting Monument to ‘Little Green Men’ Who Took Over Crimea

Russia sends 90 rescuers to quake-hit Nepal

OSCE Reports Highly Intense Shelling in Ukraine’s Southeastern Village

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Nail Rebel Fighter to Cross, Burn Him Alive

Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists trade accusations as Minsk deal frays

PM Yatsenyuk says miners’ protests were paid actions

Ukraine marks 29 years since Chornobyl nuclear disaster

Kazakhstan’s incumbent president winning presidential elections


Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 3,218, Over 6,500 Injured

Nepal Earthquake Poses Challenges for International Aid Agencies

Nepal Terrorized by Aftershocks, Hampering Relief Efforts

Xi extends condolences to Nepal over disastrous earthquake

China rescue team starts work

Asean tells China its island-building ‘may undermine peace, stability’ in South China Sea

Babylift children from last days of the war return to Vietnam seeking answers

China to provide 110 fighter jets to Pakistan

Feminist activist subjected to eight-hour grilling, bullying by police

Xi Jinping: Pakistan stood by us when China was isolated

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◾Half the US Faces Earthquake Risk
◾Roads turn to rivers as NSW, Australia suffers freak hailstorm
◾Russia Uncovered Direct Links Between US Intel, Caucasus Militants – Putin
◾Military holds decontamination exercise in Battle Creek
◾10 mind-blowing facts about the vaccine industry that the mainstream media still refuses to report
◾Twenty-six water districts in California to begin rationing water
◾Dust storm, lightning kill five in UP – epidemic of suicides reported, as climate unravels
◾US National Guard’s drills in public aimed at dealing with domestic ‘dissidents’
◾Baltimore: Protests Turn Violent – Raw Footage ‘The Revolution Is Here! I’m Going To Kill You! All Of You – Guilty!’
◾UN Medic Units Photographed On Truck On ‘Due Course’ To Texas As Gun Confiscation Plans Ramp Up!
◾The city reduced to rubble: Bodies lining pavements, funeral pyres in the streets and a race against time to find survivors… appalling aftermath of Nepal earthquake which claimed at least 2,300 lives
◾Everest’s ‘deadliest day ever’: Up to 18 climbers and sherpas feared dead, including Google executive, in avalanches caused by huge earthquake that killed at least 2,200 people across Himalayas
◾M6.7 – 17km S of Kodari, Nepal – Afterschock
◾Convoy of military vehicles “as far as the eye can see”, massive military buildup in America continues
◾Update from Iraq: broken pipes, broken cars, and bartering at bazaars: Jeremiah Farrell
◾UFO seen near Chile’s Calbuco volcano’s ash cloud in video
◾The Muslim Brotherhood Is In Charge of Jade Helm
◾Israel and the Coming of Catastrophe
◾Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Rise Up To Declare To The World What Islamic Terrorists Are Doing To Christians, And Flood The Streets To Fight Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians
◾Military Vehicles Staging Behind Midland Texas Wal-Mart As Choppers Fill Skies And ‘Blacked-Out’ FEMA Buildings Are Built In Kentucky
◾Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king’s tomb
◾Jade Helm And ‘Six Months Of Horror’ Predicted By David Wilkerson 20 Years Ago?
◾’Oilfield Igniter’ Explosives Go Missing From Halliburton In Jade Helm 15 Texas Sending Out Major False Flag Red Flag
◾More than 700 dead and homes and offices collapse as massive earthquake rocks Nepal destroying historic 19th-century tower
◾Is the U.S. Government Building the Terrorists they Need?

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