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  • Dangerous Housing Market-Manipulated Ponzi Style Boom-Fabian Calvo
    By Greg Hunter’s  Real Estate expert Fabian Calvo says boom bust housing crisis is on the way.  Calvo explains, “There are a lot of outlier indicators that show the run-up to another big boom in housing prices.  If you look back and consider my theory of the ‘pump and dump’ in March of 2012, […]Related Posts:Real Estate Pump and Dump Scheme-F […]
  • Economy Will Crash, World War III Coming-Gerald Celente
    By Greg Hunter’s Renowned trend researcher, Gerald Celente, said at the beginning of 2014 that the economy would tank and war is on its way.  It looks like his predictions are coming true.  On the economy, Celente contends, “This whole so-called recovery has been built up on unprecedented levels of cheap money.  They keep […]Related Posts:Mid […]
  • Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.25.14
    By Greg Hunter’s With all the wars and rumors of wars in the world, are we headed for some massive East versus West confrontation?  Let’s tie it all together and start in Ukraine. There are new allegations from the U.S. State Department about Russia actually shooting into Ukraine from the Russian side of the […]Related Posts:Weekly News Wrap- […]
  • Germany Secretly Planning on Joining BRICS-Jim Willie
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial newsletter writer Jim Willie says no matter who shot down the Malaysian commercial jet over Ukraine recently, there is going to be massive fallout.  Willie contends, “Here’s the big, big consequence.  The U.S. is basically telling Europe you have two choices here.  Join us with the war against Russia.  Join […]Rela […]
  • The Chaos is Planned-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s Derivatives and gold expert Rob Kirby contends financial markets are controlled by the U.S. Treasury.  For example, Kirby contends, “The Interest rate derivative trade means the U.S. Treasury can make banks captive buyers of any amount of U.S. government debt it wants to issue–literally any amount.”  Kirby goes on to say, “Th […]
  • Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.18.14
    By Greg Hunter’s   Only three stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up, but they all have something in common.  They all will have cascading effects that will go on for some time to come.  First up, the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Eastern Ukraine.  Nearly 300 people are dead; and of that total, […]Related Posts:Weekly News Wrap-Up […]
  • 2008 Meltdown Revisited-There’s No Solution-Egon von Greyerz
    By Greg Hunter’s  Gold and financial expert, Egon von Greyerz, says buckle your seat belts–a replay of the 2008 financial crisis will “soon return.”  Greyerz contends, “What happened in 2008 was expected by us for quite a long time.  The solution of $25 trillion to save banks and financial markets was not a solution.  […]Related Posts:Will Fe […]
  • U.S. Economy-Plunge, Stagnation & Turning Down Anew-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s Economist John Williams says to forget about the so-called recovery.  What’s coming next is recession or worse.  Williams contends, “The fact that we saw a -2.9% contraction in the first quarter, in official reporting . . . you know the economy is in real bad shape.  It’s continued to the second […]Related Posts:Dollar on the […]
  • Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.11.14
    By Greg Hunter’s  I warned last week about the kidnapping and murder of three Israelis and revenge killing of a Palestinian teen sparking violence in Israel.  My fear is now been confirmed with Hamas rocket attacks on various targets in Israel.  Israel is making counter attacks that have claimed the lives of dozens in […]Related Posts:Weekly […]
  • Islamic State-Loose Artillery Shell on the Deck of the Ship of History-James Howard Kunstler
    By Greg Hunter’s  Veteran journalist and author, James Howard Kunstler, is worried about the violence heating up in the Middle East–especially Saudi Arabia.  Kunstler says, “Saudi Arabia is between a rock and a hard place, or should I say Iraq and a hard place.  Both sides that are now contending in Iraq, the Shiite […]Related Posts:Reality […]
  • Legend Warns Unknown Event May Trigger Avalanche Of Selling
    Today a legendary trader and investor spoke with King World News about the Fed’s move, and also warned that an unknown event may trigger an avalanche of selling in global markets. Victor Sperandeo has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous individuals such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros. Another legend, hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jo […]
  • Billionaire Paul Singer Warns Of Major Social Unrest In U.S.
    One of the most highly respected hedge fund managers in the world, billionaire Paul Singer, has just issued a deeply troubling warning that an acceleration in inflation will trigger major social unrest in the United States. Of course this inflation would also blow the lid off the gold market. There is also a fascinating chart from top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpa […]
  • Williams - Black Swan To Engulf The World In Catastrophe
    Today one of the most highly respected fund managers in Singapore warned King World News that a black swan may be setting up to engulf the world in catastrophe. Grant Williams, of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund, also discussed what to expect from gold, silver, and stocks for the back half of this year. […]
  • Rick Rule - Silver Is The Wild Card As Metals To Surge Higher
    Today one of the wealthiest people in the financial world told King World News that silver is the wild card as the metals are now set to surge higher for the rest of this year. Rick Rule, who is business partners with Eric Sprott, also discussed where gold, platinum, palladium, miners, and some of the rest of the commodities are heading. […]
  • This Will End In Tears For The West As Gold & Silver Soar
    Today an acclaimed money manager told King World News that the current scenario is going to end in tears for the West, and a mania in the gold and silver markets. Stephen Leeb also discussed a study that was put together for Congress which is very alarming. […]
  • No. 646: Second-Quarter 2014 GDP, GDP Benchmark Revisions, Household Income
    (SGS Subscription required) • Second-Quarter GDP Surge Not Credible, Significant Downside Revisions Remain in Offing • Actual Economic Activity Remains in Serious Trouble • Historical GDP Revised Lower Where Better Data Were Available and Revised Higher Where Better Numbers Were Not […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Friday, August 01, 2014 Employment/Unemployment Construction Spending July-2014 June-2014 08/01/2014 […]
  • No. 645: June Durable Goods Orders, New-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Despite Durable Goods Orders Turning Lower Year-to-Year, General Pattern Showed Ongoing Stagnation • In Context of Sharp Downside Revisions to Prior Months, June 2014 New-Homes Sales Fell Month-to-Month, Quarter-to-Quarter and Year-to-Year […]
  • No. 644: Pending GDP Reporting and Revisions
    (SGS Subscription required) • Unhappy Surprises in Pending GDP Numbers • Look for Downside Revisions to GDP Growth of Recent Years, Including First-Quarter 2014 • Initial Estimate of Second-Quarter GDP Growth Should Surprise Market Expectations Sharply on the Downside • Headline Second-Quarter Contraction Likely by September 26th Revision […]
  • No. 643: June CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Quarterly Consumer Inflation of 3.0% at Three-Year High • Inflation Wiped Out Headline Gain in June Retail Sales • Real Earnings Fell for Third Straight Month • June Annual Inflation: 2.1% (CPI-U), 2.0% (CPI-W), 9.8% (ShadowStats) • Existing-Home Sales Fell Year-to-Year for 8th Straight Month • Negative Surprises Likely in Next […]
  • No. 642: June Housing Starts
    (SGS Subscription required) • Second-Quarter 2014 Housing Starts Fell Below Fourth-Quarter Activity, With a June Contraction and Downside Revisions to April and May […]
  • Commentaries News
    The Next Regular Commentary: is scheduled for Friday, August 1st, covering July employment and unemployment data and June construction spending. For detail on pending economic releases, see the schedule. (LAST UPDATED July 30th) […]
  • No. 641: June Industrial Production, Producer Price Index
    (SGS Subscription required) • Shifting Production Detail Indicated Still Weaker First-Quarter GDP, Suggested Slowing Second-Quarter Inventory Growth (a GDP Negative) • Volatile PPI Resumed Upswing in Inflation Reporting […]
  • No. 640: June Retail Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Net of Inflation, Headline Real June Retail Sales Likely Contracted • Although Real Retail Sales Appear to Have Gained in Second Quarter; Contracting Second-Quarter GDP Outlook Remains Intact […]
  • No. 639: Review of the Deepening Economic and Pending U.S. Dollar and HyperinflationCrises
    (SGS Subscription required) • Outlook Continues for Massive U.S. Dollar Sell-Off, Pending Hyperinflation • U.S. Economy on Track for Downside Shocks that Could Roil Markets and Provide Political Cover for Reinvigorated Quantitative Easing • Fed Has Monetized 76% of Net Issuance of Publicly Held Treasury Debt, Since January 2013 Expansion of QE3; Pace of Fed […]



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  • NEO – Georgia Murder Game-Changer
    - "We have another of Henry Kamen's political intrigue articles in the Republic of Georgia, still recovering from America's Murder, Inc., romance with Misha Saakashvili."
  • Mr. President, What Are You Waiting For?
    I am writing to you this personal letter, because you, perhaps more than any other person on this earth can make a difference between war and peace, between justice and injustice, between right and wrong and you as leader of this great nation can steer America back to its principals and ideals as a world leader standing for freedom and justice for all.
  • Combat Vets Last Hope is often Man’s Best Friend
    When combat veterans with PTSD lovingly relate to their special needs pets ~ they are in essence setting the stage to fully love and forgive themselves as well as to love and allow others to fully love them.
  • House Passes Bipartisan VA Conference Agreement
    The U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan VA conference agreement by a 420-5 vote this afternoon. Rep. Mike Michaud (D-ME), Ranking Member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, worked over the weekend to finalize the deal with Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
  • US is politically exploiting recent plane crash over Ukraine
    - 'The United States has turned the recent plane crash over Ukraine’s east into “an orgy of exploitation” to put pressure on Russia.'
  • The Intended Roles of the Israel-Lobby and of Israel in the US-Empire are Incompatible with Peace
    Several misguided commentators have advanced that Canada’s unconditional support for Israel is the result of Christian Zionist ideology. This is flat wrong, and inexcusably naive. Harper’s unconditional support for Israel is not from right-wing or religious ideology. Nor is this the case in the US itself. Canada’s unconditional support for Israel started und […]
  • VetLikeMe July 24, 2014
    Where the Heck are the SBA SDVOSB Mentor-Protégé Programs?   by Steven Koprince   (July 24, 2014  by Steven Koprince Filed Under: News) – A recent Gallup poll puts Congress’s approval rating at 15 percent (which is actually up six points since November). But SDVOSBs hoping to participate in strong federal mentor-protégé programs shouldn’t blame […]
  • The Coming Return of the Real USDollar
    by  *Lee Wanta (Edited by Preston James, Ph.D.)   The Federal Reserve System (aka the “Fed”), a bank franchisee of the City of London private Zionist Bankers, is now cornered and in a predicament with no simple solution possible. It is like the tree trimmer cutting off the limb he is standing on or the […]
  • On Israel’s Doomed Fate
    The final stage of the Jewish State and the genocidal enthusiasm in which it manifests itself, throws a devastating light on Jewish culture and the dangerous aspects that are entangled with Jewish identity politics and Jewish national collectivism. […]
  • Arundhati Roy: The Palestinian Calamity
    The masters of chaos and genocide are busy everywhere—in SWAT-land’s prisons and airports, the so-called drug war in Mexico and Colombia, the fracking fields of Canada, the permanently-poisoned streets of Fukushima, the rising oceans, the thawing permafrost of Siberia, the Indian countryside, the contrived sectarian massacres of Iraq.  Killing us slowly is n […]
  • West Isolating Itself with Sanctions Against Russia
    Citing the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 as impetus, US President Barack Obama announced stronger sanctions against Russia leveled by both the US and EU. This comes after previous sanctions implemented before the downing of MH17 failed to garner support across Europe, leaving the US measures politically and economically impotent. In the wake of Am […]
  • Iraq has finally found a president
    After parliamentary elections in March 2014, Iraq has, for the longest time, failed in attempts to form a legislative and executive branch of government which has resulted in a new protracted internal political crisis (and as we well know, after parliamentary elections in 2010, a similar crisis lasted for more than 9 months). At this […]
  • The Atlantic Axis and the Making of a War in Ukraine
    The war in Ukraine became predictable when the great Muslim Brotherhood Project in Syria failed during the summer of 2012. It became unavoidable in December 2012, when the European Union and Russia failed to agree on the EU’s 3rd Energy Package. The geopolitical dynamics which are driving the war in Ukraine were known in the […]
  • Ukraine: This Little Piggy Won’t be Missed
    One of the odd things inevitably lost in the mire and labyrinth of complex high politics is how often executive leaders purposely and subtly prolong conflict, confusion, and corruption because to minimize it or to make progress against it will signal the start of actually assessing the effectiveness and power of their own leadership. This […]
  • Delicate Balance of the South Caucasus
    South Caucasus has long had a reputation as one of the hottest and most volatile regions. The Nagorno-Karabakh war, the Georgian-Abkhazian, Georgian-South Ossetian, and last but not least, the Russian-Georgian South Ossetia war, convincingly support the validity of this reputation. Not to mention the small regular altercations between warring parties. Of par […]
  • MH17: Another Israeli Cover Up?
    The latest disaster, one that has scrubbed Israel’s bizarre onslaught into Gaza off newspaper front pages, 298 dead, can be nothing but more than yet another cover up operation. Every news asset, every politico known to be a creature of the Israeli/organized crime nexus, has weighed in. Their every lie tells one story; “Israel did […]
  • Murder of Erosi Kitsmarishvili: Game Changer for the Region
    Nato Potskhishvili, a Tbilisi-based journalist, recently interviewed Jeffrey Silverman, an American journalist who has lived in Georgia since 1991. Silverman is a well known figure in the country who now works as Bureau Chief for the US Military Affairs Journal Veterans Today, which described itself as the “The True Voice of the World’s Clandestine Community […]
  • About the Malaysian Boeing Situation
    The situation surrounding the crashed Malaysian Airlines Boeing has recalled for many the events of September 1st 1983, when a Soviet aircraft shot down a civilian South Korean plane, also a Boeing. In the afternoon of September 1st, flight 007, following the New York – Anchorage – Seoul route, deviated from the normal route by […]
  • Smallpox: A Deadly Shell Game
    The recent announcement by the WHO that it was postponing a decisión on destroying the remaining smallpox depositories—one allegedly in Russia at VECTOR and the other in the United States at the CDC—may not have been prompted by what the press has termed a difference of opinión between research groups. In fact, the WHO may […]
  • China’s Hydroelectric Policies
    China has built the largest number of dams in the world, but the implementation of its plans for hydropower development of the transboundary Mekong River has become a matter of concern for the neighboring countries of Indochina, whose economic and environmental security is directly related to the implementation of China’s ambitious plans (construction of eig […]
  • US slams Israel’s shelling of UN school
    The United States has condemned a deadly attack by Israeli forces at a United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip, saying Washington is concerned that Palestinians are not safe even in UN shelters.
  • '6 killed, 6 injured in Nigeria bombing'
    At least six people have been killed and six others injured in a bomb attack in the Nigerian city of Kano, an official says.
  • Three more Israeli soldiers die
    The Israeli military has confirmed three more deaths among its soldiers during an ongoing strike against the blockaded Gaza Strip.
  • Bolivia declares Israel terrorist regime
    Bolivia has declared Israel a “terrorist state” and revoked a visa exemption agreement with Tel Aviv in protest at the ongoing Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.
  • Ban censures Israel attack on UN school
    United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned a deadly attack by Israel against a UN school in the besieged Gaza Strip.
  • ‘Gaza hospitals face enormous crisis’
    Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are facing a crisis due to the overflow of patients and a constant attack from the Israeli army, Press TV reports.
  • ‘Italy's unemployment at critical rate’
    A recent study has shown that less than one out of two working-age Italians held a job last year, amid a decade-long employment crisis, Press TV reports. […]
  • 'Criticizing Israel ends political careers'
    What Israel is doing in the besieged Gaza strip is the “massacre” and “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians and US officials “can’t say anything because this can end a lot of political careers,” an American political analyst in New Jersey says. […]
  • Senate bill won’t stop NSA mass spying
    While it is an improvement on previous legislation, the US Senate bill aimed at cracking down on NSA data collection, unveiled this week by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, will not stop the spy agency from accessing the communications of Americans. […]
  • Gazans slam Arab countries silence
    People of the Gaza Strip have slammed Arab countries for their silence on the Tel Aviv’s atrocities, as the Israeli war claims more Palestinian lives. […]
  • Foreign Secretary Warns Russian Sanctions "Will Hit UK Economy"
    More blowback... UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond suggests imposing sanctions on Russia are a shared sacrifice that European nations must make. While the sanctions were "designed to maximize the impact on Russia and minimize the impact on EU economies," he warns his fellow Britons that, "It will affect our economy..." As RT notes, Lond […]
  • Argentina Defaults
    It's all over but the crying: having explained Argentina's position (i.e. not giving to so-called vulture funds), Economy Minister Kicilloff explains: *KICILLOF SAYS HEDGE FUNDS NOT WILLING TO GIVE DELAY ON RULING *KICILLOF SAYS HARD TO BELIEVE ARGENTINA IN DEFAULT IF HAS FUNDS *KICILLOF SAYS ARGENTINA CAN'T COMPLY WITH COURT RULING *HOLDOUTS […]
  • LiaR IN The HoLe!
    .     . […]
  • Social Media Is Making People Dumber, Fears Elliott's Paul Singer
    Excerpted from Elliott Management's latest letter to investors, PROGRESS? Some technology represents unquestioned progress, despite causing real challenges to the employment prospects of citizens who are made redundant. For example, recent advances in science and medicine have merely scratched the surface in terms of enhancing our ability to find cures […]
  • Deal Or No Deal? Argentina Declared In Selective Default, Holds Press Conference - Live Feed
    After an exuberant day in Argentine bond and stock markets, we are nearing a decision. With a handful of hours left until it's all over, various 'deal's have been proposed today from Argentine bankers as a last-minute rescue package. S&P has already decided that it's a done deal: *ARGENTINA CUT TO SD FROM CCC- BY S&P *ARGENTINA DE […]
  • Whole Foods Discovers Stock Buybacks, And It's Too Little Too Late: Stock Tumbles Again
    A quarter ago, when we commented on the latest post-earnings collapse in Whole Foods stock, we said that "Whole Foods Misses, Lowers Guidance, Or What Happens When You Ignore Buybacks At The Expense Of CapEx", and broke down the results as follows: .. the luxury grocery chain moments ago reported revenues of $3.32 billion, missing the $3.35 billion […]
  • Portuguese Regulator Bans Short-Selling After Banco Espirito Santo Unveils Massive $5 Billion Loss
    Having waited until after the US equity markets closed, Portugal's troubled Banco Espirito Santo unveiled an enormous EUR 3.577 Billion loss - that is 15 times larger than the loss the bank suffered a year earlier. The data  - to end-June, before the crisis really got going - already shows notable deposit flight, a 73.1% plunge in banking income, and a […]
  • Right Now: House Voting Whether To Sue Obama
    House Republicans are expected to formally approve their lawsuit against President Obama today. As John Boehner wrote earlier in the week, "President Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority — and it is the responsibility of the House of Representatives to defend the Constitution." Voting has started on the 'impeachment lite' bi […]
  • Bonds & Black Gold Battered But Stocks Give Up GDP Gains
    While equity markets were in focus for the mainstream, the big moves today occurred in Treasuries and oil prices. From the GDP release this morning, Treasury yields surged higher, rallied briefly after FOMC, before closing near the high-yields of the day (up around 10bps or the most in 9 months). Oil prices started to tumble at around 1030ET, flushed again o […]
  • Obama's Message To Republicans: "Stop Just Hatin’ All The Time"
    Two weeks ago the head of the "most transparent administration ever" (perhaps to the NSA?), president Obama, told the common American to "not be cynical" and have hope. Today, speaking appropriately in an ornate theater in Kansas City, he had a message for republicans: "Stop being mad all the time. Stop. Stop. Stop just hatin’ all th […]
  • US diplomat: Israeli attacks on John Kerry ‘offensive and absurd’
    Israeli attacks against US Secretary of State John Kerry accusing him being of a supporter of Islamic militants are “offensive and absurd,” a senior US diplomat said Wednesday. In a sharp exchange with reporters, deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf hit out against a torrent... […]
  • Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state over attack on Gaza
    Bolivia on Wednesday renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state. President Evo Morales announced the move during a talk with a group of educators in the city of Cochabamba. It “means, in other words, we are... […]
  • Oregon hunting guide pleads guilty to injuring wild cats to make them easier to kill
    By Laura Zuckerman (Reuters) – An Oregon hunting guide accused of injuring or caging mountain lions and bobcats to make it easier for his clients to shoot and kill pleaded guilty on Wednesday in a U.S. Court in Denver to violating a federal wildlife law, prosecutors said. Nicholaus Rodgers of... […]
  • Unlike Barack, Michelle Obama doesn’t shy away from her heritage in speech to Africans
    By Annika McGinnis WASHINGTON (Reuters) – First lady Michelle Obama embraced her family’s African roots in a speech on Wednesday, telling a group of young Africans that the “blood of Africa” runs through her veins as she urged changing traditional beliefs on the worth of educating women. Her... […]
  • Not the biggest Texas bust ever, but close: Cops seize more than 100,000 marijuana plants
    By Amanda Orr HOUSTON (Reuters) – One person has been arrested and more than 100,000 marijuana plants were being eradicated from a sprawling operation in one of the largest pot farming cases in Texas history, police said on Wednesday. The farm, which covered 29 fields, was discovered by a... […]
  • Alabama doctors: Circumcision lawsuit is bogus, we didn’t chop off anyone’s penis
    (Reuters) – An Alabama man’s claim that his penis was amputated recently in a circumcision gone wrong is entirely without merit, an attorney representing the doctors being sued said on Wednesday. Attorney Michael Florie said the plaintiff, 56-year-old Johnny Lee Banks Jr., has had both... […]
  • Rick Santorum: Same-sex marriage is to blame for single moms — and polygamy is next
    Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum warned over the weekend that support for same-sex marriage was to blame for the increase in single mothers, and could lead to polygamy. “What we need to do is reclaim what marriage is,” Santorum told Eagle Forum founder Phyllis... […]
  • New report paints bleak future for nuclear power due to high operating costs
    Originally published at Climate Central The globe’s nuclear power industry is aging, plagued with high costs and construction delays, and generally on the decline. That’s the conclusion of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report released Tuesday, an annual assessment of the trends in nuclear power... […]
  • Satellite images suggest North Korea may be closer to full ICBM test than thought
    Fresh satellite images suggest North Korea might be wrapping up engine trials on an intercontinental ballistic missile, fuelling speculation of a full-scale flight test to come, a US think-tank said Wednesday. Development of a working ICBM would be a game-changing step, bringing the continental... […]
  • Scientists: Companies could monitor your brain waves to test TV advertisements
    Companies in the near future will be able to test public reaction to advertisements, music and films before they are released by monitoring the brain signals of a select group as they watch a trial. So say psychologists who on Tuesday unveiled the results of an unusual set of experiments into... […]
  • Obama to Republicans: Stop being mad all the time, stop just hatin’ all the time
    By Roberta Rampton KANSAS CITY Mo (Reuters) – President Barack Obama took his criticism of congressional Republicans for confounding his agenda to a higher pitch on Wednesday, appealing to them to “stop just hatin’ all the time.” Republicans in the House of Representatives... […]
  • Go with the flow and you’ll find evolution belongs to physics
    By Adrian Bejan, Duke University People like to say that we cannot witness evolution because it occurs over timescales immensely greater than our lifetime. That’s incorrect. We can witness evolution all we want, in our lifetime, by watching other things that change and morph freely – for example... […]
  • Get tested! Are you a PEP? (Progressive Except on Palestine?)
    Yesterday, I wrote about the phenomenon of PEP (Progressive Except on Palestine) a condition, in which victims are liberal on every issue except the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some PEPs diagnose themselves with the syndrome, openly embrace it and identify as PEP-Positive. These PEPs will... […]
  • North Carolina hospital isolates wing for patient who had visited ‘high-risk’ country
    Portions of a North Carolina hospital were shut down while doctors tested a patient for communicable disease. One corridor was closed Wednesday morning at Charlotte’s Carolinas Medical Center, with a security guard posted outside to prevent entry, reported WSOC-TV. Hospital officials... […]
  • Canada accuses China of hacking science agency computers
    Canada accused China on Tuesday of hacking into the computers of its research and development arm, which Beijing strongly denied. China partners each year with thousands of Canadians firms to roll out new technologies, and took advantage of this arrangement to engage in a cyber attack, Ottawa said.... […]
  • Uganda activists launch legal battle to overturn notorious anti-gay law
    Ugandan activists launched a petition Wednesday at the constitutional court seeking to overturn tough anti-gay laws that have been condemned by rights groups as draconian. Signed by Uganda’s veteran President Yoweri Museveni in February, the law calls for homosexuals to be jailed for life,... […]
  • NSA patents car seat for kids to overcome a ‘well known measure of inconvenience’
    Electronic eavesdropping is the National Security Agency’s forte, but it seems it also has a special interest in children’s car seats, Foreign Policy magazine reported Wednesday. The “integrated child seat for vehicle” is among more than 270 patents issued since 1979 to the... […]
  • Libya Islamists seize army special forces headquarters in Benghazi
    Islamist groups have seized the army special forces headquarters in Libya’s Benghazi after days of fighting left at least 35 soldiers dead and plunged the country deeper into lawlessness. An Islamist and jihadist alliance announced the capture of the main military base in the eastern city in... […]
  • Meet Ronda Rousey: The woman who shattered the UFC’s glass ceiling with an armbar
    ESPN’s Nine for IX recently published a mini-documentary exploring the meteoric rise of “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey — the undefeated mixed martial artist who paved the way for female fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC President Dana White said women would never... […]
  • Congress struggles to pass border security bill
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Legislation to pay for handling a flood of Central American migrant children hung by a thread in the Congress on Wednesday amid deep divisions over President Barack Obama’s emergency funding request, even as the Senate agreed to bring up a Democratic measure. The... […]

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