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  • WNW 162: Ebola Gets Worse (Airborne?), Putin War Talk and Harvey Organ Update
    Greg Hunter’s  I know you have been hearing all about Ebola, and it looks like things are getting worse, not better.  Look at this headline from USA Today “10,000 Cases of Ebola per Week.”  That’s what the World Health Organization says we could be getting in West Africa in a few months.  So, why […]Related Posts:Manipulation of Gold and Silv […]
  • Reality of No Economic Recovery Means Collapse-John Williams
    By Greg hunter’s Economist John Williams is sticking by his assessment that the economy is in deep trouble.  Williams says, “What we are seeing is a very big fiction by the financial media and the political media that the economy has recovered.  The economy has not recovered. . . . We are seeing all […]Related Posts:Economy in Severe Trouble- […]
  • You Can See This Collapse Coming A Mile Away-James Rickards
    Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) Best-selling author and financial expert James Rickards contends a big financial crash is locked in.  Rickards says, “Everyone is waiting for some blunder down the road, and the point I try to make is the blunders have already been made.  The blunders have already been built into the system.  […]Related […]
  • WNW 161: Ebola Update, War on ISIS and Obama Criticism
    By Greg Hunter’s  It’s all Ebola all the time.  The Obama Administration got this wrong from the beginning.  It told us there was very little chance of a case getting to the U.S.–wrong!  Then they told us there was little chance of it becoming an epidemic–again, wrong!  If that was the case, the head […]Related Posts:WNW 162: Ebola Gets Worse […]
  • Big Nuclear War Coming-Charles Nenner
    By Greg Hunter’s Legendary financial analyst Charles Nenner thinks the biggest threat is global war.  Nenner explains, “If you look at a war cycle of a hundred years, I predicted in the second decade of this century that we were going to have a big war.  If you go back a hundred years ago, […]Related Posts:Dollar Collapse Starts in Late 2014- […]
  • Dollar Going Supernova then Black-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Derivative and gold expert Rob Kirby says the U.S. looks a lot like the run up to the fall of Rome more than 1,500 years ago.  Kirby explains, “The parallels with what we are experiencing today are so clear and so much like what was happening in Rome as […]Related Posts:Colossal Fraud-There are No Free […]
  • WNW 160-ME War, Economy Sours, US Ebola Threat
    By Greg Hunter’s  We are headed for a much wider war in the Middle East, and headlines like this one are forecasting it.  Speaker of the House John Boehner lays out a case that “Airstrikes Not Enough” to defeat ISIS.  Boehner said, “At some point, somebody’s boots have to be on the ground.”  ISIS […]Related Posts:Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.26.14La […]
  • ISIS Only Understands Gunfire-Karl Denninger
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial analyst and writer Karl Denninger says forget about President Obama’s promise of “no boots on the ground” in the fight with the Islamic State.  There will be boots, and Denninger explains, “Air power has never won a war, and it never will.  You can bomb people until you think you […]Related Posts:Obama Care Will Cr […]
  • Spending into Oblivion-Gregory Mannarino
    By Greg Hunter’s Financial analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says forget about the recent positive economic news.  The economy is not in recovery and there is a simple way to prove it.  Mannarino says, “All you need to do is look at two metrics, just two, and you can see there is no economic recovery.  One […]Related Posts:Dastardly War Will P […]
  • Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.26.14
    By Greg Hunter’s The top story is the bombing campaign on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but at this stage, it is mostly Syria.  The U.S. promises a “Long Campaign,” with the bombing of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.  The Obama Administration has the support of other Arab nations, but the most […]Related Posts:Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.12.14Weekly […]
  • After A Week Of Wild & Panicked Trading, What’s Next?
    After an absolutely wild week of trading in global markets, everyone wants to know what’s next? So to help answer that question, today King World News is pleased to share an astonishing portion of the internationally acclaimed work from Jason Goepert, founder of SentimenTader. […]
  • In Spite Of Bounce, This Is How Horrific The Plunge Could Get
    In spite today’s bounce, a 50-year market veteran warns just how violent things can get to the downside.
  • Despite Rally & Propaganda, Fed To Launch Historic QE-Infinity
    On the heels of a massive rally in the stock market, today one of the brightest minds in the financial world warned King World News that despite the current rally and increased propaganda, a key event is going to create panic and allow the Fed to launch its final plan of “QE-Infinity.”
  • Still Concerned About The Gold & Silver Smash - Just Read This
    Today King World News is featuring a piece by a man whose recently released masterpiece has been praised around the world, and also recognized as some of the most unique work in the gold market. Below is the latest exclusive KWN piece by Ronald-Peter Stoferle of Incrementum AG out of Liechtenstein. […]
  • Legend Warns The World Is Now Facing Enormous Dangers
    Today a legendary value investor warned King World News that the world is now facing enormous dangers. Below is what the legendary investor, Jean-Marie Eveillard, who oversees more than $85 billion, had to say about the tremendous danger the world faces in his powerful interview. […]
  • No. 667: September Housing Starts, Prospective Third-Quarter GDP
    (SGS Subscription required) • Third-Quarter 2014 Economic Growth Slowed Sharply • Long-Term Stagnation in Housing Starts Continued at Low Level of Activity • Social Security COLA Should Notch Slightly Higher from Last Year's Adjustment, Remaining Far Shy of Common Experience […]
  • Commentaries News
    The Next Regular Commentary: is scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd, covering the September CPI, real retail sales and earnings, existing home sales.  For further detail on pending economic releases, see the  schedule. (LAST UPDATED October 17th)
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Existing Home Sales Real Retail Sales Real Earnings […]
  • No. 666: September Industrial Production
    (SGS Subscription required) • Third-Quarter Production Growth Slowed Sharply • Falling Auto Production in September More than Offset by Defense Industry Output, Oil and Gas Production and Weather-Related Utility Surge […]
  • No. 665: September Retail Sales, PPI
    (SGS Subscription required) • September Retail Sales Declined, August and September Activity Revised Lower and Third-Quarter Broad Growth Slowed Sharply • Unstable Seasonal Factors Helped Push Headline PPI Lower […]
  • No. 664: Market and Economic Instabilities
    (SGS Subscription required) • Broad U.S. Economy Is Not Growing • Sharp Deterioration Likely Will Continue in Domestic and Global Financial-Market, Economic and Political Stability • Confluence of Crises: U.S. Economy, Stocks and Dollar […]
  • No. 663: September Labor and Monetary Conditions, August Trade Deficit & Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • No Recovery in Actual Business Activity • Pre-Election Nonsense in Labor Numbers • Congress Addresses Data Falsification in Unemployment Survey • September Unemployment Rates: 5.9% (U.3), 11.8% (U.6), 23.1% (ShadowStats) • Fed's Monetary Policy Propped Stocks • Annual Money Supply M3 Growth Fell to 4.3% in September • Trade […]
  • No. 662: Second-Quarter 2014 GDP -- Third Estimate
    (SGS Subscription required) • GDP Has Fully Reestablished Itself as the Most Worthless of Economic Series • Fluff and Guesstimates Dominated the Upside GDP Revision • Monthly Economic Reporting Should Turn Increasingly Negative […]
  • No. 661: "False Dawn," Hyperinflation, Durable Goods Orders, Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • A "False Dawn" It Is • Hyperinflation Forecast Remains in Play • Stock Crashes versus October Residual-Squirrelling Instincts • Durable Goods Orders Crashed 18.0% (-18.0%), Reversing July's 22.2% Surge, Dominated Again by Irregular Commercial-Aircraft Orders • Down for the Month, August Existing-Home Sales Were in […]
  • No. 660: Economic Review, August Housing Starts, Payroll Benchmark Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • New Graphs Show Smoothed Housing Trends • Housing Starts Stagnant at Low Level of Activity, Never Recovered, Not Recovering • Payroll Employment Benchmark Revision Was Nil (Plus 7,000) • Longer-Term Economic Detail Shows Ongoing Collapse, Shorter-Term, Pre-Election Fluff Has Been Mixed • Why Is the Dollar Stronger and Gold Weake […]



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  • Save Sheikh al-Nimr – expose 9/11
    "Saudi" Arabia is a disgrace to Islam - just as Zionist Israel is a disgrace to Judaism. Expose 9/11, put them out of business. […]
  • VT Science: The Farnsworth Fusor
    Hot fusion was the cold war quest. Besides the space race, fusion was the socio scientific dream. The loss of hope … the loss of myth … in this massive social project produced a brooding meditation among engineers who were devoted to its fulfillment. For Be better part of twenty years there were billions of […]
  • VT Science: NASA’s Low Energy Fusion VooDoo/DooDoo
    The cold fusion dream lives on: NASA is developing cheap, clean, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology that could eventually see cars, planes, and homes powered by small, safe nuclear reactors.
  • Richie Allen Speaks With Gilad Atzmon About The Last Gaza Conflict
    "The Palestinians are devastated, but the Israelis are the big losers following the bombardment of Gaza."
  • NEO – American Exceptionalism and Plain Stupidity
    - "The big chance to work with the Syrians to kill ISIL got crib deathed instead. Other promises had been made to certain parties."
  • The Debate is Over: Ebola Virus Is Airborne
    Rima E. Laibow, MD, Says US Army Documentation Proves It. A must listen to interview your life may depends upon it. Dr. Rima Laibow By Stew Webb October 15 2014 I was invited on a Wednesday Night’s Radio Broadcast on Revolution Radio – by Laura Lee Solomon and Aurora Light Wing so I decided to […]
  • US losing the rule of law, DEA abuses and the criminalization of medicine
    US losing the rule of law, DEA abuses and the criminalization of medicine   by Jim Fetzer   “[P]olice departments and drug task forces across the country are benefiting from laws that allow them to take cash and property without proving a crime has occurred. The law was meant to decimate drug organizations, but it […]
  • Remaining Space Limited for the 2014 NCHV Vets Access to Housing Summit
    Download the 2014 NCHV Veterans Access to Housing Summit brochure, which features an overview of the schedule for the event, Summit objectives, and hotel information.
  • NEO – Nuclear Threats Enter the Mainstream
    - Able Danger began in 1996, a year after the nuclear destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City using nuclear weapons. The target of their investigation was an organization made up of CIA, Mossad & Saudi Intelligence operating as espionage/terror cells inside the US.
  • ISIS in Syria train Iraqi pilots in captured jets
    - Jim W. Dean..." I am posting this as a curiosity, of which there is no shortage in the Terror Wars , and by that I mean where all sides are engaging in terror."
  • US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn
    It is not merely hyperbole when it is said the US created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or the so-called “Islamic State.” It is documented fact. The current conflict in the Middle East may appear to be a chaotic conflagration beyond the control of the United States and its many eager allies, but in reality […]
  • Palestine – the Engineered Disappearance of a Nation
    While Israeli officials have always been keen to front a desire to achieve regional peace in the Levant by working together with the Palestinian Authority – PA – toward a political solution to the ever thorny issue which is the Palestinian dossier; Israel’s tantrum over Sweden’s decision to recognise Palestine as a sovereign state underscores its inherent [… […]
  • Algeria at a Crossroads in its Political Development
    Despite efforts by Algeria’s ruling elite to keep the country afloat amid environment in which the president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is old and seriously ill and the senior figures in the administration, parliament, the armed forces and the security services have surpassed the age of 70, Algeria continues to inch toward a severe political crisis. For […]
  • ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes, Who’s Responsible?
    There is emerging evidence that ISIS/ISIL is coordinating military activities tied to upcoming US elections. Terrorist threats, downing of US planes and attempts to kidnap military personnel is being coordinated with political groups in the United States allied with pro-Israeli elements. There is further evidence ISIS/ISIL shot down at least one American fig […]
  • Ukraine – The Wild Fields of the 21st Century
    The rebel militia from Donbass discovered mass graves of civilians that had been tortured by the National Guard of Ukraine. Corpses covered with soil were found by sappers who were clearing the reclaimed territories of mines. Victims with their bodies covered with signs of torture had their hands tied behind them were apparently shot in the back of the […]
  • The World Market and Oil Prices
    The price of oil continues to fall catastrophically in all world sites. For example, in mid-October Brent crude oil was already being traded at around 85 dollars per barrel. At the New York Stock Exchange the price of a barrel of WTI oil was 84.9 dollars. “Oil futures are heading to the 80 dollar mark, […]
  • Iran and the Proxy War in Kurdistan
    In the midst of the war against ISIS (Islamic State) now taking place in both Iraq and Syria, a possible shifting of alliances that could fundamentally alter the balance of power in the region is taking place, and no one seems to have noticed. Specifically, the burgeoning relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and […]
  • Hong Kong: Does the US really want “Democracy in China?”
    The western media is loudly cheering for the Hong Kong protesters. The echoing call of commentators in the US and Europe is about the need for “Democracy in China.” The real goals of these protesters, who face increasing hostility from the Chinese population, are being widely questioned. Interestingly, despite the current words of US leaders, […]
  • The US has Unleashed a Conflict with ISIS which it Can’t Win
    News media worldwide reported on 13 October that Turkey will give the United States and its allies access to its air bases, including Incirlik in the south (150 km from the Iraqi border), to carry out air operations against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources, reported that […]
  • American Exceptionalism and Plain Stupidity
    On October 2nd US Vice-President Joe Biden finally said what most of those working in the region already know. “America’s key allies in the Middle East are very much responsible for the rise of the Islamic State (IS), funding and equipping extremists – “let’s call them terrorists” – with money and weapons in their eagerness […]
  • Nepal's avalanche death toll at 43
    The number of the people killed in a recent avalanche in Nepal during a climbing journey has reached 43, though all surviving trekkers are reportedly out of danger.  […]
  • Lebanon army nabs 11 terror suspects
    Lebanese army forces have arrested 11 individuals during a raid near the southern city of Sidon following the discovery of arms near the home of the country’s security chief.
  • UK prisons see staggering suicide rise
    The deteriorating crisis engulfing the British jails is further exposed by new figures revealing a staggering surge in suicide rate among prisoners. […]
  • US troops get four-hour Ebola training
    American troops deploying to West Africa to battle the Ebola virus receive only four hours of training before heading overseas, a report says.
  • ‘Two dozen people killed in DR Congo’
    Approximately two dozen people, mostly women and children, have been killed in an attack by Ugandan rebels in the volatile east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an official says.
  • ‘Pro-Russians kill 2 Ukrainian soldiers’
    Ukraine says pro-Russian armed men have killed at least two government soldiers in the troubled eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.
  • CIA and art of the ‘un-cover-up’
    In late 1996, John Deutch, at the time director of the CIA, traveled to a town meeting in South Central Los Angeles to confront a community outraged by charges that the Agency had been complicit in the importing of cocaine into California in the 1980s. Amid heated exchanges, Deutch publicly pledged an internal investigation by the CIA’s inspector general tha […]
  • Kurds thwart ISIL bid to block border
    Kurdish fighters battling the Takfiri ISIL militants in the Syrian town of Kobani have managed to thwart a new attempt by the terrorists to cut off the border with neighboring Turkey.
  • ‘Only 84 of US drone victims militants’
    A new report says that only 84 of nearly 2,400 individuals killed by CIA assassination drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004 have been identified as “al-Qaeda” militants.
  • Iran repeats Lebanon military aid offer
    The Iranian defense minister has reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s readiness to offer military aid to the Lebanese army in its fight against terrorism.
  • Einsteinian Insanity? FHFA Head Mel Watt Pushes Banks To Make Extreme Risk Home Loans
    Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Mel Watt is one of the most dangerous financial oligarch puppets operating in America today. The first time he came across my radar screen was back in 2009, when he “gutted” Ron Paul’s End the Fed bill while it was in subcommittee, something I outlined in the post: Leverage in PE Deals Soars Despite Fed W […]
  • 5 Truths (You Cannot Disagree With)
    Presented with no comment...     Source: The Burning Platform blog […]
  • Kudos To Herr Weidmann For Uttering Three Truths In One Speech
    Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Once in a blue moon officials commit truth in public, but the intrepid leader of Germany’s central bank has delivered a speech which let’s loose of three of them in a single go. Speaking at a conference in Riga, Latvia, Jens Weidmann put the kibosh on QE, low-flation and central bank interference in pricing […]
  • Because This Time Is Never Different, In 100 Year Old Cartoons
    Any time you feel like all the endless crime, rigging and cronyism on Wall Street and its lobbied puppets in the Capitol is something new, look at these cartoons from about 100 years ago. You will feel better that this time is not different... and much worse that in 100 years absolutely nothing has changed. Over 100 years later, some things haven't chan […]
  • The IMF And Austrian Theory
    Submitted by James E Miller via Mises Canada, Back in the early 1960s, financial journalist Henry Hazlitt warned against efforts to create an international system to help facilitate the smooth transfer of currencies. Representatives from the world’s leading governments were attempting to increase liquidity in global markets. They wanted to make sure the bank […]
  • Obama Appoints Lobbyist/PR Flack As Ebola Czar
    Obama has appointed Ron Klain as the Ebola Czar. Klain has no medical or healthcare background whatsoever. Instead, he’s a high-powered lobbyist. He helped the corrupt Fannie Mae to overcome “regulatory issues” in 2004. Wikipedia notes: Klain [helped in] convincing Congress and Fannie Mae’s regulators that Fannie Mae wasn’t doing anything dangerous, and wasn […]
  • ISIS Airforce Takes Off, Trained By Iraqi Officers
    In late August, we drew the world's attention to the fact that ISIS had acquired three fighter jets when the Iraqi military ran away. Now, six weeks later, as Reuters reports, having been trained by Iraqi pilots who have joined Islamic State,  a group monitoring the war said on Friday, saying it was the first time that the militant group had taken to th […]
  • Forget Ebola - Here's Why US Banks Are Now Extremely Vulnerable
    Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog, For a casual observer of the US economy (most “experts”), you could say that things look pretty good. Unemployment is at its lowest rate in six years. Earnings of S&P 500 companies are higher than ever, while their debt is lower than it’s been in the last 24 years. Nonetheless, rather than getting excited […]
  • Happy 27th Anniversary Black Monday
    "It could never happen again... right?"     And if you think this time is different - just take a look at the 'tricks' they used 27 years ago to stop the fall - A Fed statement and borken/halted exchanges...   Charts: Bloomberg and Yahoo *  *  * Bonus Clip - as we noted previously, [youtube] […]
  • 5 Things To Ponder: "Buy" or "Run"
    Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, This past week investors took a blow from a sharp selloff in the financial markets. I have spilled quite a bit of ink in recent months discussing the probabilities of such as corrective event as the Federal Reserve’s current liquidity operation came to a conclusion this month. Now that the correction has o […]
  • WATCH: ‘I am a Liberian, not a virus’ video hits back at stigmatization of West Africans
    Faced with growing discrimination and taunting born out of fear of the Ebola virus, a Liberian-American TV host has created a video to explain the obvious: citizens from West African nations are “human beings” and not the virus. With reports of Liberians living in Dallas being told to... […]
  • Already close to extinction, last male white rhino capable of breeding dies in Kenya
    One of the last northern white rhinos on the planet has died in a reserve in Kenya, leaving the sub-species on the verge of extinction, experts said Saturday. The male, called Suni, “was probably the last male capable of breeding”, according to Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic,... […]
  • Obama: Americans ‘can’t give in to hysteria or fear’ over Ebola
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With three cases of Ebola diagnosed in the United States but more than 100 people being monitored in case they contract the disease, President Barack Obama urged Americans on Saturday not to give in to “hysteria” about the spread of the virus. As though to... […]
  • Hurricane Ana brings heavy rain, surf while bypassing Hawaii
    (Reuters) – A hurricane churning past Hawaii on Saturday pummeled the Pacific archipelago with heavy rain, strong gusts and dangerous surf but was skirting the islands without making a direct hit, the National Weather Service said. Hurricane Ana was still a hurricane but losing strength as it... […]
  • Human remains discovered during search for missing Virginia student
    RICHMOND Va. (Reuters) – Human remains were found at an abandoned property on Saturday in the search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, but the remains have not been identified, police said. Authorities must conduct forensic tests on the remains to determine the... […]
  • TX judge responds to complaints about Bible reading in court by hosting prayer breakfast
    A Texas judge, under fire for opening court proceedings with a Bible reading followed by a prayer, has scheduled a prayer breakfast next week where he claims he will address the issue. According to the Friendly Atheist, Texas Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack was criticized for beginning a courtroom... […]
  • Lawsuits: AL jailers let prisoners die from easily treatable illnesses to save money
    Three lawsuits recently filed in federal court accuse the state of Alabama of denying prisoners with easily treatable illnesses or injuries proper medical care resulting in the prisoner’s death. According to, the lawsuits have been filed over the deaths of three inmates, including a... […]
  • Utah National Guard busted for risque ‘Hot Shots’ calendar photo shoot
    A risqué video showing women firing weapons and riding in tanks at a Utah target range has sparked an investigation by the National Guard, who suspect that some of their equipment and officers may be involved, officials said Friday. The photo shoot in conservative Utah featuring the bikini-clad... […]
  • Pennsylvania 8-year-old crashes car after drunk dad tells him to drive home
    A 46-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing charges after his 8-year-old son drove their SUV into a tree. According to The Smoking Gun, Frank Gordon Conway was too drunk to drive his 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee last Aug. 4. So, setting the boy on his lap, Conway told the boy to drive them home. Court... […]
  • Are we in the Anthropocene? Scientists ask if this is the new epoch of humans
    A disparate group of experts from around the world will meet for the first time on Thursday for talks on what must rank as one of the most momentous decisions in human history. The question confronting the scientists and other specialists is straightforward enough, even if the solution is far from... […]
  • Controversial conservative cardinal of St. Louis says he was demoted by Pope Francis
    Cardinal Raymond Burke, the conservative American who holds the top position in the Vatican’s justice system, on Friday told BuzzFeed he was being demoted. Burke, a former archbishop of St Louis, has publicly challenged Pope Francis on issues including abortion and homosexuality. A preliminary... […]
  • Rome mayor defies law to register 16 same-sex marriages
    Rome’s left-wing mayor Ignazio Marino on Saturday registered 16 gay marriages carried out abroad in defiance of Italian law, which does not recognise same-sex unions. The ceremony, involving gay men and women, took place in Rome’s town hall on the Capitoline Hill as Catholic bishops... […]
  • Doctors Without Borders accuses US of pushing India to ease patent rules
    Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on Saturday accused the United States of ratcheting up pressure on India’s new government to relax strict patent conditions which have made the country the “world’s pharmacy”. India’s vast generics industry is a major... […]
  • Ginsburg issues blistering dissent to ‘racially discriminatory’ TX Voter ID ruling
    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg issued a blistering dissent on Saturday morning to a Texas court’s decision to uphold the state’s strict Voter ID law. Ginsburg argued that the law is “racially discriminatory” and was enacted solely to keep traditionally Democratic... […]
  • Rachel Maddow: Maybe Democrats ‘deserve’ to lose the Senate in the midterm elections
    On Friday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and offered a sobering assessment of the Democrats’ chances of holding on to the Senate in the midterm elections this fall. Maddow suggested that if Democrats are going to try to distance themselves from the... […]
  • New York City jails are way too violent and expensive: report
    New York City’s Department of Correction sure doesn’t have its jails on lock, according to a new report from Comptroller Scott Stringer. The number of fight and assault infractions in New York City jails has soared by 65 percent since 2007, though the inmate population has declined by 18 percent in... […]
  • Why certain men should sit down when they urinate
    Forget how it might bruise your ego; if sitting down on the toilet improves your ability to urinate comfortably because you suffer from a prostate condition, such as lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), there’s no shame in the act. A new study in PLOS ONE finds that while sitting down offers men... […]
  • Is the stock market going crazy? Or is it traders?
    Investors looking for why the stock market is in turmoil might want to go back to 1987, when “Walk Like an Egyptian” topped the charts and Janet Yellen, now the Federal Reserve chairwoman but then an unknown, untenured economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, published a paper... […]
  • Actress Misty Upham’s family says she ‘did not commit suicide’
    Actress Misty Upham’s family said that they did not believe that the 32-year-old had committed suicide but may have accidentally died after falling off a cliff, media reports said. The “August: Osage County” star’s body was found in a Washington ravine on Thursday evening. Upham disappeared on Oct.... […]
  • Critics skeptical as Ferguson cop Darren Wilson says Michael Brown went for his gun
    The Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown on Aug. 9 claims that Brown assaulted him while Wilson was inside his police cruiser. The New York Times reported that Wilson told authorities investigating the killing that he was pinned in his vehicle and in fear... […]

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