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  • Large mammals die in rapid succession in Ueno Zoological Gardens from tumor, heart failure etc..
    Polar bear, harbor seal, giraffe and Sumatran tiger have died since last November in Ueno Zoological Gardens. The succession of death started with a polar bear. It was male, died The post Large mammals die in rapid succession in Ueno Zoological Gardens from tumor, heart failure etc.. appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Significant size of thyroid nodule / cyst found from citizen in Matsudo city
    Following up this article..  40 of 47 given A2 in thyroid test of Matsudo city/City gov “Result not guarantee potential health in future” [URL]   In the latest part of the The post Significant size of thyroid nodule / cyst found from citizen in Matsudo city appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 129 dead tunas found to have broken spine / Experts “can be caused by stress and mass hysteria”
    Following up this article.. Over 80% of Tuna died since December in a major Tokyo aquarium [URL]   From autopsy inspection, the dead tunas were found to have broken the The post 129 dead tunas found to have broken spine / Experts “can be caused by stress and mass hysteria” appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Meteorological Agency “Eruptive activity is becoming intense at Mount Aso. Volcanic tremor continues 24h/day”
    Mount Aso, an active volcano of Kumamoto prefecture, is starting to be active, according to Japan meteorological agency. From their monthly report published on 1/13/2015, the eruptive activity has become intense The post Meteorological Agency “Eruptive activity is becoming intense at Mount Aso. Volcanic tremor continues 24h/day” appeared first on Fukushima D […]
  • Over 80% of Tuna died since December in a major Tokyo aquarium
    81% of Tuna have died in an aquarium of eastern part of Tokyo since the beginning of December. It’s “Tokyo Sea Life Park” run by Tokyo Metropolis, which is the The post Over 80% of Tuna died since December in a major Tokyo aquarium appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Radioactive contamination level jumped over 57 times outside of underground wall
    Cs-134/137 and all β nuclides (including Sr-90) density showed the rapid increase in groundwater, according to Tepco. The sample was taken in the seaside of Reactor 2. Sampling date was The post Radioactive contamination level jumped over 57 times outside of underground wall appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Panasonic to reuse Fukushima factory as vegetable factory
    On 1/9/2015, Panasonic announced they are going to reuse Fukushima factory as vegetable plant. The Fukushima factory used to manufacture digital camera. Having the sales of digital camera rapidly drop, The post Panasonic to reuse Fukushima factory as vegetable factory appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Daily number of Fukushima worker rose up double since one year ago
    The daily number of Fukushima worker keeps increasing, Tepco announced in their report published on 12/25/2014. The number includes subcontract company workers and Tepco employees. It had been stable around 3,000 The post Daily number of Fukushima worker rose up double since one year ago appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • M5.4 hit Eastern part of Hokkaido
    A major earthquake hit the eastern part of Hokkaido at 3:42 of 1/9/2015 (JST) according to Japan Meteorological Agency. The magnitude was 5.4. The depth of epicenter was 120km. The The post M5.4 hit Eastern part of Hokkaido appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Kagoshima local meteorological observatory announced Sakurajima has inflation of the volcanic edifice
    On 1/6/2015, Kagoshima local meteorological observatory announced Sakurajima is having the inflation of the volcanic edifice. According to the local meteorological observatory, the crater is stuck with volcanic ash. Clinometers The post Kagoshima local meteorological observatory announced Sakurajima has inflation of the volcanic edifice appeared first on Fuk […]
  • Free Markets Have Been Completely Obliterated-Michael Pento
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Money manager Michael Pinto says, “We live in a world now where free markets have been completely obliterated.  You can’t find a free market left on the planet, and that goes for commodities, equity markets, currencies and particularly goes for the bond markets.  The bond markets now do not represent any […]Related Posts:Diso […]
  • We Are in a Financial Meltdown-Nomi Prins
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com     (Early Sunday Release) Best-selling author and financial expert Nomi Prins says, “We are in a financial meltdown.  I said 9 or 10 months ago, it hadn’t happened yet, but it should happen because of the instability of a system that is supported by central bank maneuvers and not really anything organic […]Related Posts:Nomi […]
  • WNW-173 Swiss Franc & Euro Decouple, Russia Cuts Gas, Road to WWIII
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (1.16.15)  My top story is Switzerland and the surprise move to remove its cap against the Euro.  This cap kept the two currencies roughly the same value–but not anymore.  The move was such a surprise that even IMF Chief Christine Lagarde admitted the move by Swiss National bank (SNB) caught her off […]Related Posts:Weekly […]
  • Major War Exploding Soon-Charles Nenner
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Renowned analyst Charles Nenner says the biggest cycle he sees coming is the war cycle.  Nenner says, “For the last couple of years, I have been saying, in the second decade of the new century, we will have a big war.  Why, because there is a 100 year cycle.  If you […]Related Posts:Big Nuclear War Coming-Charles NennerDollar […]
  • European Bank Runs Could Come to America-Laurence Kotlikoff
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release) Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff says Greece is, once again, in financial trouble and that could set off another global financial calamity.  Dr. Kotlikoff contends, “So, you have the same problem.  You have a country that is fiscally unsustainable, and they haven’t really been a […]
  • WNW 172-Islamic Terror Spreads West, Oil Price Plunge, Declining Economy
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com    (Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.9.15)  The Head of MI 5, British security, is sounding the alarm that Islamic terrorists from Syria are planning more attacks on the West.  Andrew Parker says al-Qaeda fighters from Syria are planning mass casualty attacks against the West.  He was not specific on the targets, but an […]Related Posts […]
  • Oil Derivatives Explosion Double 2008 Sub-Prime Crisis-David Morgan
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Precious metals expert David Morgan says the plunge in oil prices is not good news for big Wall Street banks.  Morgan explains, “The amount of debt that is carried by the fracking industry at large is about double what the sub-prime was in the real estate fiasco in 2008.   In summary, […]Related Posts:A Run to Silver and Gold […]
  • Oil Derivatives Explode in Early 2015-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Early Sunday Release) Gold and derivatives expert Rob Kirby thinks crashing oil prices are going to lead to a 2008 style financial meltdown.  This is not a maybe–a market explosion is going to happen in 2015.  Kirby contends, “Oh yes, without a doubt, it will.  It must because the income crude […]Related Posts:The Federal […]
  • Happy New Year 2015!!
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com I can’t believe 2014 is done and gone. I said in 2014 that there would be some sort of dislocation and that would flow into 2015.  I was not sure what it would be, but now, I think the crash in oil prices was that event. Oil prices were cut in half in […]Related Posts:Merry ChristmasOil Derivatives Explode in Early 2015-Rob K […]
  • Dot-Com Style Crash Coming-Rick Ackerman
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  Financial analyst and newsletter writer Rick Ackerman is no stranger to contrarian calls.  At the beginning of 2014, he said forget about rising interest rates because they were going down.  They did.  Now, Ackerman predicts rates will go lower and will stay low for a long time.  Ackerman explains, “My perspective […]Related […]
  • Full stead ahead at Ayr
    This afternoon’s jumps meeting at Ayr goes ahead as scheduled after course officials scrapped a proposed inspection at 8am. The post Full stead ahead at Ayr appeared first on King World News.
  • England set to select Cipriani
    England head coach Stuart Lancaster is set to name Sale fly-half Danny Cipriani in his extended Six Nations training squad. The post England set to select Cipriani appeared first on King World News.
  • The twisted medicine of immoral America: Killing your baby is a choice; protecting your baby is a crime
    (NaturalNews) Throughout the history of collapsed civilizations, nearly all of them experienced a phase of rapid morality decline that preceded their ultimate implosion. The Nazi regime promoted the “science” of The post The twisted medicine of immoral America: Killing your baby is a choice; protecting your baby is a crime appeared first on King World News.
  • Washington state threatens to seize baby unless entire family gets flu shot
    (NaturalNews) One of the worst diseases infecting the very heart of America is the use of force. The use of force allows one group or person control over another. Force The post Washington state threatens to seize baby unless entire family gets flu shot appeared first on King World News.
  • CDC caught inflating flu deaths to sell more vaccines
    (NaturalNews) You know that “36,000” number the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is constantly throwing around as the number of people in the U.S. who supposedly die every The post CDC caught inflating flu deaths to sell more vaccines appeared first on King World News.
  • No. 688: CPI, PPI, Industrial Production, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Swiss Franc
    (SGS Subscription required) • Major Crack in U.S.Dollar Facade, as Swiss Franc Breaks Free and Gold Rallies • Headline December Real Retail Sales Fell by 0.6%; Annual Growth at Traditional Recession Level • Unchanged before Inflation, Real Average Monthly Earnings Rose 0.5% Entirely Due to Decline in Headline CPI-W Inflation • December Year-to-Year Inflation […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Housing Starts December-2014 01/21/2015   Tuesday, January 27, 2015 New Orders for Durable Goods […]
  • No. 687: December Retail Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Weakest Since 2008 Economic Collapse, Plummeting Holiday Retail Sales Reflected Liquidity-Restrained Consumers • December Sales Plunged by a Statistically-Significant 0.9% (-0.9%), Down by 1.4% (-1.4%) before Prior-Period Downside Revisions • Monthly Sales Contraction Will Hold in Real Terms, Net of Inflation, Despite Falling Ga […]
  • Commentaries News
    PUBLISHING SCHEDULE:  The next Regular Commentary is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21st, covering December housing starts.  The Special Commentary will be published soon (see January 15th e-mail to subscribers).  Please see
  • No. 686: December Employment and Unemployment, Money Supply M3
    (SGS Subscription required) • Revisions to Unemployment Seasonal-Adjustments Demonstrated Concurrent-Seasonal-Factor Reporting Issues • Payroll and Unemployment Data Both Heavily Skewed by Unstable and Inconsistent Seasonal Adjustments • December Unemployment Rates: 5.6% (U.3), 11.2% (U.6), 23.0% (ShadowStats) • Annual Money Supply M3 Growth Jumped to 5.2% i […]
  • No. 685: November Trade Deficit, Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Trade Deficit Shifts to Neutral Impact on Fourth-Quarter GDP Growth, Had Contributed 0.8% Growth to Third-Quarter GDP • Real Construction Spending in Down-Trending Stagnation since Late-2013 • Some Surprises to December Labor Data? […]
  • No. 684: GDP Revision, November Durable Goods, New- and Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Booming GDP - Strongest Growth in More than a Decade Is Nonsense • Magnitude of GDP Revisions Suggests Unstable Data and Unusual Internal-Reporting Issues at Bureau of Economic Analysis • Basic Durable Goods Orders Slowed Sharply in Third-Quarter 2014, On Track for Fourth-Quarter Contraction • Home Sales Also Showed Patterns of […]
  • No. 683: November CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings
    (SGS Subscription required) • November Annual Inflation: 1.3% (CPI-U), 1.1% (CPI-W), 9.0% (ShadowStats) • Using Exaggerated Drop in Gasoline Prices, BLS Generated Headline CPI-U Monthly Decline of 0.3% (-0.3%), Instead of 0.2% (-0.2%) • Real Retail Sales Growth Was Distorted Heavily by Inconsistent Handling of Seasonal Adjustments for Gasoline Prices and Sal […]
  • No. 682: November Housing Starts
    (SGS Subscription required) • Headline November Housing Starts Fell Month-to-Month and Year-to-Year Amidst Ongoing Unstable Revisions • Smoothed for Extreme Reporting Volatility, Aggregate Housing Starts Show Pattern of Plunge and Low-Level Stagnation, No Economic Recovery […]
  • No. 681: November Industrial Production, Producer Price Index (PPI)
    (SGS Subscription required) • Scheduled for Second-Quarter 2015, Meaningful Benchmark Revisions to Industrial Production Could Be Unusually Large and to the Downside • November Industrial Production Jump Encompassed Utilities Surge, Widespread Manufacturing Gains, and Declining Oil and Gas Production • Utilities Output Spiked by Unseasonably-Cold Weather • S […]



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  • Spying in the German Banana Republic
    A German spy employed by Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) was arrested in Berlin in early July 2014. He was charged with handing out the top secret documents to foreign secret services, namely the CIA. A few days later it was announced that  German law enforcement agencies began searching for another US spy that had been stealing information […]
  • Contours of the “Oil War”
    Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali al-Naimi is reported to have said that the falling oil prices would help stabilize global economy and stimulate economic growth. Where his comments reinforce the ‘OPEC’s decision’ to maintain oil production at 30 million barrels per day, there he is also indirectly alluding to the crucial link between economy and […]
  • Saudi Arabia: Problems of Succession
    In early January 2015 a number of Arab and Israeli electronic and print media publications, including Internet resources and social networks, disseminated information about the alleged readiness of the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud to abdicate. Riyadh has not officially confirmed this news. The reason for this allegation is the […]
  • Paris Shootings: Maybe the Last Piece of a Horrible Puzzle
    I have said it before and I will say it again. The United States has spent several years installing a bunch of Moslems, initially Chechens but now also from other countries, in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia. It trains them there in irregular warfare and forms them into a mobile “hit squad” which commits “terrorist […]
  • Economic War, BRICS, and the Power of Self-Sufficiency
    The toughest, most resilient people as both individuals and as societies all generally have one thing in common – self-sufficiency. This by no means suggests isolationism, but rather the ability to survive, even thrive through one’s own work using resources at their own disposal.  As a principle, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and individualism defined you […]
  • The Yalta Conference
    Seventy years ago, at the Livadia Palace in Crimea, the world-famous Yalta Conference of the Allied Powers took place (February 4-11, 1945), where the leaders of the three most powerful countries – the USSR, the US, and the UK, despite their ideological differences, agreed to establish the post-war order. This conference was of great importance, […]
  • Putin Excluded from Holocaust Commemorations
    Glancing at the headlines one might believe Russian President Vladimir Putin had inappropriately decided not to attend Holocaust commemorations in Poland. In one breathtaking display of misinformation, Reuters would report in its article Putin will not attend Holocaust commemorations in Poland that, “Sources told Reuters on Monday that Putin was unlikely to […]
  • Who’s Afraid of Xi Jinping? And Why?
    What the Wall Street Journal has been hinting at for months, in its coverage of the Chinese Communist Party’s anti-corruption campaign, was made clear by the New York Times on Jan. 4th, in an article entitled “Maoists in China, Given New Life, Attack Dissent.”  The opinionated coverage of events in the US press speaks of […]
  • Pakistan: Fight for Tougher Anti-Terrorism Legislation
    The terrorist attack on December 16, 2014 at a secondary school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar has convinced the military and political leadership of Pakistan to take urgent measures to curb extremism. One of the first steps was the lifting by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of the moratorium on death penalty, which was introduced […]
  • Imperial Ambitions of the EU are on the Rise
    As of recently the European Union has not just been blindly obeying orders from Washington, but in fact has been mimicking the quasi-imperial policy of the United States. Therefore, political dictatorship has become the governing trend among EU politics, with real political discussions being substituted with dictatorship. Therefore, it’s clear that the EU in […]
  • The Road To The Welfare State: Why 50% Of "Exceptional" America Gets Checks From Uncle Sam
    Submitted by Nicholas Eberstadt via National Affairs, If social policy were medicine, and countries were the patients, the United States today would be a post-surgical charge under observation after an ambitious and previously untested transplant operation. Surgeons have grafted a foreign organ?—?the European welfare state?—?into the American body. The trans […]
  • 'Everything Is Awesome' SOTU Post-Mortem: "It's Not Government's Job To Make Everybody Rich"
    The only thing we did not get from tonight's State of The Union speech was a "Mission Accomplished" flag... oddly some of the 6,493 words (the lowest word-count of his Presidency) were not entirely 'factual'... SOTU ran 59 mins 56 seconds. Applause count per @JillianBHughes was 87. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) January 21, 2015   Don […]
  • Presenting The 2015 "Shadow Of Crisis Has Passed" State Of The Union - Live Webcast & Full Speech
    By now it is well known that The State of The Union tonight will be about President Obama's Robin-Hood Agenda. Furthermore, it is entirely clear that his proposals have no chance of becoming law. As WaPo's Marc Thiessen notes, Obama is not delusional, his move is completely and transparently political... And just as Eric Cantor suggests will merely […]
  • Previewing Tonight's State Of The Union Speech (In 2 Cartoons)
    "make-or-break" again...   h/t @FedPorn   But perhaps even better... […]
  • The Thinking & Drinking Man's Guide To The State Of The Union
    In Zero Hedge tradition we provide the thinking man's (unfortunately The State of the Union has just got dumber and dumber over the years) and drinking man's (for those who need libation to persevere through the populism) guide to tonight's imperial leader's prognostications of wealth redistribution. Last year's SOTU saw the most use […]
  • Spot The (IMF) Difference
    Expectations for global economic growth in 2015 have been falling for almost 2 years... and so the ever hockey-stickian IMF has finally started to catch down to that consensus trend - don't worry though, we are sure 2016 (or 2116) will be a great year...     Now is the collapse in oil prices a 'demand' issue or a supply issue?   Chart: Bloombe […]
  • 11 Facts That Won't Be In Tonight's State Of The Union
    Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog, When President Obama ascends to the podium this evening to deliver his State of the Union address, he’ll undoubtedly shine a spotlight on the many strengths of America. And to be fair, he’s right: the United States has a lot going for it. Cheap energy, rapid innovation, quality universities, reasonably low cri […]
  • Investors Are Losing Faith And "Markets Will Riot" Warns Albert Edwards
    Submitted by Robert Huebscher via Advisor Perspectives, Albert Edwards admits that his “über bear” reputation is well deserved, at least with respect to equities, an asset class he has dismissed for the last 10 years. His bearishness has not abated, and for the coming year, he fears that “deflation will overwhelm the west.” Markets, he said, will riot. Edwar […]
  • "This Is A Race To The Bottom Where No Fiat Currency Wins"
    Following another frustrating year in the previous metals markets, 2015 is showing signs that change is afoot. As Santiago Capital's Brent Johnson notes in this brief presentation, while being 'wrong' for the last 2 years on gold has been painful, is it any less crazy to believe that it will turnaround that to believe the hype that The Fed wil […]
  • Nisman Murdered? Suicide Story Crumbles After No Gunpowder Found On Argentine's Hands
    When news broke of the death, by gunshot wound to the head, of Alberto Nisman - the prosecutor who was due within hours to deliver testimony implicating the Argentine President in covering up the investigation into a bombing in 1994 - it seemed oddly quick for police to rule it suicide within hours (especially after his earlier concerns that "I could en […]

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