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  • 160 volcanic earthquakes observed in the mountain 80km from Fukushima plant
    Following up this article.. Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater” [URL]   On 12/12/2014, Sendai district meteorological observatory announced they The post 160 volcanic earthquakes observed in the mountain 80km from Fukushima plant appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • NRA decided not to apply INES evaluation to Fukushima plant anymore
    On 12/10/2014, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced they are not going to apply INES (International Nuclear Estimation System) to any further accidents in Fukushima plant. Severe contamination leakage continues to The post NRA decided not to apply INES evaluation to Fukushima plant anymore appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater”
    On 12/12/2014, Japan Meteorological Agency raised the volcanic alert level of a mountain located 82km from Fukushima plant. The volcano is called “Azumayama”, located between Fukushima prefecture and Yamagata prefecture. The post Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater” appeared first on […]
  • M4.3 quake occurred at the foot of Mt. Fuji
    M4.3 occurred at the foot of Mt. Fuji on 12/11/2014, according to Japan Meteorological Agency. It hit around the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji at 15:07 (JST). The depth of The post M4.3 quake occurred at the foot of Mt. Fuji appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Cs-134/137 detected double as food safety limit from water purification plant soil in Saitama
    Photo : Piled radioactive soil from Okubo water purification plant in Saitama. Taken in 8. 2011.    190 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was detected from water purification plant soil in Saitama The post Cs-134/137 detected double as food safety limit from water purification plant soil in Saitama appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Tepco’s ordinary profit jumped up by 71.4% first half 2014 from the same period a year ago
    The ordinary profit of this first half year was 243 billion yen, Tepco reported on 12/8/2014. This is 71.4 % larger than the same period of 2013. (Consolidated) According to The post Tepco’s ordinary profit jumped up by 71.4% first half 2014 from the same period a year ago appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Refueling machine of Reactor 5 malfunctioned
    The refueling machine of Reactor 5 malfunctioned on 12/4/2014. Tepco has difficulties to remove fuel even from an uncrippled reactor.   The alarm of low air pressure went off when they The post Refueling machine of Reactor 5 malfunctioned appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Iron-oxidizing bacterium forming microbial population in contaminated groundwater
    Following up this article.. Unidentified algae looking-creature mass generated in bypass well / Tepco “Great quantity” [URL]   The unidentified algae was Iron-oxidizing bacterium, Tepco announced in the report published on The post Iron-oxidizing bacterium forming microbial population in contaminated groundwater appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Tepco failed in shutting up retained water even with cement / Water level becomes back only within 2.5 hours
    Photo : Injecting cement and grout to underground trench. Taken on 11/25/2014.    Following up this article.. Retained water underground temperature went up by 10℃ near Reactor 2 / Tepco The post Tepco failed in shutting up retained water even with cement / Water level becomes back only within 2.5 hours appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Groundwater level still keeps going up in seaside of Reactor 2
    Following up this article .. Groundwater coming up in seaside of Reactor 2 again / Overflowing up-ground around 18th December [URL]   The groundwater level still keeps increasing as it The post Groundwater level still keeps going up in seaside of Reactor 2 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Oil Price Plunge Trigger for Next Global Crisis-Harry Dent
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Economist Harry Dent says falling oil prices will be a trigger for another economic calamity.  Dent explains, “Normally, oil prices falling in a good economy like the 80’s and 90’s, where we have falling inflation and booming productivity and good demographic trends, this would be a good thing.  […]Rel […]
  • WNW 170- Budget Battle, CIA Torture Distraction, Madoff Convictions
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Friday 12/12/14) The $1 trillion budget that just passed the House of Representatives has something in it for everybody–to hate.  Conservative Republicans hate that Obama Care and illegal immigration are funded and liberal Democrats hate the rollback of rules for Wall Street and political donations are dramatically increase […]
  • Big Banks Will Take Depositors Money In Next Crash -Ellen Brown
    By Greg Hunter’s  The G-20 met recently in Australia to make new banking rules for the next financial calamity.  Financial reform advocate Ellen Brown says these new rules will allow banks to take money from depositors and pensioners globally.  Brown explains, “It became rules we agreed to actually implement.  There was no treaty, and […]Rela […]
  • Global Deflationary Implosion Will Start Money Printing-Egon von Greyerz
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Gold expert and money manager Egon von Greyerz says Japan is leading the parade to the bottom of the currency heap. Greyerz says, “Japan is printing unlimited amounts, and we can see that yen is leading the race to the bottom of the currencies.  Gold in yen is […]Related Posts:Disorderly Reset Coming-D […]
  • WNW 169-Race Distraction, USA #2, US/Russia Coming War?
    By Greg Hunter’s (12/5/14)  It seems the mainstream media (MSM) is determined to bombard us with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Michael Brown was not gunned down with his hands up.  Forensic evidence and eye witness testimony from a half dozen African Americans has disproven this, and it is indeed not a fact.  […]Related Posts:WNW 168-Fergu […]
  • 3.9% GDP Nonsense-Dollar Turns Sharply Soon-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s Economist John Williams is not buying the recent 3.9% GDP upward revision. Williams explains, “No one I know thinks we are growing at 3.9% other than they are trying to sell a bill of goods to the markets, specifically the currency markets. 3.9% is nonsense. You had 4.6% growth in the […]Related Posts:Dollar on the Brink of D […]
  • Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) A few months ago, financial analyst Rob Kirby said the gold price was ready to go up. In the international market, where it is sold by the ton–it has. Kirby explains, “For large amounts of bullion in the Asian market, the pricing mechanism has completely and utterly divorced […]Related Posts:Colossal […]
  • WNW 168-Ferguson Analysis, Iran Nuke Deal Stalled, Gold Repatriation
    By Greg Hunter’s    (Friday 11.28.14)  I told you last week there would be no charges for the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, and no charges were brought. Of course, there was rioting and violence, and that seems to be what was wanted.   The Governor of Missouri did not deploy the National […]Related Posts:WNW 169-Race Distr […]
  • Gold is Kryptonite to the Dollar-Bill Holter
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial writer Bill Holter says the players in the gold markets are fearful. Why?  Holter says, “The GOFO rates, or gold forward rates, in London are negative.  They should never be negative, and they are more negative now than any time since 2001.  That shows extreme tightness in the metals market. […]Related Posts:Financ […]
  • Central Banks Absolutely Desperate-Dollar Terminal-Gregory Mannarino
    By Greg Hunter’s Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino contends all the market rigging that has been reported in markets such as Forex, LIBOR, stocks and commodities is a way to prop up a system doomed to implode.  Mannarino says, “It’s clear to me what the central banks are doing means they are absolutely desperate right […]Related Posts:Dasta […]
  • Follow This Billionaire’s Massive Bet For Extraordinary Gains
    Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years spoke with King World News about the incredibly valuable lessons he has learned after being on this planet for nearly three quarters of a century. Although this man is business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, he also discussed another billionaire’s massive bet and how this has imp […]
  • This Shocking Admission Has Just Rocked The Gold Market
    On the heels of gold falling close to $1,200 and silver tumbling near $16.50, one of the most respected veterans in the gold world told King World News about a shocking admission that has rocked the gold market. He also discussed the astonishing ramifications of this admission in the powerful interview below. […]
  • Legend Says Despite Recent Weakness, Gold Price Set To Soar
    Today a legend who was recently asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to government officials in China told King World News that despite the recent weakness, the gold market may be set up for a massive surge to the upside. John Ing, who has been in the business for 43 years, also spoke about what catalysts will send the gold price soaring as well […]
  • Is The Madness Of The Elites Pushing The World To The Brink?
    On the heels of continued chaos around the globe and with many stock markets seeing dramatically increased volatility, today a 40-year market veteran sent King World News a powerful piece that answers the ominous question: Is the madness of the elites pushing the world to the brink? Below is what Robert Fitzwilson, founder of The Portola Group, had to say in […]
  • Do Investors Need To Worry About A New Set Of Problems?
    On the heels of continued volatility in global markets, today one of the top economists in the world sent King World News a powerful piece discussing the problems investors are now facing as the world edges closer to the next crisis. Below is the fantastic piece from Michael Pento. […]
  • No. 681: November Industrial Production, Producer Price Index (PPI)
    (SGS Subscription required) • Scheduled for Second-Quarter 2015, Meaningful Benchmark Revisions to Industrial Production Could Be Unusually Large and to the Downside • November Industrial Production Jump Encompassed Utilities Surge, Widespread Manufacturing Gains, and Declining Oil and Gas Production • Utilities Output Spiked by Unseasonably-Cold Weather • S […]
  • No. 680: November Retail Sales, Financial-Market Distortions
    (SGS Subscription required) • November Retail Sales Gain Boosted by Spurious Seasonal Adjustments,0.5% of 0.7% Headline Sales Gain Tied Just to Gasoline-Seasonality Issues • Irrational Markets Continue as Great Dollar Calamity Nears […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Monday, December 15, 2014 PPI Industrial Production November-2014 November-2014 12/12/2014 […]
  • No. 679: Labor Numbers, Trade Deficit, Household Income and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Widening Fourth-Quarter Trade Deficit Should Hit GDP Growth Hard • October Median Household Income in Continued Low-Level Stagnation • Full-Time Employment Is 2.4 Million Shy of Pre-Recession Peak • Headline Unemployment Really Increased by 0.1%, But Gain Was Hidden in Rounding Details • November Payroll and Unemployment Data He […]
  • No. 678: October Durable Goods Orders, New-Home Sales, November Consumer Conditions
    (SGS Subscription required) • No Economic Boom in Durable Goods Orders or Housing Activity • Real Durable Orders Goods Set Early Pace of Flat-to-Down Activity for Fourth-Quarter 2014 • New-Home Sales Revised Lower in Third-Quarter; October Broad Sales Activity Remained Stagnant • Consumer Confidence and Sentiment Remain at Levels Consistent with Historical R […]
  • No. 677: Third-Quarter 2014 GDP, First Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • Gross Domestic Product Upside Revision Was Nonsense • Initial Gross Domestic Income Reporting Suggested Major Revision Shenanigans that Boosted Headline GDP • Underlying Reality Remains Down-Trending Stagnation in Broad Economic Activity […]
  • No. 676: October CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Annual Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.5% (CPI-W), 9.4% (ShadowStats) • Inflation Held at 1.7% for Third Month, Despite Tumbling Oil Prices That Reduced CPI-U by 0.5% • Annual Real Retail Sales Growth Fell Back to Recession Level, Amidst Suggestions of Much-Slower Fourth-Quarter Activity • Third-Quarter GDP Headline Growth of […]
  • No. 675: October Housing Starts, PPI
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Housing Starts Indicated Fourth-Quarter Contraction • PPI Headline Inflation of 0.2% Reflected Peculiarities of New Reporting Approach • October PPI Will Dampen Real Growth in New Orders for Durable Goods and Construction Spending […]
  • Commentaries News
    The Next Regular Commentary: is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16th, covering housing starts, and one on Wednesday, covering the CPI and real retail sales and earnings.  A Special Commentary on Friday, December 19th, will review developments of the year past and preview likely developments of the year ahead.  For further detail on pending economic releases, […]
  • No. 674: October Industrial Production
    (SGS Subscription required) • Unexpected Production Decline Was on Top of Downside Revisions • Annual Growth Dropped to Six-Month Low • Implied Fourth-Quarter Production Pace Slowed Sharply • Continued Contractions in, and Downside Revisions to, Auto Production Should Hammer Inventory and Third- and Fourth-Quarter-GDP Estimates […]



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  • Truth In Berlin
    Once again, ‘scandal in Germany.’ This time the ultra Zionist AJC (American Jewish Committee) is empowered to define the boundaries of an exchange in Germany about Palestine and the hope for peace in the Middle East.
  • NEO – Has Freedom Become the Preserve of the Far Right?
    - Seth Ferris..."Every country, new or old, has to be part of one geopolitical alliance, and only one. That is a practical fact."
  • Iran, Russia must be engaged to defeat ISIL : EU
    - Jim W. Dean..."Mixed signals continue to be sent from the EU regarding engagement with Russia."
  • The Prosecution of Zionist Torturers
    If we executed the Japanese who warterboarded American POWs, what is the fate of those who practiced the same thing during the Bush administration?
  • Suppose They Gave a War and No One Came?
    2014 year marks the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce during World War I. On December 25, 1914, two-thirds of the Western Front (roughly 100,000 British and German troops) spontaneously exited their trenches to exchange chocolate, cigarettes, brandy rum and souvenirs. They took photos of themselves together, played football (soccer) and shared gripes […]
  • World must Denuclearize Israeli Regime
    -"There can never be peace in the Mideast when Israel has chemical, biological and nuclear devices."
  • Custom Weapons By VT (updated)
    VT is continually coming up with ways to deal with intruders on your roof, a common problem in the holiday season
  • Business Opportunity: Jihadi Chocolate Shops!
    The black flags with white writing are perfect for dark-chocolate-based confectionary delicacies
  • Thank you Barack Obama
    Nobody has done more to reinvigorate the conservative cause than the current president and the liberal progressives in Congress. Their rule over the commoners is living proof that liberalism, despite 12,000 years of civilization always ends up in failure. You cannot legislate equal outcomes...only equal misery!
  • NEO – No pensions, water, electricity: Ukrainian way to the EU
    - If we would hold a referendum today in Luhansk, most of the population would favor annexation to Russia
  • Oil War on Russia: Ridiculous People and Unintended Consequences
    The once rather ordered world we knew even a decade ago is becoming more and more dis-ordered. That’s not to say it’s chaotic because chaos is merely the emergence of new patterns we do not yet understand. This is dis-order. And it is being fostered by ridiculous power-addicted people in the West who are flailing […]
  • Israel proposes natural gas pipeline to Southern Europe
    Israel is pushing for the European Union (EU) to approve the construction of a pipeline running from the Middle Eastern country to supply Cyprus, Greece and Italy with natural gas. The proposed EastMed pipeline will carry gas from the Tamar and Leviathan gas fields located in the Mediterranean Sea, to Southern Europe.  As the Times […]
  • Japan: The Law on State Secret
    Despite the extensive criticism from non-governmental organizations, politicians, and lawyers both in Japan and abroad, the law on protection of state secret proposed in October 2013 by the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and adopted by a majority vote of the Upper House of the Japanese Parliament in December 2013 entered into force on […]
  • Putin’s Asian Blitz: Uzbekistan and India are Visited
    While the world is increasingly polarized due to the recent West-Russia standoff, Russia seeks to establish a good footing with its traditional partners, while increasing  cooperation with new ones, all while attempting to cancel out the hostile steps taken by the opposing camp. These collectively are the key principals of today’s Russian foreign policy. In […]
  • American Duplicity and Twisting in Our Own Tortured Noose
    So the United States Senate has released its report highlighting extreme and supposedly ‘abhorrent’ techniques used on terrorist targets after 9/11 to glean greater intelligence and information. Since that release there has been an orgy of oscillating condemnation/hand-wringing with rationalization/chest-beating, depending on whom you speak with. What strike […]
  • Climate Change: A Planetary Emergency
    The stock markets are sliding, America is shaken by CIA torture practices, and extrajudicial killings by police, NATO continues to threaten Russia, world currencies are reeling under the blows of dropping oil prices and yet, and yet, there is something much worse threatening mankind than all these problems combined; the rapid warming of the planet […]
  • Got Free Speech? Not if you are an attorney…
    The Illinois Registration and Disciplinary Commission has just issued a recommendation for a three year suspension of the license to practice law of yet another activist attorney. The prosecution of attorney JoAnne Denison by the IARDC goes to the heart of the amalgamation of the legal system in the US into one streamlined cruise missile. […]
  • No pensions, water, electricity: Ukrainian way to the EU
    We present you the interview regarding the situation in the New Russia with a political analyst and observer of the elections on 2nd of November Ph.D. Mateusz Piskorski. He is the founder of the Center for Geopolitical Analysis. Igor Plotnitsky, the head of Luhansk People’s Republic, while commenting on Facebook about the decision of Ukrainian […]
  • How much can the “Trust-Building Process” be trusted?
    Among the inter-Korean games the trendy new term “trust-building process” refers to moving on from ex-president Lee Myung-bak confrontational policy. His successor Park Geun-hye who put forward this slogan, considers the re-establishment of trust between the two Koreas to be one of her government’s top five priorities. It is assumed that for the normalizatio […]
  • Syrian No-Fly-Zone a Bid to Save Al Qaeda
    Recent strikes on Syria by Israel have been alleged to be part of a regional plan by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel to establish a no-fly-zone (NFZ) over Syria, just as NATO did in Libya in 2011 effectively handing the entire nation over to Al Qaeda and now “Islamic State” terrorists. DEBKA File […]
  • Amazon German workers stage strike
    Workers at German sites of online retail giant Amazon have staged a strike during the busy Christmas period to press their demands for better pay.
  • Romania parl. approves new ministers
    The Romanian parliament has given a vote of confidence to Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s new ministers named in a reshuffle that is aimed at improving the economic condition of the country.
  • Biden: US will pay Ukraine $10 billion
    The United States will grant as much as $10 billion as financial support to Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden told Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
  • US-led drones kill 18 in Afghanistan
    At least 18 people have been killed in fresh airstrikes carried out by US-led forces in eastern Afghan provinces of Nuristan and Ghazni.
  • ‘Brits don’t trust PM spending cuts’
    A large majority of Britons do not trust Prime Minister David Cameron to cut public spending without harming the country’s vital services, a poll shows.
  • Pakistan attack toll hits around 130
    The death toll from a militant attack on an army-run school in Pakistan’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has risen to around 130 including 126 children, officials say.
  • ‘Washington paid for coup in Ukraine’
    The United States paid for and controlled the coup in Ukraine to oust former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, says American investigative historian Eric Zuesse.The bloody coup “occurred on February 22nd and an investigation by the European Union confirmed on February 25th that the coup was basically operated out of Washington, and that the overthrow of […]
  • Spain, Morocco arrest 7 over ISIL ties
    Spain’s Interior Ministry says Spanish and Moroccan police have arrested seven people allegedly involved in a network linked to the ISIL terrorist group.   […]
  • N Korea urges UN to probe CIA torture
    North Korea has called on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to investigate the issue of torture by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the council prepares to hold a meeting on alleged human rights abuses by the Asian county.
  • Japan culls birds after flu detection
    Some 4,000 chickens have been slaughtered at a farm in southwestern Japan following the detection of the bird flu virus in the country’s top poultry producing region, local media reported.
  • THe CRoMNiBuS OF LiBeRTY...
    "Citigroup is a very large bank that has amassed a huge amount of political power. Its current and former executives consistently push laws and regulations in the direction of allowing Citi and other megabanks to take on more risk, particularly in the form of complex highly leveraged bets. Taking these risks allows the executives and traders to get a lo […]
  • Maybe Everything's Not "Fixed" - S&P Loses 2,000 Level As Kuwait Spoils The Party
    The epic melt-up in US equities stalled "surprisingly" exactly as Europe closed and the EURJPY-pumpathon, VIX-dumpathon instantly reversed... because it's not rigged at all. The other driver - a dead-cat bounce in Crude - has also stalled as Kuwait's oil minister confirmed no new OPEC meeting until June (hardly good for oil expectations o […]
  • Where Are We Now? And What Does It Mean For The Fed
    Via Scotiabank's Guy Haselmann, The current market environment means that prices of securities can move wildly and to previously unforeseen and unexpected levels.   For many, P&L management and financial survival will trump economic valuation.  Capital is flowing quickly in a market place rife with compromised market depth.  It also follows a multi- […]
  • The Real Crisis Will Be North of $100 Trillion
    The 2008 crash was a warm up.   Many investors think that the markets could never have a crash again. They think that the 2008 meltdown was a one in 100 years crisis.   They are wrong.   The 2008 Crisis was a stock and investment bank crisis. But it was not THE Crisis. THE Crisis concerns the biggest bubble in financial history: the epic Bond bubble…   If yo […]
  • Obama To Sign Off On Lethal US Aid To Ukraine By End Of Week, Russian Response To Follow
    As we reported over the weekend, in the tumult surrounding Citigroup's annexation of Congress with the passage of the theatrically dramatic $303 trillion derivative quid-pro-$1.1 trillion spending quo, what most missed is that Congress also unanimously passed the The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which not only expands Russian sanctions (read the […]
  • Gold Imports ‘Phenomenal’ In India - 571 Percent Surge To 150 Tonnes in November
    Gold Imports ‘Phenomenal’ In India - 571 Percent Surge To 150 Tonnes in November India's gold imports were over a staggering 150 tonnes in November and have seen a "phenomenal" rise in India, according to India’s Trade Secretary, Rajeev Kher. A few weeks ago we said that the death of the Indian gold market was greatly exaggerated. The latest g […]
  • Russia Contagion Spreads To European Banks : French SocGen, Austrian Raiffeisen Plummet
    We recently noted the rise of counterparty risks in the financial system due to oil prices dropping (and leveraged derivative exposures) but as the Russia situation has deteriorated so dramatically this week, a renewed focus on bank exposures has sent stocks reeling (and credit risk soaring) among many European (and US) banks. As Bloomberg reports, Raiffeise […]
  • Everything's Fixed - Russian FX Halt Prompts Buying-Panic In Stocks
    Having once again broken its 100DMA, the S&P (and the rest of the US equity complex), the news that various platforms have halted FX trading in the Ruble (though they won't enact capital controls) and a modest bounce in oil prices seems to have sparked a EURJPY and VIX-driven v-shaped buying-panic very-visible-hand ramp in stocks into the European c […]
  • The Russian Ruble Is Hereby Halted Until Further Notice
    Earlier, we reported that various currency brokers such as FXCM and FxPro, would - as a result of the soaring liquidity in the USDRUB pair - suspend trading in the Russian Ruble (while other merely hiked margins to ridiculous levels). It appears things have escalated again, and as FXCM just reported, instead of just politely advising clients not to open new […]
  • Look Who Is Buddy-Buddy With Russia Nowadays
    Whereas we earlier reported on how Russia was giving the Western countries the finger by starting a closer relationship with China, the situation seems to have aggravated more recently. The country has been negotiating a goods-for-oil deal with Iran whereby Russia would export grain and equipment to Iran in exchange for oil. As the relationship between Iran […]
  • Jeb Bush says he will ‘actively explore’ 2016 presidential run
    George W. Bush’s wealthy younger brother announced Tuesday that he was forming an exploratory committee for a 2016 run for the White House. “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!” former Florida governor Jeb Bush said in a message on Facebook. “Like many of you, our family was... […]
  • Oklahoma police chief injures city official trying to stop him from driving patrol car drunk
    An Oklahoma police chief is accused of repeatedly running into a city official who was attempting to stop him from driving his patrol car while intoxicated. Lenden Woodruff, chief of Colcord police, was arrested about noon Sunday on drunken driving charges after the incident outside a convenience... […]
  • Georgia pastor’s billboard warns that ‘Santa is Satan’ — and he’s turning your kids into atheists
    A Georgia pastor warned over the weekend that children who believe in Santa Claus could grow up to be atheists. Many Christians in Harlem, Georgia said that they were outraged last week after the Born Again Independent Baptist Church changed its sign to read “Santa is Satan.” In an... […]
  • Half of America believes CIA’s harsh interrogation methods were justified: poll
    About half of Americans believe that the CIA was justified in its harsh interrogation methods of “war on terror” detainees, a poll found Monday, days after a damning US report revealed harrowing details of torture. The US Senate report released last week said the Central Intelligence... […]
  • Bill mandating a community banker on the Federal Reserve board nears passage
    When the U.S. House of Representatives approved a terrorism insurance bill last week, it contained a little-noticed provision that would require at least one member of the Federal Reserve’s board to have community banking experience. That provision appears destined to become law in what would... […]
  • Liberal scum! Conservatives freak out after Arizona biology professor pokes fun at creationism
    A biology professor at Arizona State University is under attack for an image he showed in class that compared creationism to magic. The conservative group Campus Reform, which targets educators it perceives to have a liberal bias, reported last week that professor Christofer Bang showed the image... […]
  • ‘Ebola exaggeration’ is PolitiFact’s 2014 Lie of the Year
    PolitiFact, the nonpartisan fact-checking organization headquartered at the Tampa Bay Times announced Monday that exaggeration about the threat posed by the disease Ebola is its 2014 Lie of the Year. In the weeks before the mid-term elections, Republican politicians, right-wing talk radio... […]
  • ‘I shot the f*cking thing’: Man guns down 6-month-old puppy with hollow point round for pooping
    A Washington man says that he had a right to shoot several dogs — including a 6-month-old puppy — that came into his yard over the years. Kathy Davis told KOMO that her husband called her on Thursday to let her know that her 10-year-old son’s Australian shepherd had been shot.... […]
  • Stop blaming liberals for conservative backlashes
    Paul Kendrick of Talking Points Memo has a great piece up begging people in the media to stop blaming President Obama for other people’s choice to be racists. He phrases it more gently than that, but that’s the general gist of it: That some now hold him responsible for a lack of a... […]
  • Driving an electric car can sometimes be worse for both the climate and public health
    Plug a new electric Nissan Leaf into a charging station, and it’s easy to feel good that the vehicle’s environmental and climate impacts may be small compared to all the cars on the road running on gasoline. But driving an electric car could be worse for both the climate and public health if the... […]
  • Arizona cops open fire on SUV with kids inside to protect them from knife-wielding dad
    Police in Arizona opened fire on a vehicle with two young children inside to protect them from their knife-wielding father. Officers were called about 6 p.m. Monday to an apartment complex in Mesa, where the armed man was reportedly acting irrationally. They found the man standing outside an SUV... […]
  • ‘Breathe Easy’: Cop protests Notre Dame demonstration with pro-police shirts
    A South Bend business is selling T-shirts with a pro-police message after the Notre Dame women’s basketball team wore “I Can’t Breathe” shirts to protest police brutality. Protests have erupted in cities across the country after grand juries failed to indict the police officers responsible for the... […]
  • Unique new worm species has reversed its own evolution
    Unique New Worm Species Has Reversed Its Own Evolution Chuck Bednar for – Your Universe Online An unusual, newly discovered type deep-sea worm lives on the bones of dead animals and features males that have grown significantly larger than their predecessors, researchers from the... […]
  • Albuquerque cop accidentally shoots bystander while investigating burglary
    An Albuquerque police officer accidentally shot an innocent bystander when his weapon discharged as he climbed through a window during a burglary investigation, authorities said on Monday. The incident follows a federal investigation that concluded the police department in New Mexico’s... […]
  • Protesters chain themselves to Oakland police station doors
    Protesters chained themselves to the doors of police headquarters in Oakland, California, on Monday, prompting several arrests, and one demonstrator scaled a flagpole to hang a “Black Lives Matter” banner in front of the building. Oakland and neighboring Berkeley have been the site of... […]
  • Georgia city reverses course, approves shopping center mosque
    City officials in an Atlanta suburb voted on Monday night to allow Muslim residents to open a mosque in a local shopping center, reversing, under threat of a lawsuit, a decision made two weeks earlier. The City Council of Kennesaw, a community of 30,000 residents 30 miles northwest of Atlanta,... […]
  • Tennessee’s GOP governor proposes Obamacare alternative
    Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam will call a special session of the state Legislature to consider a plan aimed at providing healthcare coverage to state residents who either do not have insurance or whose options are limited, he said on Monday. The “Insure Tennessee” plan is seen as an... […]
  • Roman Polanski’s lawyers seek sex crime case dismissal: reports
    Lawyers for filmmaker Roman Polanski are seeking to have a case involving a 1977 charge of unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl dismissed, U.S. newspapers reported on Tuesday. Polanski’s lawyers are seeking a hearing to decide whether misconduct and a “false” extradition request... […]
  • Iraq vet sought in shooting spree that left six family members dead
    Pennsylvania police on Tuesday searched for an Iraq war veteran suspected of killing six family members, including his 14-year-old niece, in a shooting spree in communities near Philadelphia. The manhunt for Bradley William Stone, 35, focused on and around Pennsburg, about 50 miles northwest of... […]
  • Too hot to handle: Men who eat spicy food have more testosterone
    It’s easy to see why people avoid spicy foods. They’re uncomfortable, even painful to eat. Why would someone put themselves through such a thing? Food is meant to be enjoyed; the flavors should be savored on our tongues. You can’t do that with spicy food unless you purposely want to harm the inside... […]

What the heck!

The Edge talk show is now ranked in the top 20 talk shows in the world! What the heck!

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