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  • Tepco’s ordinary income increased by 57 percent for FY 2015
    On 4/28/2016, Tepco announced they had the remarkable growth in their ordinary profit for FY 2015.   According to Tepco, their Operating Revenues for FY 2015 dropped by 10.8% from The post Tepco’s ordinary income increased by 57 percent for FY 2015 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Fukushima city government donated 10,000 bottles of their tap water to Kumamoto city
    On 4/18/2016, Fukushima city Waterworks Bureau donated 10,000 bottles of their tap water to Kumamoto city. Kumamoto city is one of the main disaster areas of 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. Fukushima The post Fukushima city government donated 10,000 bottles of their tap water to Kumamoto city appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Ministry of the Environment plans to recycle 90 percent of contaminated soil in Fukushima but no technology
    MOE (Ministry of the Environment) estimated 90% of contaminated soil can be reused in Fukushima prefecture by 3/30/2016. Currently interim storage facility stocks 22,000,000 m3 of radioactive contaminated soil. MOE The post Ministry of the Environment plans to recycle 90 percent of contaminated soil in Fukushima but no technology appeared first on Fukushima […]
  • 333 of 522 children diagnosed worse than A2 in Kashiwa city Chiba
    Following up this article.. 112 of 173 children diagnosed with thyroid abnormality in Kashiwa city Chiba [URL]   On 3/23/2016, Kashiwa city government of Chiba announced 333 of 522 children were The post 333 of 522 children diagnosed worse than A2 in Kashiwa city Chiba appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • M6.1 hit western Japan / JMA “Connection with a potential great earthquake is not known”
    According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), M6.1 occurred offshore Mie prefecture at 11:39 of 4/1/2016 (JST). It affected the large area of mid-western Japan. The maximum seismic intensity was 4. The post M6.1 hit western Japan / JMA “Connection with a potential great earthquake is not known” appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 650Bq/Kg of I-131 still measured from sewage sludge of Fukushima
    (Photo) Radioactive sewage sludge storaged at sewage plant. Posted by Fukushima prefectural government.    High level of I-131 was measured for 11 days this January in dry sewage sludge, Fukushima The post 650Bq/Kg of I-131 still measured from sewage sludge of Fukushima appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 2,029,900,000 Bq of Cs-134/137 leaked as contaminated water in Fukushima plant
    According to Tepco, a leakage detector of waste incineration building went off around noon of 3/23/2016. Tepco reports the leaked volume was 5.3 t. The leaked contaminated water was from The post 2,029,900,000 Bq of Cs-134/137 leaked as contaminated water in Fukushima plant appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Tepco to scan Reactor 2 with Muon again after Nagoya uni already confirmed nothing remaining
    Photo : Muon detecting system installed for Reactor 2. 3/16/2016.   Following up this article.. Nagoya Uni “Significantly small amount of fuel remaining in Reactor 2″ / No announcement about underground The post Tepco to scan Reactor 2 with Muon again after Nagoya uni already confirmed nothing remaining appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Kanto area still has as double earthquakes as before 311
    Prof. Toda from Tohoku university reported that Kanto area still has earthquakes as double frequently as before 311. From his research, in large area to surround Tokyo bay, the frequency The post Kanto area still has as double earthquakes as before 311 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • JP embassy stopped JICA’s exhibition about Fukushima accident in Ethiopia for thyroid test result
    Last October, Japanese embassy stopped JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) holding the exhibition about 311 and Fukushima accident. The exhibition was cosponsored by JICA and Japanese embassy and planned on The post JP embassy stopped JICA’s exhibition about Fukushima accident in Ethiopia for thyroid test result appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Very Big Correction for All Markets Coming-Alasdair Macleod
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Financial expert Alasdair Macleod says the most important economic news concerns the U.S. dollar. Macleod explains, “I think the most important point is actually the dollar has turned.  The panic move into the dollar by miners and producers of raw material . . . was driving the dollar […]Related Posts: […]
  • Economy Rotten-Like Apple Sales, Russia US Moving Towards Conflict, MSM Unfair to Trump
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 326 4.29.16) The economy is rotten just like Apple iPhone sales numbers. For the first time in 10 years, Apple reported its first quarterly sales drop for their popular iPhone. No, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s a sign there is trouble in the economy.  Sure, Facebook […]Related Posts:Greek Deal Not a Deal, Iran […]
  • Dollar Selling Panic Coming-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s  Economist John Williams has long predicted the $16 trillion in U.S. dollar assets held outside of America will be sold in a panic. The time draws near for that scenario to unfold, and Williams explains, “When people start selling the dollar, or dollar denominated assets, you will see the value of […]Related Posts:New Recessi […]
  • COMEX Default Is Coming Soon-Bill Holter
    By Greg Hunter’s (Special Release) According to financial writer Bill Holter, we are getting to the end of the gold and silver price suppression game. Holter contends, “Because the inventories are so small, silver and gold registered categories (at COMEX) total about $1.2 billion.  That’s nothing in today’s world.  That’s less than one day’s […]
  • Saudi Arabia US Friction, Economic Update, China Gold Fix and Fraud Ignored by MSM
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 235 4.22.16) The President was in Saudi Arabia in what the White House claims was a trip to “clear the air.” I really don’t know how you clear the air with the friction between the U.S. and the Kingdom. There is ISIS, which the Saudis are funding along with the […]Related Posts:China Could Reprice Gold to $100,000 per Ou […]
  • Biggest Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World-Gregory Mannarino
    Greg Hunter’s  Financial analyst and stock trader Gregory Mannarino says pay no attention to the rising stock market because it is “fake.” Mannarino says, “The manipulation is absolutely epic.  We have never seen anything like it.  There is going to be a horrible price to pay for this.  Why?  Because it will correct to […]Related Posts:The Co […]
  • Tsunami of Dollars Coming Back to America Soon-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s (Special Release)  Emergency Fed meetings at the White House, the launching of new gold trading market at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, revelations Deutsche Bank admitting it manipulated gold and silver prices, China starting its own global payment system. These may all seem unrelated, but according to macroeconomic researcher […]
  • Clinton Email Server Greatest Intel Disaster in History-Scott Uehlinger
    By Greg Hunter’s Former frontline CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says Hillary Clinton clearly broke the law with her private unprotected server. Uehlinger explains, “What the Clintons rely on is most Americans don’t really understand the security procedures. So, they can throw up a lot of smoke and mirrors that confuses people and makes them thi […]
  • All-Out Assault on All Life on Earth-Dane Wigington
    By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) Dane Wigington, founder of the global climate engineering informational website,, says climate manipulation, commonly referred to as chemtrails, is the number one factor in destroying the planet and much of humanity. Wigington contends, “We have now enough data to prove that th […]
  • Iran War Drums, Panama Papers Update, Economy Weak and Sick
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 234 4.8.16) Lots of news about Iran this week being overlooked because of the so-called Panama Papers. Iran has issued a warning to the U.S. not to interfere with its ballistic missile program.  Iranian officials say any attempt to interfere with its weapons program would be crossing a “red line.”  […]Related Posts:Iran […]
  • Could The Price Of Silver Really Be Set To Surge 214% In Just 8 Months?
    After the recent bullish advance in the gold and silver markets, one analyst asks a fascinating question: Could the price of silver really be set to surge 214% in just 8 months? The post Could The Price Of Silver Really Be Set To Surge 214% In Just 8 Months? appeared first on King World News.
  • ALERT: SentimenTrader Just Issued An Extremely Important Update On Gold & Silver
    After last week's surge in the metals sent the prices of gold and silver to new recent highs, SentimenTrader just issued an extremely important update on the gold and silver markets. The post ALERT: SentimenTrader Just Issued An Extremely Important Update On Gold & Silver appeared first on King World News.
  • 50-Year Market Veteran Discusses What’s Next After One Gold & Silver Index Soars 135% In Just Over 3 Months!
    With the U.S. dollar trading lower once again and the metals consolidating recent gains, today a 50-year market veteran discussed what's next after one gold and silver index soars 135% in just over 3 months! The post 50-Year Market Veteran Discusses What’s Next After One Gold & Silver Index Soars 135% In Just Over 3 Months! appeared first on King Wo […]
  • Egon von Greyerz Warns The World Is Now On The Edge Of Total Chaos And Disaster
    On the heels of wild start to the 2016 trading year, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, just warned that the world is now on the edge of total chaos and disaster. He also discussed the historic opportunity in the gold and silver markets. The post Egon von Greyerz Warns The […]
  • John Embry: Broadcast Interview – Available Now
    John Embry: Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Gold & Precious Minerals Fund - John joined the $7 billion strong firm SAM as Chief Investment Strategist in 2003, with a focus on the Sprott Gold and Precious Minerals Fund. He plays an instrumental role in the corporate and investment policy of the firm. Mr. Embry, an industry expert in precious metals […]
  • No. 803: First-Quarter 2016 GDP, Velocity of Money, FOMC
    (SGS Subscription required) • First-Quarter GDP Growth of 0.5% Was Absolute Nonsense • Residential Investment Contributed 0.5% of the 0.5% Headline Growth, Yet, Housing Starts Contracted Quarter-to-Quarter • Annual and Quarterly GDP Growth Slowed to Two-Year Lows • Meaningful Downside Revisions Loom for the GDP • Declining Velocity of Money Reflected Slowing […]
  • No. 802: March New Orders for Durable Goods, New- and Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Durable Goods Orders Contracted Quarter-to-Quarter Both in Fourth-Quarter 2015 and First-Quarter 2016 • New- and Existing-Home Sales Continued in Non-Recovery with Smoothed, Low-Level and Down-Trending Stagnation • Three-Month Moving Average of Confidence Tumbled to a 16-Month Low […]
  • No. 801: March Housing Starts, First-Quarter GDP Outlook
    (SGS Subscription required) • First-Quarter 2016 Housing Starts Turned Negative, for a Second Consecutive Quarterly Decline • Headline Quarterly Contractions Are in Place for First-Quarter Industrial Production, Real Retail Sales and Housing Starts • GDP Expectations Likely Will Shift to a Quarterly Downturn; Headline Reporting Likely Will Follow the Consens […]
  • No. 800: March Industrial Production, Economic Review
    (SGS Subscription required) • Economic Activity Is Deteriorating Rapidly, Not Improving • First-Quarter 2016 Annual Contraction of 1.7% (-1.7%) in Production Followed a 1.6% (-1.6%) Year-to-Year Drop in Fourth-Quarter 2015 • That Pattern of Consecutive Annual Quarterly Declines Never Has Been Seen Outside of a Formal Recession, Since the Industrial Productio […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Housing Starts March-2016 04/19/2016   Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Existing Home Sales […]
  • No. 799: CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Gold and the U.S. Dollar
    (SGS Subscription required) • Dollar Selling Has Picked Up in Response to a Faltering Economy and a Befuddled Fed • Real Retail Sales Declined by 0.4% (-0.4%) in March 2016, with an Annualized Contraction of 0.2% (-0.2%) in the First-Quarter • Real Annual Sales Growth Fell to a 25-Month Low • March 2016 Annual Inflation Softened Across the Board: CPI-U at 0. […]
  • No. 798: March Retail Sales and Producer Price Index (PPI)
    (SGS Subscription required) • First-Quarter 2016 Retail Sales Contracted Quarter-to-Quarter, Before and Most Likely Also After Inflation Adjustment • Non-Comparable Seasonal-Adjustment Revisions Boosted March Sales to a Decline of 0.3% (-0.3%), Instead of About 0.8% (-0.8%) • Retail Sales Series Faces Likely Major Downside Revisions in April 30th Benchmarkin […]
  • Commentaries News
    PUBLISHING SCHEDULE, May 1st. The retail sales revisions were relatively small, but with interesting twists.  That analysis will be incorporated in the next regular Commentary, scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th, also covering the March Trade Balance and Construction Spending, along with the benchmark revisions to Housing Starts, if those data are available.  […]
  • No. 797: February Trade Deficit
    (SGS Subscription required) • First-Quarter Trade Deficit Continued to Deepen, Worst Shortfall in Nearly Ten Years • In Advance of Likely Downside Benchmark Revisions, First-Quarter 2016 GDP Increasingly Is Unfolding as a Contraction […]
  • No. 796-A: Industrial Production Benchmark Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • Heavy Downside Revisions to Manufacturing and Consumer Sectors • Deeper Quarterly Production Contractions Foreshadow GDP Changes • Industrial Production Revised Back to Below its Pre-Recession High • Level of February 2016 Production Revised Lower by 2.5% (-2.5%) […]



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  • How Washington Has Been Profiting from “Helping Opposition Forces”?
    A curious report has recently been published by Breitbart. It shows that an ever increasing number of Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) operatives trained by US instructor is defecting to the Taliban. The report notes that over the last 10 years Washington has spent a total of 70 billion of American taxpayers’ dollars to train ANSF. […]
  • Southeast Asia Must Not “Compromise” With Terrorists and Traitors
    So-called Thai “academic” Thitinana Pongsudhirak of Chulalongkorn University in a Bangkok Post op-ed titled, “Thailand lags as Myanmar gains ground,” attempts to convince readers that Myanmar is an example for Southeast Asia to follow, while Thailand is in reverse. Thitinan’s simplistic analysis is based on the most superficial metrics one can observe. Myanm […]
  • Is the US a Carefully Constructed “Mock-Up?”
    Those familiar with settings for Hollywood movies will recognize that there is a difference between façade and structure. In the case of celluloid, a “mock-up” may be used to simulate a structure, without, however its three-dimensional and functional integrity. A mock-up may look like what it is simulating, but on close examination, it will become […]
  • The Resurgence of neo-Nazism Comes From Ukraine to Europe
    Ukrainian ‘patriots‘ encouraged by Polish support in the form of body armor, boots and other valuables sent to their comrades fighting against the ‘Russian aggression’ finally decided to visit the country of its strategic partner. Tour de Concentration Camp The tour of larger German concentration camps in Poland involves taking photos at the crematorium furn […]
  • Panama Papers – Sheep-Dipped CIA Dirty Ops
    It stinks worse than a surfeit of skunks crashing a Texas Fourth of July picnic. Look at even the superficial facts of the so-called “Panama Papers.” A Munich Germany mainstream pro-NATO newspaper editor we are told gets an anonymous gift of alleged files of thousands of high net worth tax dodgers from around the world. […]
  • Strong Leaders Do Talk to Their Constituents
    Anticipating the usual snide if any, report on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s April 14th public Q and A, I’d like to make the following remarks: Fidel Castro was the first and most riveting example of why a leader gives long public speeches: they are ideal educational tools. Not only do otherwise poorly educated people learn […]
  • Washington Will Be Selling F-16 to Pakistan
    The information on the U.S. State Department’s agreement to satisfy Pakistan’s request for the purchase of 8 American F-16 fighters with all associated equipment for a total amount of approximately $ 700 million, which appeared in early February caused the predictable negative response in neighboring India and triggered a debate in the U.S. Senate, where the […]
  • Russia and the Two Roads to the Cooperation with ASEAN
    In less than a moth the thrid summit Russia-ASEAN will be held in the city of Sochi. It will mark the twentieth anniversary of partnership between Russia and the countries of this organization. It should be noted that in recent decades ASEAN states have shown a breathtakingly rapid and sustained economic growth. It won’t be an […]
  • America and Russia’s shared Great Wars
    “Society is an open ended partnership between generations. The dead, and the not yet born, are as much a part of society as the living. To dishonor the dead is to reject the relationship upon which society is built, the relationship of obligation between generations. Those who have lost respect for the dead have ceased […]
  • The Lingering Danger of Google & Facebook
    During the 2011 Arab Spring, it was clear to those who bothered to look, that the US State Department and the various arms of soft power attached to it were directly responsible for what was otherwise initially passed off as a spontaneous, region-wide uprising. Eventually, what was dismissed as “conspiracy theory” regarding the US-backed nature […]
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill Stock Analysis 5-2-2016 (Video)
    By EconMatters We look at this one time momentum stock from a mini case study perspective regarding some of the issues this company faces in trying to recover from the food safety issues of recent memory, and move forward as a growth stock for the next decade. [youtube] © EconMatters All Righ […]
  • Obamacare To Unveil "Price Shock" One Week Before The Elections
    The writing was on the wall long before the largest US insurer, UnitedHealth, decided to pull the plug on Obamacare in mid April.  Then, just a week later, Aetna’s CEO said Thursday that his company expects to break even, but legislative fixes are needed to make the marketplace sustainable. "I think a lot of insurance carriers expected red ink, but they […]
  • Don't Sleep Through The Revolution: A Graduation Message For A Dark Age
    Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “The most striking fact about the story of Rip Van Winkle is not that he slept 20 years, but that he slept through a revolution. While he was peacefully snoring up on the mountain, a great revolution was taking place in the world - indeed, a revolution which would, at points, change the course of hist […]
  • China Manufacturing PMI Disappoints - In Contraction For 14th Straight Month
    Despite a trillion dollars of credit spewed into the Chinese 'economy' speculative finance channels, Manufacturing remains in a slump as April's China PMI tumbled to 49.4 after a brief bounce back up to 49.8 (from the 48.0 low in Feb). This is the 14th month in a row of contraction. As Caixin reports, relatively weak market conditions and mute […]
  • Ben Tanosborn: How Blacks & Latinos Will Lose The Election For The Democratic Party In 2016
    Authored by Ben Tanosborn, Forget about the number of superdelegates; or the several undemocratic manipulations by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  The reality that stands out loud and clear at the end of April, with almost two-thirds of the primary-caucus vote having been cast, is that Hillary Clinton is commandingly leading Bernie Sanders in the d […]
  • Are Central Banks Running the Oil Market or Just the World?
    by David Haggith   The question begs for conspiracy theories to satisfy it, but one might more aptly say that central banks beg for conspiracy theories to explain them, since they operate in the shadows while being given charge of all the financial systems of all the world’s greatest economies. Central bankers have the unchaperoned power to create the greate […]
  • “Nightmare” Mistake: Visa Free Travel For 80 Million Turks Coming Up
    Submitted by Mike "Mish" Shedlock of MishTalk “Nightmare” Mistake: Visa Free Travel For 80 Million Turks Coming Up Of all the inane, self-serving, deals German Chancellor Angela Merkel made with Turkey, visa-free travel for 80 million Islamic Turks tops the list. “This is all a nightmare,” said one diplomat charged with making the deal work. Nightm […]
  • Ron Paul: Drafting Women Means Equality In Slavery
    Submitted by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Last week the House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act requiring women to register with Selective Service. This means that if Congress ever brings back the draft, women will be forcibly sent to war. The amendment is a response to […]
  • Every Time This Has Happened, A Recession Followed
    Three months ago the Fed released its Fourth Quarter "Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices", which revealed something ominous. It showed that in Q4, lending standards tightened for the second consecutive quarter. This was a problem because as Deutsche Bank pointed out at the time two consecutive quarters of tightening Commer […]
  • Debt: The Key Factor Connecting Energy & The Economy
    Submitted by Gail Tverberg via Our Finite World blog, There are many who believe that the use of energy is critical to the growth of the economy. In fact, I am among these people. The thing that is not as apparent is that growth in energy consumption is dependent on the growth of debt. Both energy and debt have characteristics that are close to “magic,” with […]
  • Indiana puts Donald Trump’s evangelical support to test
    Donald Trump’s success in the race for the White House may well depend on the support of Republican evangelicals suspicious of the front-runner’s more liberal side as he discloses his social views. A New York businessman who has never held public office, Trump has had some success with... […]
  • Police are deleting smartphone videos at crime scenes — even though it’s illegal
    LOS ANGELES — In the early hours of April 13, 2015, in a residential neighborhood in south Los Angeles, police arrived outside the home of Alex Jimenez, a 35-year-old man who was experiencing severe “emotional issues,” according to Luis Carillo, an attorney now representing... […]
  • LGBT movie characters are not racially diverse: study
    Hollywood movies in 2015 had about the same number of LGBT characters as the year prior, but those characters were far less racially diverse, according to an annual study released Monday by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, commonly called GLAAD. The survey found that 17.5 percent... […]
  • Ex-49er Dana Stubblefield charged with rape of ‘developmentally delayed’ woman
    Former San Francisco 49er Dana Stubblefield was charged Monday with multiple counts of rape of a “developmentally delayed” woman. The retired NFL player’s lawyer reportedly said that Stubblefield had consensual sex with the woman who accused him of rape. Stubblefield reportedly attacked... […]
  • French man sues ex-employer for boredom
    Spending your morning wandering aimlessly to the coffee machine and back? Maybe you could take a tip from Frédéric Desnard, the French man demanding 360,000 euros ($416,000) from his ex-employer, claiming he was given so little to do at work he suffered from “bore-out.” The 44-year-old, who is... […]
  • Climbers’ bodies found 16 years after Tibet avalanche
    The bodies of two American climbers have been found in a melting glacier nearly two decades after the pair went missing following an avalanche. The bodies of Alex Lowe and fellow climber and cameraman David Bridges were discovered by two European climbers who were acclimatizing for their own ascent... […]
  • Intelligent alien life almost certainly existed once: study
    A long time ago, on a planet far, far away, intelligent life almost certainly existed, new research suggests. In a study published late April in the journal Astrobiology, researchers Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan revised the famous Drake equation, formulated by scientist Frank Drake in 1961.... […]
  • North Korea’s Kim Jong-un bans weddings and funerals ahead of Congress
    The North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un has outlawed funerals and weddings ahead of a major party congress to be held in Pyongyang this week, according to South Korean officials. “The moves appear to be aimed at raising security for smooth preparation of the congress,” a South Korean official told... […]
  • Woman says she is Prince’s half-sister, claims part of estate
    A woman claiming to be Prince’s half-sister has come forward saying she is entitled to part of the late pop star’s multimillion-dollar estate, legal documents show. Darcell Gresham Johnston filed court documents Friday in the musician’s probate case in Minnesota saying she is an... […]
  • ‘Magnificent 7’ remake revives forgotten story of black cowboys
    From the chiseled, insouciant Robert Mitchum and the rugged, laconic Clint Eastwood to John Wayne, the most celebrated cowboy of all, Hollywood’s Western icons are invariably strong, brooding — and white. The roles they play, too — legendary frontiersmen like Jesse James, Billy... […]
  • Refugee sets herself on fire at Australia’s Nauru camp
    A refugee who set herself on fire on the Pacific island of Nauru after being sent there by Australia was in a critical condition Tuesday, just days after an Iranian man died in a similar act of self-harm. Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the incident happened on Monday and the... […]
  • The mischievous origins of your favorite lullabies
    For humans, music is primal, elemental. It is one of our first interactions with the outside world, and also among our longest lasting memories: Studies show that even infants are imprinted with song, able to detect and recall complex rhythms and melodies. And the lullaby is the ancient musical... […]
  • Larry Wilmore strikes back at Piers Morgan’s criticism of his #WHCD speech with a history lesson
    Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore quickly addressed the response on Monday to his remarks at the White House Correspondents Dinner. “Like the president himself, the reaction was mixed — oh shoot I did it again,” he said. He singled out Daily Mail columnist and “professional... […]
  • Lil’ Kim and the unbearable whiteness of being
    This week the world saw – via that new, visual means of wildfire gossip-mongering known as “trending on social media” – Lil’ Kim’s new face and hair. For anyone who doesn’t know Lil Kim, she isn’t a teenage Instagram model – born Kimberley Jones in 1974, she’s one of the most successful female... […]
  • When Larry Wilmore said the N-word to President Obama, I felt black pride
    Even though I have never liked the sound of the N-word, and have only ever personally experienced it in a negative context, I could not have been more moved by Larry Wilmore’s use of the word in his closing remarks as host of the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. Wilmore said to... […]
  • All-female Ghostbusters trailer most disliked in YouTube history because misogyny
    Since announcing a remake of the beloved supernatural comedy Ghostbusters, director Paul Feig has fended off intense criticism from fans who are enraged not just by the mere existence of a remake (which will enrage folks no matter what), but by the director’s audacious decision to opt for an... […]
  • Florida woman accused of threatening to ‘blow up’ cops says police raped her
    A 39-year-old Miami woman was arrested on Sunday after allegedly threatening police and city officials is accusing authorities of turning a blind eye to her own attack, WTVJ-TV reported. “I am suing the state for being sexually assaulted and they don’t want to investigate. That is the... […]
  • A new type of Turing Test: Two researchers explain their search for the art in artificial intelligence
    Looking for art in artificial intelligence Michael Casey, Dartmouth College and Daniel N. Rockmore, Dartmouth College Algorithms help us to choose which films to watch, which music to stream and which literature to read. But what if algorithms went beyond their jobs as mediators of human culture... […]
  • Denver TSA wrongfully subjects wheelchair-bound US Olympian to full-body search
    Officials with the Transportation Security Administration in Denver were put through further training after an agent wrongfully subjected former US Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen to a full body search, KMGH-TV reported. Van Dyken-Rouen, who has used a wheelchair since 2014, first revealed her... […]
  • Ex-FBI agent pleads guilty to stealing more than $136,000 in seized drug money
    A former agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation accused of stealing more than $136,000 in drug money and spending it on cars, vehicle accessories and cosmetic surgery for his wife pleaded guilty to federal charges on Monday. Scott Bowman, 45, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Los... […]

Protesting 101: Flushing pepper spray from eyes

On the first full day of encampment in Boston’s Dewey Square, the Occupy Boston medic team demonstrated what to do if you wish to help someone who has been pepper sprayed. 10/1/11

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