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  • $60,000 Gold May Be Laughably Low-Bill Holter
    Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Recent Bloomberg analysis says if China backed its currency with gold, the price would need to be 50 times higher than it is today.  According to Bloomberg, that would be a gold price of around $64,000 per ounce, which is much more than gold expert Jim Sinclair predicted a few years ago.  […]Related Posts:Gold is Kryptonite to t […]
  • Rising Gold Price Could Set Off Derivative Nightmare-Bill Murphy
    Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release) Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee), says precious metal prices have been relentlessly rigged by central banks and governments.  Murphy contends, “If gold were to just to have kept pace with inflation, forget all the QE, it would be double what it is today.  That’s how […]Rela […]
  • WNW 191-Criminal Financial System, Gold Fraud, Middle East on Fire, China Warns US Again
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   The bankers have done it again.  They committed an enormous global crime and only paid a fine.  JP Morgan, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS will pay $5.8 billion in penalties for rigging the $5.3 trillion a day currency market.  Once again, nobody will go to jail, even though […]Related Posts:Latest News […]
  • China Gold Could Cause Tsunami of Dollars in US-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Gold expert Rob Kirby arranges deliveries of the yellow metal to his clients measured by the ton.  Kirby says news that China may disclose it has 30,000 tons of gold will be devastating for the West.  Kirby contends, “We could be fast approaching the moment when the tide is going to […]Related Posts:The Chaos is Planned-Rob K […]
  • Apocalypse and Enormous Disorder Coming-Hugo Salinas-Price
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release) Mexican retail mogul Hugo Salinas-Price is worried about the common man and the upcoming currency calamity that is approaching the globe.  Salinas-Price says, “It certainly isn’t getting better when you have some intellectuals going so crazy as to say they want to ban cash.  We can’t go too […]Related […]
  • WNW 190-Tensions Mount with Iran, China and Russia, Obama Trade War with Democrats, Dollar Down
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (5/15/15 Friday) China is telling the U.S. to back off in the South China Sea, even though it is building islands for military bases there. China believes the South China Sea belongs to them, but many other countries, including America, say it’s always been international waters. You can add this to […]Related Posts:WNW 185-I […]
  • Risk Unprecedented in Bubble Land-Egon von Greyerz
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Financial expert Egon von Greyerz says forget about making money in today’s global economy.  The primary objective should be protection and wealth preservation, and von Greyerz goes on to explain, “It’s all about risk . . . what you are looking at now is a world where risk is unprecedented.  We […]Related Posts:Disorderly Res […]
  • New Recession Closer to Depression-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release) Economist John Williams says forget about the so-called recovery, we are headed for recession.  Williams contends, “They’ll have a downside revision to this 1st quarter estimate that will take it negative. What we are seeing now is that the outlook for the second quarter is not only weak, […]Related Pos […]
  • WNW 189 Yellen Warns of Danger, Economy Diving While MSM Lying, Middle East Boils
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (5.8.15)   The ridiculous drum beat from the mainstream media (MSM) has been repeating this so called “recovery” since the 2008 meltdown.  I also keep repeating that there is no real recovery. There are a variety of data points you can look at, but the most recent include retail sales and factory […]Related Posts:Drought Numb […]
  • Black Swan Event-Shift in Consciousness-Catherine Austin Fitts
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Money manager and financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts is worried about exploding global debt.  It has almost doubled since 2007, and Fitts says, “Yes, I am worried about it, and I still think the chance for collapse is relatively small, but I am very worried about the level of violence going […]Related Posts:Lawless Leade […]
  • No. 722: GDP Reporting Issues, April Durable Goods, New-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • The Fed, White House and Wall Street versus the Bureau of Economic Analysis • While Assessing Seasonality Factors, the BEA Will Not Double-Adjust the GDP • Headline First-and Second-Quarter GDP Contractions Remain Likely • Durable Goods Orders Continued Pattern of Down-Trending Activity, with Annual Growth Turning Increasingly N […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Friday, May 29, 2015 GDP 2015Q1-V2 05/29/2015   Wednesday, June 03, 2015 Construction Spending Trade Balance April-2015 […]
  • No. 721: April CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Existing-Home Sales, GDP Prospects
    (SGS Subscription required) • With Pending GDP Numbers Likely in Contraction, Pollyannaish Analysts and Media Are Squawking over Data Quality • Bureau of Economic Analysis Promises to "Fix" Wayward GDP • April Real Retail Sales Fell by 0.1% (-0.1%); Annual Growth Signaled Deepening Recession • Real Earnings Were Unchanged • April Year-to-Year Infla […]
  • No. 720: April Housing Starts
    (SGS Subscription required) • Headline "Boom" in April Housing Starts Left the Series in Ongoing Stagnation; It Did Not Alter the Broad Outlook • Annual Revisions Reflected Only Minimal Seasonal-Adjustment Shifts […]
  • No. 719: April Production, PPI, Durable-Goods Benchmark, Consumer Update
    (SGS Subscription required) • It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like a "New" Recession • Down in First-Quarter 2015, Industrial Production Just Tumbled into the Second-Quarter • Longest String of Monthly Production Declines and Worst Annual and Quarterly Activity Since the Collapse • April PPI Plunge Was Statistically-Warped Nonsense • Downside Revisio […]
  • Commentaries News
    PUBLISHING SCHEDULE:  The next Regular Commentary, scheduled for Friday, May 29th, will cover the first revision to first-quarter 2015 GDP.  See Schedule (LAST UPDATED May 26th)
  • No. 718: April Nominal Retail Sales, Consumer Liquidity
    (SGS Subscription required) • In the Context of Downside Benchmark Revisions, Headline Nominal April Retail Sales Were Unchanged for the Month • Net of Ongoing Revision Shenanigans in Monthly Seasonal-Adjustments, Nominal April Retail Sales Actually Fell by About 0.4% (-0.4%) • No Rebound Suggested in Second-Quarter Real Retail Sales • Slowing Annual Sales G […]
  • No. 717: April Employment and Unemployment, Money Supply M3
    (SGS Subscription required) • Weakening Economy Taking Toll on U.S. Dollar • Labor Data Seriously Flawed and Likely Gimmicked • April Full-Time Civilian Employment Dropped by 252,000 • Net of Revisions, April Payroll Gain of 223,000 Was 184,000; March Headline Jobs Gain of 126,000 Revised to 85,000 • Decline in Headline April Unemployment to 5.4% Was a Round […]
  • No. 716: March Trade Deficit, Construction Spending, Retail Sales Benchmark Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • Expectations Should Turn Negative for Revised First-Quarter GDP, Based on Quarterly Trade Deterioration • Real Construction Spending Contracted with Full First-Quarter Reporting • Retail Sales Benchmark Revision Showed Deeper Contraction and Slower "Recovery" in Sales Activity than Previously Indicated […]
  • No. 715: First-Quarter GDP, Velocity of Money
    (SGS Subscription required) • Initial 0.2% First-Quarter2015 Real GDP Growth Is on Track for a Quarterly Contraction in First Revision • Games-Playing: Was Initial Real GDP Estimate Set at 0.2%, So Nominal GDP Would Not Fall Below 0.1%? • Real Final Sales (GDP Less Purported Inventory Build-Up) Fell at Annualized Quarterly Pace of 0.5% • Velocity of Money Sl […]



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  • Will Iraq Follow Syria?
    Talks on May 21 in Moscow with the Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi were dedicated to Military-technical co-operation, oil, bilateral cooperation and Syria. The first and fourth points are very important to Baghdad, which for almost a year has been in a cruel and unsuccessful struggle with the ISIS. They need weapons […]
  • Alexei Mozgovoi: Casualty of War or Contract Hit?
    The recent addition of Alexei Mozgovoi of the “Prizrak”(Ghost) battalion to the body count in Ukraine was not a surprise. Some big gesture had to be made, as the Western and Kiev authorities have backed themselves into “a little dirty war” that could continue for years to come, having ignored all the lessons of both […]
  • Evacuation Plans of the Polish Government: What For?
    For some unspecified reason, the Polish government recently performs many movements which suggest that it is preparing for something bigger. Of course, the media continue calming the whole society because as we know Poland is still protected by NATO and nothing will ever happen to us. Well, and if already something really happened, then you […]
  • Can an Osprey Jeopardize US-Japan Relations?
    An Osprey is a unique-fish eating bird of prey. This very name is given to the convertiplane V-22, built by Boeing and Bell Helicopter, successfully reflects the uniqueness of this particular machine, which combines the attributes of both a helicopter and an aeroplane. Of the numerous projects for such devices, developed from the end of the […]
  • Damascus and Baghdad May Soon Fall Into the Hands of ISIL
    While analysts were trying to guess who was the weak link in Syria, where renewed opposition forces are preparing a new attack on Damascus, or Iraq, where Islamic State militants have recently captured a strategically important city in the western part of the country some 70 miles from Baghdad, ISIL decided to test its luck […]
  • Tsarnev Sentenced to Death: One To Be Executed While Others Get Weapons and Training
    The bombing of the Boston Marathon was a horrendous, criminal act. Anyone with any basic sense of justice would want the parties responsible to face justice for their actions. It should be no surprise that the US public, which watched the horrific carnage of the Boston bombing on their television screens, would support the sentence of death being given to [… […]
  • Saudi Arabia: How Yemeni Politicians Are not Playing Nice
    Almost two months into its war against Yemen – one change of strategy and two ceasefires later – and Saudi Arabia appears nowhere near achieving any of its goals in this poorest and certainly most unruly nation of the Arabian Peninsula. But since the Kingdom was never clear on what it is it wanted to […]
  • Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defence Cooperation
    On April 27, 2015, the heads of the U.S. and Japanese Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, through the work of the 2+2 group, confirmed new “guidelines” for Japan-U.S. defence cooperation, which have been substantially modified in comparison to a similar agreement accepted in 1997. This document clearly indicates the intentions of Japan and the […]
  • Washington Confesses to Backing “Questionable Actors” in Syria
    Taking advantage of a Syrian military stretched thin to protect everywhere at the same time, high concentrations of well-coordinated Al Qaeda forces, based in NATO-member Turkey as well as in US-allies Jordan and Saudi Arabia, have attacked across several fronts. The tactical and strategic gains are minimal compared to the initial stages of the West’s […]
  • Tel Aviv Speaks: “Palmyra Must Be Destroyed”
    A laptop computer seized in a raid on an ISIS stronghold last Saturday may well have exposed a bizarre plot right out of Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones.  Analysis may yield evidence of a strange “brotherhood” connecting cults within not only Israel but the US and European freemasonry to the planned destruction of two religious sites, […]
  • Return Of "Greek Deal Pending" Rumor Sparks Stocks, Euro Surge
    UPDATE: the "talking back" begins: *GREECE SAYS DISAGREEMENTS AMONG CREDITORS A PROBLEM: OFFICIAL Another day, another rumor (not yet denied) of a report that Greece and its creditors are crafting a deal (well durr)... The result, vertical buying panic in US equities, USD dumped (on EUR strength), TSY yields spike 3bps, and Crude oil surges... what […]
  • Humiliated McDonalds To Stop Reporting Monthly Sales
    What do you do when month after month you have nothing but bad data to report, such as in this case McDonalds with its weekly comparable store sales shown on the ugly charts below?   Simple: you have two choice - you either seasonally adjust the data (or in the case of US GDP, double-seasonally adjust it), or if that is not possible since unlike US GDP, your […]
  • A Global Debt Deleveraging It At Our Doorstep
    The blogosphere is rife with talk of the “death of the US Dollar.”   The US Dollar will eventually die, as all fiat currencies do. But the fact remains that it is the reserve currency of the world. And everyone on the planet has been borrowing in US Dollars for decades, or leveraging up using Dollars.   When you borrow in US Dollars you are effectively short […]
  • Snapchat CEO Warns "Easy Money Policy" Has Created The Tech Bubble, "Matter Of Time Til It Bursts"
    A month ago 24-year-old Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel gave global sheeple investors a glimpse at the reality in Silicon Valley's and how the second tech bubble will burst (via his comments from 2013). Overnight he stepped up the rhetoric, as ReCode reports - itself in the midst of a stock-only buyout by Vox - Spiegel warns we are currently living through a […]
  • WTI Crude Crumbles Back To 6-Week Lows (Under $57.50)
    WTI Crude's late-day bounce yesterday is gone... and then some. Front-month (July) futures prices are back below $57.50 - their lowest since April 23rd (before the inventory "draw"s began). With OPEC's June meeting looming every closer, one wonders if this downward pressure on price is helping to solidify anti-Saudi rhetoric among the car […]
  • The End Game Continues: Austria Repatriates Gold
    After Germany and the Netherlands decided to repatriate a substantial amount of gold from vaults abroad to the vaults in respectively Amsterdam and Frankfurt, now Austria is joining the ‘bring our gold home’ movement. After increasing pressure from the Austrian people on the government and the central bank to increase the ratio of the gold effectively held i […]
  • Bill Gross: "My 'Short Of A Lifetime' Bund Trade Was Well Timed But Not Necessarily Well Executed"
    While the bulk of Bill Gross' latest monthly investment outlook deals with the vagaries of the bubbly art market summarized by the following chart which "oddly" mimics the move of global capital markets (and thus central bank balance sheets)... ... as well as discussion on how to arbitrage global growth or lack thereof in the long run via pair […]
  • EURUSD Plunge Continues: "It's Not All About Greece... Not Even Close"
    Crude oil prices are tumbling as the USDollar pushes on to new highs driven by the continued stretch of renewed weakness in the Euro. As Bloomberg's Richard Breslow notes, however, "it’s not all about Greece. Not even close." As we think about the relative cyclical states of economies and where they need to be priced in the markets, Europe doe […]
  • Gold Bullion Is "100% Guarantee from Legal and Political Risks" - Russia
    Gold Bullion Is "100% Guarantee from Legal and Political Risks" - Russia - Gold is a "100% guarantee from legal and political risks"- Russia's central bank buys another 300,000 ounces in April- Russia views its overseas assets as vulnerable- ‘De-dollarisation’ continues across Asia- Gold offers protection from growing risks today Rus […]
  • Peak Inequality: $500 Million Asking Price For LA Mansion
    Submitted by Daniel Drew via Dark-Bid.com, Just when you thought you had seen it all, Nile Niami pulls another mansion out of his hat. The film producer and speculative real estate developer announced the asking price for the mansion he is building on a hill in Bel Air, the location where the memorable Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV show takes place. Unfortunate […]

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