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  • Tepco gave up the robot inspection of Reactor 1 this year
    On 1/28/2016, Tepco announced they gave up the planned robot inspection of Reactor 1 for this year. In Tepco’s assumption, Reactor 1 is supposed to have the molten nuclear fuel The post Tepco gave up the robot inspection of Reactor 1 this year appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • NRA’s data shows contamination level in Tokyo tap water higher than Fukushima by 24 percent
    According to NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority), Cs-134/137 density in Tokyo tap water is 24% higher than Fukushima. The report was released on 10/30/2015, titled as “Readings of radioactivity level in The post NRA’s data shows contamination level in Tokyo tap water higher than Fukushima by 24 percent appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • M4.2 occurred Fukushima offshore
    According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), M4.2 hit Fukushima offshore at 2:13 AM of 1/25/2016 (JST). The maximum seismic intensity was 4. The depth of epicenter was 30km. 2 hours The post M4.2 occurred Fukushima offshore appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Cs-134/137 detected from over 40 percent of fish in 20km radius area outside of Fukushima plant port
    On 1/19/2016, Tepco announced they measured Cesium-134/137 from 40.5 % of fish in 20km radius sea area from Fukushima plant. Fukushima plant port is excluded. The samples were collected in The post Cs-134/137 detected from over 40 percent of fish in 20km radius area outside of Fukushima plant port appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Radiation alarm went off at dust monitoring post in the Southern border of Fukushima plant
    On 1/13/2016, a dust monitoring post issued a warning of high radiation level, according to Tepco. The alarm went off at 0:39. The monitoring post situated near the Southern border The post Radiation alarm went off at dust monitoring post in the Southern border of Fukushima plant appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • I-131 detected from sewage sludge in Koriyama city Fukushima almost everyday this November
    According to Fukushima prefectural government, Iodine-131 was detected from sewage sludge for 26 days this November. Fukushima prefectural government released the radiation analysis data on 12/25/2015. The data reveals I-131 The post I-131 detected from sewage sludge in Koriyama city Fukushima almost everyday this November appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 8,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from vacuum dust collected in the last week of 2015
    Following up this article.. 5,600 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from vacuum cleaner dust accumulated from this September in Iwaki city [URL]   On 1/8/2016, the same person posted on Twitter that 7,993 The post 8,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from vacuum dust collected in the last week of 2015 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 9 earthquakes occurred offshore of Amami Oshima island within 4 hours
    According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), 9 earthquakes hit offshore of Amami Oshima island only from the night of 1/9/2016 to the next day.   The first quake happened at The post 9 earthquakes occurred offshore of Amami Oshima island within 4 hours appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • I-131 still detected from two sewage plants in Tokyo this December
    On 12/25/2015, Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced they detected Iodine-131 at 2 sewage plants in Tokyo.   The sample is incineration ash of sewage sludge. The sewage plants The post I-131 still detected from two sewage plants in Tokyo this December appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • JMA to increase the staff by 50 percent to observe volcanos
    On 12/24/2015, JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) announced they are going to increase the members of the staff by 1.5 times much as now. From the next fiscal year, they are The post JMA to increase the staff by 50 percent to observe volcanos appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Investors Heading for Slaughter One More Time-David Stockman
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockman says retail investors are going to take, yet, another very big hit. Stockman explains, “The retail investor waded in again. The sheep lined up and, unfortunately, are heading for the slaughter one more time. I think it is very hard […]Related Pos […]
  • All Trump All the Time, Bad Economy Sold as Good, Lucifer is In Style-NOT
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 224 1.29.16) Trump talks, he makes news. Trump doesn’t talk, he makes news. Trump tweets, he makes news. Trump offends, he makes news. Trump makes sense, he makes news. You may think what is going on with Donald Trump is all about Trump, it is really about the changing landscape […]Related Posts:Fed Not Raising Interest […]
  • Monetary Meth Coming Soon-Gerald Celente
    By Greg Hunter’s Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says the global economy is tanking, but don’t expect central banks to go down without a fight. Celente explains, “So, what happens? The markets are going down, and you hear from people like Ray Dalio (hedge fund manager) from Bridgewater Associates saying that the Federal Reserve […]Relate […]
  • Next Crash Worse than 1929 & 2008 Combined-Michael Pento
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday release) Money manager Michael Pento says the next crash will be one for the record books. Pento contends, “If you look at any of the economic data coming out, it screams recession. It will be one of the worst recessions since 2008 and 1929—combined.” This is a description of […]Related Posts:Worldwide Credit B […]
  • Elites Know Global Economy Tanking, Hill in Much Deeper Email Trouble, Bizarre US Middle East Policy
    By Greg Hunter’s  (WNW 223 1.22.16) It appears the declining economy is so obvious that even the elite are admitting the global economy is tanking. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the richest people in business and government gather annually, the mood couldn’t be gloomier. Even the headline at USA Today […]Related Pos […]
  • New Recession is Here Now-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s Economist John Williams says a recession isn’t on the way–it’s already here. Williams explains, “There are a number of factors here that are showing recession. Number one is industrial production. You can’t ignore industrial production; it is usually used with retail sales in timing formal recessions. It turned down last Dece […]
  • Financial Crisis Worse Because It’s Global-Nomi Prins
    Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday release) Best-selling author and journalist Nomi Prins says the next financial crisis will be much worse than 2008. Prins contends, “If you look at the beginning of 2016 . . . it’s indicative of the rest of the year. We are seeing declines everywhere, and they are significant declines. The […]Related Posts:Take Mo […]
  • Obama’s State of Delusion, FBI Widens Hillary Email Probe, Iran Detains US Sailors
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 222 1.15.16) President Obama’s State of the Union should be renamed to the State of Delusion after he said, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” This is so off base and delusional I simply do not know where to start. There are so many metrics […]Related Posts:Middle East War, Global […]
  • Full Default of Global Debt Coming-Andrew Hoffman
    By Greg Hunter’s Financial writer Andrew Hoffman says the Fed has a lousy track record for predicting the economy. Hoffman explains, “It’s not just the Fed, but all central bankers have been wrong on pretty much everything they have said. In the case of the Fed, in particular, which is by far the most […]Related Posts:Greece Will Default-Cala […]
  • Economic Collapse Happening Now-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby’s predictions of a downward spiraling economy are coming true. Kirby contends, “I think the last time we spoke, it was in early December. I suggested that a window was opening where we were very likely to see some systemic breakdowns in our financial universe […]Related […]
  • ALERT: Legend Warns Global Governments Are Now Preparing For Total Collapse
    As global markets head into what will surely be another wild trading week, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, warned that the governments of the world are now preparing for total collapse. The post ALERT: Legend Warns Global Governments Are Now Preparing For Total Collapse […]
  • The Unleashing Of QQE And Global Economic Meltdown
    Today one of the top economists in the world sent King World News an incredibly powerful piece warning about the unleashing of QQE and global economic meltdown. Below is the fantastic piece from Michael Pento. The post The Unleashing Of QQE And Global Economic Meltdown appeared first on King World News. […]
  • Legend Shares The Most Frightening Chart In The World
    Today the man who oversees more than $155 billion shared the most frightening chart in the world. The post Legend Shares The Most Frightening Chart In The World appeared first on King World News.
  • Rob Arnott: Broadcast Interview – Available Now
    Rob Arnott: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Research Affiliates - Rob's firm RALLC manages and licenses over $165 billion and also sub advises mutual funds and ETFs for the Schwab Funds, Powershares and Nomura. He is also portfolio manager on the PIMCO All Asset and All Asset All Authority family of funds and a suite of PIMCO products based on […]
  • Rob Arnott
    Rob Arnott: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Research Affiliates - Rob's firm RALLC manages and licenses over $165 billion and also sub advises mutual funds and ETFs for the Schwab Funds, Powershares and Nomura. He is also portfolio manager on the PIMCO All Asset and All Asset All Authority family of funds and a suite of PIMCO products based on […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date     Friday, February 05, 2016 Construction Spending Trade Balance […]
  • No. 783: Fourth-Quarter GDP, Consumer and Monetary Conditions
    (SGS Subscription required) • Annualized Real GDP Growth Slowed to 0.69% in Headline Reporting, Poised for Headline Contraction in February 26th First Revision • Difference Between the Headline Fourth-Quarter GDP Growth and an Outright Quarterly Contraction Was Not Statistically Significant • Worst Real Trade Deficit in Eight Years • Velocity of Money Slowed […]
  • No. 782: December Durable Goods Orders, New- and Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • New Orders for Durable Goods Fell in Fourth-Quarter 2015, Both Before and After Consideration for Commercial Aircraft and Inflation • Orders Signaled Deepening Downturn and Contracting First-Quarter Production • North American Freight Activity Has Indicated Renewed Economic Contraction in the Context of No Economic Recovery • Wi […]
  • Commentaries News
    PUBLISHING SCHEDULE.  - The next regular Commentary, scheduled for Friday, February 5th, will cover January 2016 labor conditions and the annual payroll benchmark revision, plus the December trade deficit and construction spending.  Dependent on the complexities of the payroll benchmarking, elements of the revision and related payroll detail may be […]
  • No. 781: GDP, December CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Housing Starts
    (SGS Subscription required) • Fourth-Quarter GDP Remains Good Bet for Quarterly Contraction, Although Not Likely Until the First Revision   • Fourth-Quarter Real Retail Sales Flattened Out; Annual Growth Continued to Signal Recession • Fourth-Quarter Housing Starts Turned Down Quarter-to-Quarter • December Gains in Average Weekly Earnings Were Minimal, with […]
  • No. 780 December Industrial Production, Retail Sales and Producer Prices (PPI)
    (SGS Subscription required) • Recession in Hand – Here Is What It Looks Like • Fourth-Quarter Production Plunged by 3.4% (-3.4%) at Annualized Pace; Quarter Was Down Year-to-Year by 0.9% (-0.9%) • Year-to-Year Decline Was of a Magnitude Seen Previously Only in Formal Recessions, Post-World War II, and with the 1952 Steel Strike, When President Truman Nationa […]
  • No. 779-A: Declining Monetary Base and Reserves
    (SGS Subscription required) • Monetary-Base Decline Largely Has Reflected the New York Federal Reserve’s Open Market Operations in Targeting the New Federal Funds Rate […]
  • No. 779: December Labor Numbers, Shifting Monetary Conditions and Money Supply M3
    (SGS Subscription required) • Something Afoot in the Banking System? • Post-FOMC Rate Hike, Excess Reserves in Historic Plunge; Monetary Base Dropped to 28-Month Low in Record Annual Decline • December Year-to-Year Broad Money Supply Growth Fell to 4.5% from 5.2% in November • Employment and Unemployment Reality Remained Bleak • Year-to-Year Payroll Growth H […]
  • No. 778: November Trade Deficit and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Fourth-Quarter Real Trade Deficit Continued on Track for Worst Showing Since Third-Quarter 2007, Indicative of Looming Hit to GDP • Real Construction Spending Now on Track for Fourth-Quarter 2015 Contraction, Consistent with Other Signals for a Drop in Fourth-Quarter GDP • Corrected for “Processing Errors” Headline Construction […]
  • No. 777: Key Issues in the Past Year and the Year Ahead
    (SGS Subscription required) • A Heavily-Troubled 2015 Has Set Up 2016 for Disorders in the Financial Markets, Systemic Stability and the U.S. Political Arena • Formal “New” Recession Recognition Is Likely Early in the New Year • Real S&P 500 Sales -- Net of Stock-Buyback Distortions -- Showed No Post-2009 Recovery in the Economy, but Instead Showed Low-L […]



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  • Europe is Not a Raped Woman, ‘She Deserved It’.
    It seems to me that we are beginning to live in a world in which reality is overtaking fiction. Who could have imagined a year ago that in the streets of European cities such as Cologne helpless, European women will be violated in ‘broad daylight’? Well, maybe it was still possible to imagine, but that […]
  • Falling from High Places
    “What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much […]
  • Laos: The New Cold War Battleground You Don’t Know About
    The “New Cold War” could be a potential description for the unfolding geopolitical lay of the planet as Russia reemerges as a world power, and China rises as a new one in the face of a prevailing Wall Street-Washington-London international order. The most obvious battlegrounds taking shape in this “New Cold War” are Ukraine, Syria, […]
  • Saudi Arabia: Complex Problems – Complex Solutions
    The lifting of sanctions against Iran is, according to many political scientists, a significant compromise that postpones the risk of a global armed conflict in the region. It also means that in the nearest future the Iranian market, desperate for foreign investment and advanced technologies, will see fierce competition. At the same time, it would […]
  • The New Take on the Afghan Conflict Settlement
    In mid-January Islamabad and Kabul saw the talks between foreign affairs representatives of four states – the United States, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan (the so-called Quadrilateral Coordination Group) who were tasked with a mission to develop a road map that would be able to put an end to the war in Afghanistan, which has been […]
  • Lugar Bio Laboratory in Tbilisi Latest: It’s Getting Worse by the Day
    Introduction by Gordon Duff, Editor of Veterans Today Today people are getting sick with Swine Flu and Zika all over the world, with Ebola hanging back while we await the next outbreak. Diseases occur naturally, but since World War II governments have spent billions weaponising different viruses to be used alongside the usual crop of […]
  • India Pakistan Detente Can Transform Eurasia, Europe
    In recent months, India’s dynamic new president Narendra Modi and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have opened first tentative steps in the direction of resolving some 70 years of border tensions. Were the two great Eurasian nations to come into a political and, eventually, economic harmony, it could change the geopolitical map of wars and […]
  • The Testing of a DPRK Hydrogen Bomb and Sino-North Korean Relations
    Our analysis of the international response to North Korea’s test of a hydrogen bomb directs our attention to China’s position and US-China debates about “what to do and who to blame.” First, let’s look to the statement by Xinhua news agency on January 8. On the one hand, North Korea’s actions have been condemned, on […]
  • Disintegration of Iraq Will Take Days Now
    As the international community was absorbed by the rapidly changing situation in Syria, where government forces are finally getting an upper hand, the situation in Iraq has slipped the attention of the better part of geopolitical analysts. The rapid developments that are taking place in Iraq may soon lead to the disintegration of the country. In […]
  • Syria’s Base Wars
    Since 2011, Syria has fought desperately to hold itself together as a single, unified nation. Threatened from the beginning by the “Libya precedent,” Washington and its regional allies have openly conspired to divide up Syria as a consolatory objective upon failing to topple Damascus outright. US policymakers, some of whom had previously played a role […]
  • Star Wars VII: The Audience Awakens
          By EconMatters While I do not see EconMatters as a movie critic like Roger Ebert, sometimes it feels almost like civil duty to let people know not to waste money on a bad movie. I missed the Start War VII when it opened during Christmas last year and at the same time endured a horrible experience with Fandango. In retrospect, I should have taken it as […]
  • Paul Craig Roberts: The West Is Being Reduced To Looting Itself
    Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, I, Michael Hudson, John Perkins, and a few others have reported the multi-pronged looting of peoples by Western economic institutions, principally the big New York Banks with the aid of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Third World countries were and are looted by being inticed into development plans for electrification o […]
  • Japanese Bond Yields Continue To Collapse As China Margin Suffers Longest Losing Streak On Record
    Following Kuroda's panic policy measures from Friday, JGB yields continue to collapse across the curve (though notably 30Y is selling off - is someone actually concerned about long-term survival risk?). 2Y Yields have collapsed all the way to BoJ's -10bps rate, 5Y is plunging - now close to -9bps, and 10Y has dropped 20bps to just over 6bps... with […]
  • So It Begins: Bloomberg Op-Ed Calls For An End Of Cash
    In a moment of curious serendipity, a little over 90 minutes after we showed what a dystopian, centrally-planned, cashless society unleashed in a negative interest rate world would look like ("by forcing people and companies to convert their paper money into bank deposits, the hope is that they can be persuaded (coerced?) to spend that money rather than […]
  • "This Is Much Larger Than Subprime" - Here Are The Legendary Hedge Funds Fighting The Chinese Central Bank
    One month ago, we first revealed that for one prominent winner from the subprime crisis, Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass, "the greatest investment opportunity right now" is to short the Chinese Yuan: as he explained "given our views on credit contraction in Asia, and in China in particular, let's say they are going to go through a banking […]
  • This Question Should Not Be A Difficult One To Answer
    Submitted by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, At what point do we accede back to logic and rational thought? The Bank of Japan is “forced”, not my word, to unleash negative nominal interest rates and that is taken as a positive for everyone everywhere. Such a move is, without question, an open admission that QQE failed and failed spectacularl […]
  • "Stable" China's Economic Bounce Is Over: PMIs Plunge In January
    After an almost unprecedented surge in credit (total social financing) and over-invoicing enabled a bounce in China's PMI data in December, both Manufacturing and Services data tumbled in January, confirming South Korean trade data. While manufacturing continues its contraction (dropping to 49.4, the weakest since Aug 2012), it is non-manufacturing […]
  • America's #1 Import: Deflation
    Submitted by Erico Matias Tavares of Sinclair & Co., It seems that everyone these days is exporting deflation to the US. The drop in commodity prices and the US dollar rally versus a broad basket of currencies in recent years had a big impact of course, but the magnitude of the decline of US import prices has been very significant indeed. And this matter […]
  • Global Trade Collapsed In January: Bellwether South Korea Exports Crash "Most Since Lehman"
    As the first major exporting nation to report each month, all eyes and hopeful speculative capital was glued to tonight's South Korean trade data. After a brief respite in November, December's drop was worrisome, but January's just reported 18.5% crash - the most since the financial crisis - has only been seen during a US economic recession. W […]
  • Is Germany Paying African Nations To Take Back Rejected Refugees?
    As Der Freitag reports (via Google Translate), if the German authorities do not get rid of a refugee, you can just change his nationality. African embassies are paid for their help... Joseph Koroma does not understand to this day why he was deported to Nigeria - a country in which he had never before set foot. When he fled to Germany in 2006, he applied for […]
  • 6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes India’s northeast, leaves 11 dead
    January 2016 – INDIA – A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit India’s remote northeast region before dawn on Monday, killing at least 11 people, injuring 200 others and causing damage to several buildings. The death and injuries were caused by falling debris … Continue reading →
  • Doomsday Volcanoes: next large volcanic eruption on the planet could kill 1 million people
    January 2016 – GEOLOGY – Think you’ve got enough to worry about with collapsing economy, terrorism, wars and rumors of wars? Think again. Have you been paying attention to what appears to be an increase in volcanic activity across the … Continue reading →
  • Massive Texas blizzard kills 30,000 head of livestock
    January 2016 – TEXAS – The Texas blizzard “Goliath” may have claimed more than 30,000 animals this week in Texas. A statement obtained by Breitbart Texas from the Texas Association of Dairymen (TAD) says that the winter storm named Goliath … Continue reading →
  • Mystery: where are Hawaii’s humpback whales?
    January 2016 – HAWAII – But it might not be bad news for the whales. Humpback whales are one of Hawaii’s many tourist draws, but this year experts say fewer of them than usual have returned to the state’s warm … Continue reading →
  • Cyclone Ula threatens southeastern Fiji
    January 2016 – FIJI – The small islands of Fulaga, Ogea, Vatoa and Ono-i-Lau are warned to expect destructive storm force winds of up to 140 kilometers an hour. The system, which at its centers has average winds of 150 … Continue reading →
  • CDC expected to declare end to Chipotle’s E.coli outbreak as soon as Monday: WSJ
    The E. coli outbreak that affected dozens of Chipotle Mexican Grill customers in nine states last year is expected to be declared over as soon as Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the government’s investigation. Investigators have not been able to pinpoint... […]
  • Iowa caucus: candidates offer last pitch as America (finally) prepares to vote
    Hillary Clinton is speaking in Des Moines, Iowa 3.11am GMT “I am so thrilled to have my husband and my daughter here,” Clinton says. I am proud to have the support of so many Iowans. Also as Bill was saying, friends, former colleagues who have come here this weekend because they know what’s at... […]
  • Fired staffer accuses Trump and his campaign of sexism and wage discrimination
    A former staffer from Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for president alleges that the campaign pays women staffers less than men as a matter of course and that sexism is rampant among the former reality TV star’s campaign staff. According to the New York Times, former staffer Elizabeth Mae... […]
  • On eve of Iowa caucus, Bernie Sanders under fire for anti-Obama book blurb
    On the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, and with a tight race between Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the insurgent Sanders is under fire for endorsing a book critical of President Barack Obama. The forthcoming book, “Buyer’s Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives... […]
  • Trump toys with reversal on marriage equality: I’d appoint judges who would overturn it
    In an interview with Fox News Sunday this week, Republican 2016 frontrunner Donald Trump told host Chris Wallace that he would consider appointing judges to the U.S. Supreme Court who would overturn the court’s historic 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges case, which legalized same-sex marriage in all... […]
  • Even Ted Cruz’s family thinks he’s creepy — and here are four ways we know that
    Nobody likes Ted Cruz. Since the day he sashayed into the Senate, thinking he was the new President from Texas, Cruz has endeared himself to exactly no one except for a few House members he convinced to shut down the government. For freedom. A simple Google search of ‘Hate+Ted+Cruz’... […]
  • Black students at SUNY-Albany say white mob harassed and attacked them on bus
    Three black women who are students at the State University of New York at Albany reported that they were harassed and physically assaulted by a group of 10 to 12 white men and women on a bus on Saturday. According to the Associated Press, the Albany Police Department are investigating the incident... […]
  • Two Virginia Tech students charged in death of 13-year-old girl
    Two Virginia Tech engineering students were in jail on Sunday, one charged with abducting and killing a 13-year-old girl and the other accused of helping to dispose of the teenager’s body, police said. The arrests came after police, following an extensive four-day search, on Saturday found... […]
  • Clinton’s ‘girl power’ push wins over older women, not younger women
    If Hillary Clinton pulls off a victory in her close race for the Democratic presidential nomination with Bernie Sanders, she will have women like Joan Pinnell to thank. Pinnell, a 32-year-old Chicagoan and former volunteer for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, has been knocking on doors in Iowa... […]
  • Anti-gay group: Trump’s acceptance of same-sex marriage is like supporting slavery
    A group of Republicans supporting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president has attacked current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on the grounds the he does not oppose same-sex marriage vociferously enough. According to Pink News, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has endorsed Cruz for president... […]
  • Remaining Oregon occupiers claim FBI has shut down their phones and cut off their Internet access
    Four of the Oregon occupiers remain holed up in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and are now claiming that the FBI is cutting them off from the outside world by blocking their phone calls and shutting off Internet service. According to OPB,  David Fry — who has yet to surrender to federal... […]
  • Herman Cain: Obama visits mosques because he wants to ‘go kissy-kissy with the Muslim brotherhood’
    Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain suggested on Sunday that President Barack Obama was making his first visit to a U.S. mosque because he liked to “go kissy-kissy with the Muslim Brotherhood.” The White House announced last week that the president would make the first... […]
  • Fox’s Brian Kilmeade baffles co-hosts: ‘I like my meat tight, tighten up my meat’
    Fox News host Brian Kilmeade mystified his colleagues on Sunday by announcing that he like his “meat tight” and that people should “tighten up my meat.” Although Saturday Night Live took the weekend off, the weekday Fox & Friends anchors stepped up their game by hosting... […]
  • Miami woman pulls over cop for driving 90 on his way to work — and what happens next is awesome
    A Miami police officer was on the receiving end of “What’s the emergency?” when a woman following him convinced him to pull over after trailing him at speeds up to 90 miles per hour as he zig-zagged in out and out traffic. According to the Miami Herald, the series of three videos... […]
  • ‘The Searchers’: 60 years later
    The Searchers was released on March 13, 1956, and with it, America was introduced to Ethan Edwards, a former Confederate soldier who returns to his brother Aaron’s frontier cabin three years after the end of the Civil War. As the iconic film approaches its 60th anniversary, Newsweek explores... […]
  • No demotion for Petraeus
    U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has decided not to demote Gen. David Petraeus for leaking classified information to his biographer and mistress several years ago, the Hill reported Saturday. “As you know, the Army completed its review of his case and recommended no additional... […]
  • Zika virus spreads to Jamaica
    Amid concerns over the rapid spread of the Zika virus, Jamaica confirmed Saturday the virus had spread to its shores, and Colombia reported more than 2,000 pregnant women have been infected. The Jamaican Ministry of Health said in a statement a child with the confirmed case of the virus started... […]
  • Louis C.K. surprises fans with new series
    Comedian Louis C.K. surprised fans once again on Saturday when he debuted a new series exclusively on his website, co-starring Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Steven Wright and Alan Alda. The comic announced the show, “Horace and Pete,” with a brisk introduction on his site: “Go here... […]
  • 24 more Mexican drug cartel members arrested
    Two dozen high-ranking members of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel were captured over the weekend during secretive cross-border raids in Arizona that involved agents from U.S. Customs, FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman. The... […]
  • More than 10,000 refugee children have disappeared in Europe
    More than 10,000 refugee children have disappeared in the past two years after registering for asylum in Europe, European Union law enforcement agency Europol warned, as EU leaders looked to stem the flow of migration ahead of warmer weather. Cold winter temperatures and increasingly dangerous sea... […]
  • FBI Footage of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum Take Down: Where’s the Gun?
    Here is unedited footage released by the FBI on 1/28/2016. This is supposed to assure the public that the man they shot in Oregon on his way to a meeting to discuss a peaceful outcome to the Oregon standoff in Malheur did indeed have a gun and drew it on the officers. I beg to differ.
  • A Tale of Cattle, Sage Grouse, and Uranium in Oregon
    The lands that the government collects are called “public lands.” The BLM is charged with managing “public lands,” and routinely leases and sells mineral rights on the very same lands that it is supposed to manage and protect.
  • On the Issue of Liberty
    When others make your decisions for you, you can never have either security or liberty.
  • A Gaslighted Nation
    We are a gaslighted nation run by malignant narcissists. A nation that is being deceived into doing its master’s bidding through deceit and trickery by the malevolence of those who would be king and their flying monkeys.
  • DuPont Knowingly Poisons Water for Decades
    According to recent scientific research the cancer-causing chemical known as C-8 is now in the blood of 99.7 percent of Americans as well as in newborn human babies, breast milk, and umbilical cord blood. And that's really bad news - because C-8 has been connected with - among other things - rectal cancer - testicular cancer - swelling of the liver - an […]
  • Techies’ diapers in a twist over Trump’s Apple remark
    The free market was built for nations, not the world. Mega-corporations are the leading edge, the prow of that ship. It’s part of the hustle.
  • Monsanto, Biopiracy, and Indian Melons
    Let's just call this attempt at owning the world's natural seeds as well as its laboratory's spliced and diced concoctions exactly what it is - an act of biopiracy by the first and foremost purveyor of poison on a plate, Monsanto.
  • To My Farm Wars Family
    With donations through the mail, MoneyGram and the YouCare campaign, Farm Wars has raised 75% of the stated goal of $3,800. Thank you!
  • Farm Wars Needs Help!
    The critters and I are facing foreclosure on our home and need your help to catch the payments up.
  • New Gene Editing Technique Modifying Human Embryos
    We are currently heading down the freeway of genetic engineering at breakneck speed, with all caution thrown to the wind. The following paper by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho details a new gene editing technique in which geneticists can "disable or change the sequence of specific genes in the genome of practically all animals including humans" faster than ever be […]

The Edge – February 28 2012

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The Edge – February 27 2012

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