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  • Reality of No Economic Recovery Means Collapse-John Williams
    By Greg hunter’s Economist John Williams is sticking by his assessment that the economy is in deep trouble.  Williams says, “What we are seeing is a very big fiction by the financial media and the political media that the economy has recovered.  The economy has not recovered. . . . We are seeing all […]Related Posts:Economy in Severe Trouble- […]
  • You Can See This Collapse Coming A Mile Away-James Rickards
    Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) Best-selling author and financial expert James Rickards contends a big financial crash is locked in.  Rickards says, “Everyone is waiting for some blunder down the road, and the point I try to make is the blunders have already been made.  The blunders have already been built into the system.  […]Related […]
  • WNW 161: Ebola Update, War on ISIS and Obama Criticism
    By Greg Hunter’s  It’s all Ebola all the time.  The Obama Administration got this wrong from the beginning.  It told us there was very little chance of a case getting to the U.S.–wrong!  Then they told us there was little chance of it becoming an epidemic–again, wrong!  If that was the case, the head […]Related Posts:WNW 160-ME War, Economy S […]
  • Big Nuclear War Coming-Charles Nenner
    By Greg Hunter’s Legendary financial analyst Charles Nenner thinks the biggest threat is global war.  Nenner explains, “If you look at a war cycle of a hundred years, I predicted in the second decade of this century that we were going to have a big war.  If you go back a hundred years ago, […]Related Posts:Dollar Collapse Starts in Late 2014- […]
  • Dollar Going Supernova then Black-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Derivative and gold expert Rob Kirby says the U.S. looks a lot like the run up to the fall of Rome more than 1,500 years ago.  Kirby explains, “The parallels with what we are experiencing today are so clear and so much like what was happening in Rome as […]Related Posts:Colossal Fraud-There are No Free […]
  • WNW 160-ME War, Economy Sours, US Ebola Threat
    By Greg Hunter’s  We are headed for a much wider war in the Middle East, and headlines like this one are forecasting it.  Speaker of the House John Boehner lays out a case that “Airstrikes Not Enough” to defeat ISIS.  Boehner said, “At some point, somebody’s boots have to be on the ground.”  ISIS […]Related Posts:Latest News and Top StoriesWe […]
  • ISIS Only Understands Gunfire-Karl Denninger
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial analyst and writer Karl Denninger says forget about President Obama’s promise of “no boots on the ground” in the fight with the Islamic State.  There will be boots, and Denninger explains, “Air power has never won a war, and it never will.  You can bomb people until you think you […]Related Posts:Obama Care Will Cr […]
  • Spending into Oblivion-Gregory Mannarino
    By Greg Hunter’s Financial analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says forget about the recent positive economic news.  The economy is not in recovery and there is a simple way to prove it.  Mannarino says, “All you need to do is look at two metrics, just two, and you can see there is no economic recovery.  One […]Related Posts:Dastardly War Will P […]
  • Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.26.14
    By Greg Hunter’s The top story is the bombing campaign on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but at this stage, it is mostly Syria.  The U.S. promises a “Long Campaign,” with the bombing of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.  The Obama Administration has the support of other Arab nations, but the most […]Related Posts:Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.12.14Weekly […]
  • Iraq, Syria and Ukraine-Financial Gateways-Nomi Prins
    By Greg Hunter’s  Best-selling author Nomi Prins says the trouble with Ukraine, Iraq and Syria are happening because they are what she calls the “gateways.”  Prins explains, “What I call the gateways are the countries in the world where political and financial strategy connect in respect to the United States and its bankers. . […]Related Post […]
  • The World Is Now Set Up For The Mother Of All Collapses
    Today a 42-year market veteran told King World News that the world is now set up for the mother of all collapses. Below is what Egon von Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, had to say in this extraordinary interview. […]
  • 50-Year Veteran Predicted Stock Plunge Last Week: What Now?
    Today a 50-year market veteran, who last Thursday astonishingly predicted that a “cascade” of panic selling would engulf the stock market, warned King World News that this is still an extremely “nervous market.” He also gave the exact level that will trigger the next “cascade” of panic selling to the downside and discussed the historic action in the bond and […]
  • Fleckenstein - Expect The Stock Market Collapse To Accelerate
    Today Bill Fleckenstein spoke about why all hell is breaking loose in major markets. Below Fleckenstein, who is President of Fleckenstein Capital, lays out exactly why the insanity is continuing to take place and does so in a way that only he can. This interview is Fleckenstein at his best. […]
  • As Stocks Plunge, Key Indicator Moves To A 30-Year High!
    As stocks continue to plunge, today a key indicator just moved to a 30-year high!
  • Here Is Yet Another Frightening Prediction To End 2014
    Today King World News interviewed a 60-year market veteran who made some absolutely frightening predictions as we head into the end of 2014. He discussed what to expect in the major markets, including stocks and gold, and he warned that despite the propaganda and recent stock market action, the West is literally “destroying” itself. Below is six-decade marke […]
  • No. 666: September Industrial Production
    (SGS Subscription required) • Third-Quarter Production Growth Slowed Sharply • Falling Auto Production in September More than Offset by Defense Industry Output, Oil and Gas Production and Weather-Related Utility Surge […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Friday, October 17, 2014 Housing Starts September-2014 10/17/2014   Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Existing Home Sales […]
  • No. 665: September Retail Sales, PPI
    (SGS Subscription required) • September Retail Sales Declined, August and September Activity Revised Lower and Third-Quarter Broad Growth Slowed Sharply • Unstable Seasonal Factors Helped Push Headline PPI Lower […]
  • No. 664: Market and Economic Instabilities
    (SGS Subscription required) • Broad U.S. Economy Is Not Growing • Sharp Deterioration Likely Will Continue in Domestic and Global Financial-Market, Economic and Political Stability • Confluence of Crises: U.S. Economy, Stocks and Dollar […]
  • No. 663: September Labor and Monetary Conditions, August Trade Deficit & Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • No Recovery in Actual Business Activity • Pre-Election Nonsense in Labor Numbers • Congress Addresses Data Falsification in Unemployment Survey • September Unemployment Rates: 5.9% (U.3), 11.8% (U.6), 23.1% (ShadowStats) • Fed's Monetary Policy Propped Stocks • Annual Money Supply M3 Growth Fell to 4.3% in September • Trade […]
  • Commentaries News
    The Next Regular Commentary: is scheduled for Friday, October 17th, covering September housing starts.  For further detail on pending economic releases, see the  schedule. (LAST UPDATED October 16th)
  • No. 662: Second-Quarter 2014 GDP -- Third Estimate
    (SGS Subscription required) • GDP Has Fully Reestablished Itself as the Most Worthless of Economic Series • Fluff and Guesstimates Dominated the Upside GDP Revision • Monthly Economic Reporting Should Turn Increasingly Negative […]
  • No. 661: "False Dawn," Hyperinflation, Durable Goods Orders, Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • A "False Dawn" It Is • Hyperinflation Forecast Remains in Play • Stock Crashes versus October Residual-Squirrelling Instincts • Durable Goods Orders Crashed 18.0% (-18.0%), Reversing July's 22.2% Surge, Dominated Again by Irregular Commercial-Aircraft Orders • Down for the Month, August Existing-Home Sales Were in […]
  • No. 660: Economic Review, August Housing Starts, Payroll Benchmark Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • New Graphs Show Smoothed Housing Trends • Housing Starts Stagnant at Low Level of Activity, Never Recovered, Not Recovering • Payroll Employment Benchmark Revision Was Nil (Plus 7,000) • Longer-Term Economic Detail Shows Ongoing Collapse, Shorter-Term, Pre-Election Fluff Has Been Mixed • Why Is the Dollar Stronger and Gold Weake […]
  • No. 659: August CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings
    (SGS Subscription required) • With Some Double-Counting, Sharp Declines in Headline Inflation Boosted Monthly Real Retail Sales and Earnings • An Issue with Consistent Measurement of Gasoline Prices? • August Annual Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.6% (CPI-W), 9.4% (ShadowStats) • Outlook Weakened for 2015 Social Security COLA […]



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These are the faces of the men and women who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • ‘Recognising a Palestinian State Would Inhibit The Peace Process? What Peace Process?’
    Last Monday the House of Commons voted emphatically to "recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution.” So decisively, that the motion was carried by 274 to 12.
  • 2008 Redux?
    Headlines aren't reassuring. They're unnerving. Today's Wall Street Journal headlined "Stocks Swoon in Frenzied Trading."
  • VT Medicine: Concerns Regarding Ebola
    Diagnosing Ebola in a person who has been infected for only a few days is difficult, because the early symptoms, such as fever, are nonspecific to Ebola infection and are seen often in patients with more commonly occurring diseases, such as malaria and typhoid fever.
  • Turkey playing double game over ISIL: Analyst
    - “The US has its own double game going on here by allowing the ISIL people to keep bringing up reinforcements over completely exposed roads."
  • Is Ebola Airborne?
    Ebola is not airborne today but that could change over time, as mutations occur. Healthcare workers need optimum protection against Ebola. Our government needs to move faster to protect workers while surging medical personnel to Africa to stop the disease. […]
  • Social imbalance in Europe is increasing
    - Jim W. Dean..."These social statistical reports tell us what we already know about who is poor. The real work begins as to why, and what can be done to fix it."
  • Failure to hold their feet to the fire
    The elections will soon be upon us. Are you happy with the direction of the country and willing to sell the future of our children and grandchildren down the river with an unsustainable national debt, or will you join with responsible Americans and throw the bums out?
  • VetLikeMe October 16, 2014
      A good plan is needed for the VA October 16, 2014 by Hardy Stone Filed Under: News, VetLikeMe Weekly from DelawareOnline   7:23 p.m. EDT October 13, 2014 Give the new Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald a chance. He has been tasked with a major overhaul of the sprawling, inefficient and often ineffective federal […]
  • ISIL terrorists used US-made CWs in Syria: Analyst
    - An analyst says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group has used US-made chemical weapons in a series of chemical attacks across Syria.
  • Female Vets Say They’ll Put Country First, Even On Capitol Hill
    As the war against the so-called Islamic State continues in the Middle East, political ads have for weeks been raising the specter of terrorism. And several congressional candidates with military experience say they're the ones who can best keep America safe.
  • Iran and the Proxy War in Kurdistan
    In the midst of the war against ISIS (Islamic State) now taking place in both Iraq and Syria, a possible shifting of alliances that could fundamentally alter the balance of power in the region is taking place, and no one seems to have noticed. Specifically, the burgeoning relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and […]
  • Hong Kong: Does the US really want “Democracy in China?”
    The western media is loudly cheering for the Hong Kong protesters. The echoing call of commentators in the US and Europe is about the need for “Democracy in China.” The real goals of these protesters, who face increasing hostility from the Chinese population, are being widely questioned. Interestingly, despite the current words of US leaders, […]
  • The US has Unleashed a Conflict with ISIS which it Can’t Win
    News media worldwide reported on 13 October that Turkey will give the United States and its allies access to its air bases, including Incirlik in the south (150 km from the Iraqi border), to carry out air operations against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources, reported that […]
  • American Exceptionalism and Plain Stupidity
    On October 2nd US Vice-President Joe Biden finally said what most of those working in the region already know. “America’s key allies in the Middle East are very much responsible for the rise of the Islamic State (IS), funding and equipping extremists – “let’s call them terrorists” – with money and weapons in their eagerness […]
  • Obama, Malala and the Militants America Put into Power
    It would seem only natural that the presumed arbiters of the world would see their greetings and congratulations as the natural pinnacle of success for any they deem a global hero. And such is the case of now Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai who has been given an audience with US President Barack Obama (also […]
  • Impotence and Contradictions of the Anti-Terrorist Coalition
    The roar of fighter jets taking off and the howl of bombs falling on Iraq and Syria cannot hide the fact that, despite the truly universal propaganda, the United States and the coalition it leads, now composed of nearly 50 countries, were able to achieve little, if anything, in military and political terms in their […]
  • Yemen: Power has Shifted, What’s Next?
    At the end of September 2014 Yemen actually underwent a coup when fighters of the Shiite rebel group “Ansar Allah”, under the leadership of A. Houthi, got tired of the protracted negotiations with President Hadi and the government of the “Islah” movement and took control of the country’s capital Sana’a. Through not overly bloody battles, […]
  • The West is ISIL to E. Ukraine and Syria
    The hypocrisy by the media over Obama’s ISIL anti-terrorism campaign has been another Twilight Zone episode into the surreal. The West plays the role of terrorist and anti-terrorist and thinks we don’t know or can even count, but we can. The 200,000 regime-change dead in Syria would equate to 2 million in the US, with […]
  • Why Regime Change Won’t Stop ISIS in Syria…
    Because it didn’t stop ISIS terrorists in Iraq or Libya. Try Washington instead. US corporate-financier funded policy think tanks have been taking turns in recent weeks floating the narrative that the next logical step to stopping so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) terrorists in Syria is removing the Syrian government from power – this despite the fact that [… […]
  • Who is Responsible for the Chaos in the Middle East?
    In the face of the bloody events unfolding in Syria and Iraq, the role of the West and its allies, the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf, on the transformation of the region into chaos and long-term uncertainty is becoming clearer. Aside from the obvious facts, this is shown by the outspoken and intemperate language […]
  • White House in crisis mode on Ebola
    The White House has shifted into “crisis mode” over Ebola amid growing fears of wider transmission after two health-care workers were diagnosed with the deadly disease.
  • German pilots slam retirement plan
    Pilots at Lufthansa’s low-cost subsidiary, Germanwings, have staged a strike over a long-running dispute with the German flag carrier’s plans to scrap an early retirement plan.
  • Kobani needs military aid: Official
    A Kurdish official has called on the international community to supply weapons to the Kurdish fighters combating the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Syria’s strategic town of Kobani.
  • 'Modi’s party to win India state polls'
    Several exit polls indicate India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to win elections in two state legislatures currently ruled by the country’s Congress Party.
  • Sun staffers involved in corruption
    Six executives and journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper have corrupted public officials on a massive scale to boost profits and further their interests, a British court has heard.
  • 25 Morsi supporters get life terms
    A court in Egypt has sentenced 25 supporters of ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, to life in prison over alleged involvement in violence following a coup that removed the country's leader from power.
  • US deporting migrants to serious harm
    US agents are failing to conduct proper screening of migrants at the border, allowing many Central Americans to be deported to face serious harm in their home countries, Human Rights Watch said in a report.
  • EU has one last chance to reform: UK
    British Prime Minister David Cameron says the European Union has one last chance to reform.
  • No intel deal with US over ISIL: Russia
    Russia denies the US claim that Moscow has agreed to increase intelligence sharing with Washington over the ISIL Takfiri terrorists rampaging in Iraq and Syria.
  • 'Ebola cases doubling every four weeks’
    The World Health Organization (WHO) says the number of Ebola infections in West Africa is doubling every four weeks despite efforts to stop the spread of the deadly virus.
  • 3 Things Worth Thinking About
    Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, Deflation The recent market contraction should not be as much of a surprise as it has been.  First, the markets were long overdue for a correction after an extremely long and unbroken run. Secondly, as I have addressed several times previously, the collapse in global inflationary pressures, along with econ […]
  • Jim Rogers Warns: Albert Edwards Is Right "Sell Everything & Run For Your Lives"
    From Bitcoin to the Swiss gold referendum, and from Chinese trade and North Korean leadership, Jim Rogers covers a lot of ground in this excellent interview with Boom-Bust's Erin Ade. Rogers reflects on the end of the US bull market. citing a number of factors from breadth to the end of QE, adding that he agrees with Albert Edwards' perspective tha […]
  • Apart From Ebola (And Inflation), These Are The Greatest Dangers To The World
    With 80% of Americans concerned about Ebola, and Europe's most worrisome 'factor' is rising prices (yes, rising, despite central banks' deflation ogre fears), we thought it might be useful to remember just what other concerns the world has. From 'inequality' to 'religious hatred' and from 'nuclear weapons' to […]
  • What A Correction Feels Like
    Authored by Jared Dillian, Back in the summer of 2007, when I was working for Lehman Brothers, I had a vacation to the Bahamas planned. This was unusual for me. Up until that point, in six years of working for Lehman, I had taken about five vacation days—total. But my wife and I were going to a semi-primitive resort on Cat Island, the most desolate island in […]
  • Mapping The Battle Of The Bulge: Russia's War Against McDonalds
    Since Russia first began rattling its retaliatory anti-Western-fast-food sabre at McDonalds in April, things have escalated. It started in Crimea, spread to Moscow, and now as Yopolis notes, has spread across much of Russia as more and more McDonalds stores are shuttered by Russia's Food Safety Commission (Rospotrebnadzorom)...   The Map of Hostilities […]
  • How is Crowdfunding Changing Finance
    By: Mark Wallace at On Tuesday we posted podcast session #1 with Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss from Crowdfund Capital Advisors, two of the Crowdfunding movement's most influential thought leaders. Today we bring you parts 2 and 3. As we mentioned previously, Jason was kind enough to join us in Aspen this past August to spea […]
  • Now Comes The "Specter Of Deflation": The Money Printers' Latest Scam
    Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, The Fed’s public relations firm of Hilsenrath & Blackstone was out this morning with the official line on the market’s tremors of recent days. It seems that $10 trillion in freshly minted digital money at the world’s major central banks over the last eight years—-that is, a tripling of their balance she […]
  • The Must-Have Halloween Costume This Year
    Too Soon?   […]
  • Washington D.C. Is Now The Most Expensive Place To Live In The US
    Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, There is no greater signpost of the decay in America’s cultural, economic and spiritual life than Washington D.C.’s ascendancy into the most expensive spot to live in within these United States. Yes, according to a recent government study, the nation’s capital is even more expensive than New York City, gr […]
  • The Idiotic Explanation Why The "Idiot With The Clipboard" Was Unprotected
    Phoenix Air has released a statement explaining why the now infamous non-HazMat-wearing 'clipboard man' seen in close proximity to Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson (while the rest of the members of staff are fully protected) was unprotected... and it will blow your mind. Why is "Clipboard Man" not wearing protective gear?   Phoenix Air r […]

In Virginia, the Second Amendment means freedom to buy unlimited number of guns

Virginia is for lovers — of guns. Last month the state overturned a 20-year-old law that barred residents from buying more than one handgun a month. In Virginia, firearms are like potato chips — you can’t stop at just one. Governor Bob McDonnell in February repealed Virginia’s prohibition of purchasing more than one handgun per month. Virginians are now free to buy as many guns as they want. The law was intended to curb gun trafficking, but many Virginians felt it curbed freedom instead. Thirty years after a powerful gun control movement swept the country Americans are embracing guns with a zeal unseen since the days of muskets and militias. For many in the United States, freedom is symbolized by the barrel of a gun. It’s Democracy, locked and loaded.

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