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  • Aftershocks occurred over 85 times by 11am of 23rd Nov after M7.4
    Following up this article.. [Breaking] M7.3 Fukushima offshore / 3m of Tsunami is coming / Fukushima plant status unknown [URL]   According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), they observed over 85 The post Aftershocks occurred over 85 times by 11am of 23rd Nov after M7.4 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Marine radiation monitoring post down after M7.4
    Following up this article.. [Breaking] M7.3 Fukushima offshore / 3m of Tsunami is coming / Fukushima plant status unknown [URL]   In the evening of 11/22/2016, Tepco announced the radiation monitoring The post Marine radiation monitoring post down after M7.4 appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Coolant system of DAINI SFP3 rebooted
    According to NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority), Tepco rebooted the coolant system of SFP 3 of Fukushima DAINI at 7:47AM (JST). Tepco explains that the tank water level related to SFP The post Coolant system of DAINI SFP3 rebooted appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Coolant system of SFP3 in Fukushima DAINI got automatically suspended / 2544 fuel assemblies stocked
    According to Tepco, Fukushima DAINI‘s spent fuel pool of Reactor 3 had its coolant system suspended automatically. It stocks 2,360 spent fuel assemblies and 184 new fuel assemblies. No more The post Coolant system of SFP3 in Fukushima DAINI got automatically suspended / 2544 fuel assemblies stocked appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • [Breaking] Iwaki city coastal area overly jammed / Run by foot now
    Following up this article.. [Breaking] M7.3 Fukushima offshore / 3m of Tsunami is coming / Fukushima plant status unknown [URL] A local posted on twitter that the coastal area of Iwaki The post [Breaking] Iwaki city coastal area overly jammed / Run by foot now appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • [Breaking] M7.3 Fukushima offshore / 3m of Tsunami is coming / Fukushima plant status unknown
    According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), M7.3 occurred Fukushima offshore at 5:59 AM (JST). The depth of epicenter was 10km. They are warning 3m high Tsunami is reaching the coastal The post [Breaking] M7.3 Fukushima offshore / 3m of Tsunami is coming / Fukushima plant status unknown appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Another leukemia case was approved as an industrial accident
    On 8/19/2016, MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) announced a Fukushima worker’s leukemia was approved as an industrial accident. The worker is male in 50s. He repaired the machine The post Another leukemia case was approved as an industrial accident appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Fukushima government objects against building sarcophagus on Fukushima plant
    On 7/15/2016, Fukushima prefectural government objected against the plan to build a stone coffin on Fukushima plant to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).   2 days before, Nuclear Damage The post Fukushima government objects against building sarcophagus on Fukushima plant appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Tepco decided to ask JP Gov for covering the decommissioning cost
    On 7/28/2016, Tepco announced they decided to ask the government of Japan for financial support regarding decommissioning. They also consider asking the government for supporting the cost of compensation and The post Tepco decided to ask JP Gov for covering the decommissioning cost appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • 960 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 detected from wild boar in Fukushima
    According to MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), 960 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 was measured from the meat of wild boar in Fukushima. The sampling date was 6/11/2016. This reading The post 960 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 detected from wild boar in Fukushima appeared first on Fukushima Diary.
  • Reset Rule of Law – Dr. Dave Janda
    By Greg Hunter’s   Dr. Dave Janda is a radio host and a patriot who is a Washington outsider with insider contacts. Janda says a new Inspector General’s report will be the beginning of the reset of the rule of law.  Janda explains, “Comey, Lynch and Clinton are now in the crosshairs, and I […]
  • Trump Has Declared War on the Deep State – Kevin Shipp
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Former “high-level” CIA officer Kevin Shipp says President Trump has “declared war” on the so-called Deep State and the shadow government. Shipp explains, “I differentiate between the ‘Deep State’ and the shadow government.  The shadow government are the secret intelligence agencies that have such power and secrecy that they […]
  • China Debt Threat, Iran No Deal, Economic Update
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 317 1.12.18)  China threatened to stop buying U.S. Treasury debt. The main stream media is ignoring this story, but former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts once said, “If China started to sell U.S. debt, it would be the end of America.”  It’s a very big deal, and China […]
  • Inflation is Theme for 2018 – Gregory Mannarino
    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)  Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino is not bullish on the US dollar, and that should worry the man on the street. Mannarino explains, “Inflation is going to be the theme of 2018.  How do we know this is going to be the case?  Let’s look at what happened to the […]
  • Trump Trafficking EO, Voter Fraud, CNN Pot New Year
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 316 1.5.18)  The Trump Executive Order (EO) on “human rights or corruption” may get some use in 2018. Anonymous sources and Washington insiders think this EO will be used to mount a counter attack against the so-called Washington Swamp and the Deep State who are trying to kick President Trump […]
  • 2018 Economy Goes Cold – Inflation Hot – Danielle DiMartino Booth
    By Greg Hunter’s  Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is not optimistic about a surging economy in 2018. Booth contends, “We have seen 24 consecutive back-to-back months when credit card spending has outpaced incomes.  That tells you households are struggling to get by.  This is not Eve Saint Laurent handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes.  […]
  • New Year Message & Last Weekly News Wrap-Up 2017
    By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 315 12.29.17)  Greg Hunter of gives his take on the past weeks stories and the year that was 2017 in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. (To Donate to Click Here) After the Wrap-Up: Former Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino Booth will be the very first guest of 2018.  Her […]
  • 2018 Predictions & Beyond – Almost All Positive – Clif High
    By Greg Hunter’s  Internet data mining expert Clif High says he’s “heartened by the positive nature of the information” he’s received in his latest report. Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information to predict future trends and events.  One of many big predictions Clif High […]
  • Christmas Message 2017 – Greg Hunter
    By Greg Hunter’s Greg Hunter of gives his Christmas message.  He also talks about the good news in some top stories such as the Trump tax plan that just passed both houses of Congress.  The best news is Jesus Christ was born to save the world, and we celebrate his birth. (To Donate to […]
  • Gold Only Safe Asset Left – David Stockman
    By Greg Hunter’s  Record high stock and bond prices are flashing danger signs to former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockman. Stockman contends, “I don’t think we are going to have a liquidity crisis.  I think it’s going to be a value reset.  I think there is going to be a jarring downward […]
  • No. 931: December Retail Sales, Consumer and Producer Price Indices, Financial Markets
    (SGS Subscription required) • Headline Fourth-Quarter 2017 Real Average Weekly Earnings Contracted; Annual Real Earnings Growth Fell to a Five-Year Low • December Real Retail Sales Softened, but Headline Activity Surged for the Holiday Season, Despite Contracting Real Earnings and Slowing Real Growth in Consumer Credit • Nominal Fourth-Quarter Sales Jump Reflected Higher Inflation and […]
  • No. 930-B: December Labor, Private Surveying and M3, November Trade Deficit and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Weaker-Than-Consensus 148,000 Payroll Gain Was Boosted by Downside Revisions, Low-Level Annual Payroll Growth Continued to Signal a New Recession • Annual Household Survey Revisions Were Negligible for Headline U.3, but Not as Placid for Broader Unemployment and Other Measures • December 2017 Unemployment Rates Were Mixed Month-to-Month: U.3 Eased to 4.07% […]
  • No. 930-A: December Labor, Private Surveying and M3, November Trade Deficit and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Annual Household Survey Revisions Were Negligible for Headline U.3, but Not as Placid for Broader Unemployment and Other Measures • December 2017 Unemployment Rates Were Mixed Month-to-Month: U.3 Eased to 4.07% from 4.12%, U.6 Rose to 8.08% from 7.99%, and the ShadowStats-Alternate Held at 21.7% • Low-Level Annual Payroll Growth Continued […]
  • Commentaries News
    PLEASE NOTE :  The next Regular Commentary on Thursday, January 18, 2018, will cover December 2017 Industrial Production and New Residential Construction (Housing Starts and Building Permits).  
  • No. 929: A Challenging and Potentially Dangerous Year Ahead
    (SGS Subscription required) • 2018: An Unusually Challenging and Unsettled Time, with Likely Tumultuous Markets, a Non-Recovering Economy, Political Turmoil and Election Surprises • Faltering Consumer Outlook and Tightening Liquidity Conditions Are Inconsistent with Shrinking Unemployment and Surging Holiday-Season Sales • Beyond Data Disruptions, Booming Headline Economic Activity Has Been Fueled by One-Time Insurance Payments […]
  • No. 928: November Durable Goods Orders, Home Sales and Revised GDP
    (SGS Subscription required) • New-Home Sales Reporting-Illusion Reflected Absurd Volatility: Multi-Decade-High Surge of 17.5% in November 2017 Sales Was a Gimmick; Considering Massive Downside Revisions, Recast Sales Boom Contracted by 1.9% (-1.9%); Headline Detail Still Shy by 47.2% (-47.2%) of Recovering Pre-Recession Peak • Boosted Heavily by Unstable Seasonal Adjustments, November Existing-Home Sales Jumped 5.6% […]
  • No. 927: November Housing Starts, Freight Index, Outlook for the Markets, Dollar and Gold
    (SGS Subscription required) • Stocks Continue to Boom, with Extreme Downside Vulnerability to Near-Term Negative Economic Surprises and Otherwise • Pending Run on the U.S. Dollar Should Mirror a Flight into Gold and Silver • Economic Reporting Does Not Reflect Costs of Destruction from Natural Disasters, but It Does Reflect Gains from Temporary Relief and […]
  • No. 926: November Industrial Production and Retail Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • Despite Mixed Headline Economic Numbers, Uncertainty Is Holding Back Real-World Business Activity • Booming Retail Sales Reflected Complications with Non-Seasonal, Residual Hurricane Distortions Combined with Concurrent Seasonal Adjustments • November 2017 Retail Sales Jumped by 0.79%, up by 0.40% Net of Inflation, On Top of Sharp Upside Revisions to September and […]
  • No. 925: November CPI and PPI Inflation, FOMC
    (SGS Subscription required) • Unable to Escape 2008, FOMC Boosted Rates a Quarter-Point, Nonetheless, Amidst Fed Projections of Lower Unemployment and a Stronger GDP • Yet, Fundamentals Still Point to a Weaker Economy as Fed Chair Janet Yellen Described the Economic Outlook as "Highly Uncertain" • Prospects for U.S. Economic and Financial-Market Activity Continued to […]
  • No. 924: November Labor, Private Surveying and M3, October Trade Deficit and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Private Surveying of November Labor Conditions Showed Continuing Annual Contraction and Ongoing Non-Expansion • Still-Heavily-Distorted, November Unemployment Rates Notched Minimally Higher: U.3 Rose to 4.12% versus 4.07%, U.6 Rose to 7.96% from 7.91%, and the ShadowStats-Alternate Rose to 21.7% from 21.6% • Hurricane-Warped Unemployment and Employment Household-Survey Details Face Near-Term Corrections […]



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  • What Washington is Trying to Achieve in Syria?
    While refusing to recognize the decisive role that the coalition of Russia, Turkey and Iran played in saving Syria from the terrorist onslaught that was brought upon it, Washington carries on its destructive policies in this country. It would seem that there’s little left to reveal regarding Washington’s close ties with the so-called Islamic State […]
  • On Japanese-South Korea Relations
    From the world media reports dedicated to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the wrong impression might be given, that the source of the “world evil”, which is presented as the DPRK, is opposed by the military-political alliance composed of the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. In recent times, in point of […]
  • Trump’s Racism in Context
    Representative Maxine Waters, who last year referred to Crimea as ‘Korea’, continues to appear on news programs, topping her accusation that Donald Trump is a racist by pointing out his good relations with Vladimir Putin. More importantly, it has taken five months from the time Nazis held a torchlight parade in Charlottesville, Virginia in protests […]
  • Talks Between the Two Koreas: Olympic Background and Political Prospects
    The author’s last article, on a rapprochement between the two Koreas, was completed just before the high level talks which took place on 9 January 2018 at the Panmunjon border point in the de-militarized zone. The last meeting at similar level took place in August 2015, when the parties discussed ways to limit the deterioration […]
  • Hold Your Applause for Trump Selling Snake Oil
    When Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the U.S. presidency in 2016, about a billion-people pegged their hopes on the billionaire developer’s promises. Now, a little more than a year into his presidency, and those vested hopes have evaporated. The only “genuine” good news where Trump is concerned, comes with the […]
  • The US-China Trade War is More Likely Now Than Ever
    Ever since coming into power, the US president Donald Trump has been doing his best to live up to his promises and election pledges. This has already led to the US’ exit from the Paris agreement, the scrapping of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, and review of the US-Iran nuke-deal. One of the most […]
  • Kim Jong-Un has Beaten Trump Hands Down
    The string of crises that erupted on the Korean peninsula over the last year, along with the ongoing confrontation between Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and America’s Donald Trump remains of the most significant international trends in the world of geopolitics. There’s a number of reason why this trend has been occupying the minds of politicians, […]
  • Russian and Japan are Building Up the Economic Co-operation
    As is well known, both the geographical position of Japan and its need for the import of hydrocarbon fuels have facilitated the development of relations of that country with Russia. Only the long-standing Kuril Islands dispute stopped Japan from becoming one of the main Russian economic partners even several decades ago. Not having their own […]
  • Sanctions, Subversion, and Color Revolutions: US Meddling in Cambodian Elections
    After a nearly year-long marathon of daily, acrimonious accusations against Moscow for alleged, yet-to-be proven interference in the 2016 US presidential elections, Washington finds itself increasingly mired in its own hypocrisy – openly and eagerly pursing the very sort of interference abroad in multiple nations regarding elections and internal political affairs it has accused Russia […]
  • What do Donald Trump’s Attacks on Pakistan Mean?
    Posted on January 1, 2018, the President of the USA Donald Trump’s tweet about the mistake of providing Pakistan with American financial aid (more than 33 billion dollars over the last 15 years), which was rewarded with “nothing but lies & deceit,” was a significant news event in the world politics of the recently arrived […]
  • What Happens If The Government Shuts Down Tomorrow? Goldman Explains
    With just over 24 hours left until the US Federal Government may be shut down on Friday night should Republicans and Democrats fail to reach a "stop-gap" spending bill, something which is increasingly likely after Mitch McConnell said  he is "planning for a government shutdown", clearly a political gambit yet one which may backfire and […]
  • Jeff Flake Says Senate Preparing 5-Day Spending Stopgap To Avert Weekend Shutdown
    Update 2: Moments after House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi reiterated that Democrats intend to unanimously oppose the Republican stopgap bill, Sen. Jeff Flake revealed that a group of senators are considering a five-day stopgap bill that would buy Republicans another week to avert a shutdown, according to Reuters. Thanks to the absence of John McCain […]
  • How The Media Made ISIS Into Something Bigger Than What It Was
    Submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media Terrorism and counter-terrorism experts and analysts, even the genuine ones (plus the hundreds of others who mushroomed during the last years of the war in Syria), rushed to explain “Islamic State’s” (ISIS) power and ability to expand. This biased its […]
  • Trader Fears Dollar's Drop "Represents A Crisis Of Confidence About The Country"
    The dollar index broke down to its weakest level since Dec 2014 yesterday. Despite Fed rate hikes and hawkish forward guidance, every bounce is sold as former fund manager Richard Breslow warns, for get all that, "This looks like the far more worrisome and potentially long-lasting effects of global reserves being consciously built up and […]
  • If Interest Rates Spike, Here's Who Will Be Hurt The Most
    Interest rates are finally rising, and as we observed this morning, the 10Y - now above 2.60% and the highest since last March... ... is now on the cusp of breaking above the 2.63% level which Jeff Gundlach said last week  is where stocks will be negatively impacted. And while the financial sector is poised […]
  • Sweden Is Preparing For A "Civil War": PM Wants To Deploy Army In No-Go Zones
    For the first time since World War II, Sweden is preparing to distribute a civil defense brochure to some 4.7 million households, warning them about the onset of war. The booklet will serve as a manual of "total defense" in case of a war, and provide details on how to secure basic needs such as water, […]
  • Recovery? Vintage Car Prices Crash More Than 2008/9
    Authored by Wolf Richter via, But this time, there’s no Financial Crisis, and no QE in sight...   The asset class of beautiful machines is suffering. These assets range from a rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta, which sold for $38.1 million with impeccable timing in August 2014 before the peak, to American muscle […]
  • Perverse Incentives And The Rise Of Crypto
    Authored by Tom Luongo, Governments created cryptocurrencies... Policy decisions from the most mundane regulations like pet licensure to the big ones like the bank bailouts after the fall of Lehman Bros. pushed the alliance of hard-money advocates and cryptography experts together to form Bitcoin. From its earliest days, Bitcoin advocates understood why they were spending […]
  • WTI/RBOB Jump After Biggest Cushing Stock Draw On Record
    WTI/RBOB prices have fallen after a brief pop on last night's API data but kneejerked higher after DOE reported a bigger than expected crude draw (9th straight week). Cushing saw its biggest draw ever and Distillates surprised with a draw as US crude production bounced back. Ahead of the DOE dats, Bloomberg noted the market's […]
  • German Far-Right "Reich Citizens" Organize Militia As Membership Skyrockets Ahead Of "Day X"
    A far-right movement of Germans who have labeled themselves "Reich Citizens" (Reichsbürger) has grown to nearly 16,000 members, an increase of more than 50% over the last year - with a core group of armed militia members eyeing their own army to prepare for what they call "Day X," reports Focus. "Reichsbürger is used as a label […]

What Does it Mean

Obama responds to truck attack in Nice, France

Two Americans among the dead in Nice attack

6 of 7 Remaining Obamacare Co-Ops on the Brink

In Attempt to Dodge Suit, White House Argues Funding War Makes War Legal

Trump postpones VP announcement, citing ‘horrible attack’ in Nice, France

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s VP pick

FBI, Homeland Security chiefs preparing for violence at political conventions

Obama orders troops to South Sudan as civil war continues

Paper in a Top Medical Journal Has Unexpected Author: Barack Obama

As Chinese Refiners Flood The World, Gasoline Tankers Pile Up In New York City Harbor

FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A “Very, Very Unusual” NDA In Hillary Email Case


Kerry sits down for Syria talks with Putin in Moscow

Foreign Ministry: Russia Denies Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Security service to punish academy graduates after scandalous luxury car parade in Moscow

UN criticizes Kiev for investigation of deaths on Maidan and in Odessa

Putin fires up to 50 Baltic fleet commanders, along with Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk, and his chief of staff, Rear Admiral Sergei Popov

Putin Promises Russian State Backing for Hyperloop

Gorbachev: ‘The Next War Will Be the Last’

Why Russia-Turkey Normalization is More Than Meets the Eye

Moldova Asks NATO to Kick Russian Peacekeepers Out of Transnistria

Czech president calls for dialog with Russia at Warsaw summit

NATO calls on its members to get rid of dependencies on Russian weapons


After South China Sea Ruling, Beijing Unveils New Guided-Missile Destroyer

Typhoon Nepartak leaves 21 dead, 13 missing in China’s Fujian province

Beijing’s claims to South China Sea rejected by international tribunal

China declares South China Sea ruling null and void with no binding force

Xi gives economy clean bill of health

N Korea threatens ‘physical response’ to US-South Korea anti-missile system

Protests Against THAAD Deployment Underway in South Korea

South Korea Issues Nationwide Encephalitis Warning

South Korea: North Korea fires missile from submarine but it appears to have failed

US sanctions are ‘declaration of war,’ N. Korea says, promising backlash

Explosion on Taiwan train injures 24 people

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