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  • WNW 170- Budget Battle, CIA Torture Distraction, Madoff Convictions
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Friday 12/12/14) The $1 trillion budget that just passed the House of Representatives has something in it for everybody–to hate.  Conservative Republicans hate that Obama Care and illegal immigration are funded and liberal Democrats hate the rollback of rules for Wall Street and political donations are dramatically increase […]
  • Big Banks Will Take Depositors Money In Next Crash -Ellen Brown
    By Greg Hunter’s  The G-20 met recently in Australia to make new banking rules for the next financial calamity.  Financial reform advocate Ellen Brown says these new rules will allow banks to take money from depositors and pensioners globally.  Brown explains, “It became rules we agreed to actually implement.  There was no treaty, and […]Rela […]
  • Global Deflationary Implosion Will Start Money Printing-Egon von Greyerz
    By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release) Gold expert and money manager Egon von Greyerz says Japan is leading the parade to the bottom of the currency heap. Greyerz says, “Japan is printing unlimited amounts, and we can see that yen is leading the race to the bottom of the currencies.  Gold in yen is […]Related Posts:Disorderly Reset Coming-D […]
  • WNW 169-Race Distraction, USA #2, US/Russia Coming War?
    By Greg Hunter’s (12/5/14)  It seems the mainstream media (MSM) is determined to bombard us with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Michael Brown was not gunned down with his hands up.  Forensic evidence and eye witness testimony from a half dozen African Americans has disproven this, and it is indeed not a fact.  […]Related Posts:WNW 168-Fergu […]
  • 3.9% GDP Nonsense-Dollar Turns Sharply Soon-John Williams
    By Greg Hunter’s Economist John Williams is not buying the recent 3.9% GDP upward revision. Williams explains, “No one I know thinks we are growing at 3.9% other than they are trying to sell a bill of goods to the markets, specifically the currency markets. 3.9% is nonsense. You had 4.6% growth in the […]Related Posts:Dollar on the Brink of D […]
  • Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia-Rob Kirby
    By Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release) A few months ago, financial analyst Rob Kirby said the gold price was ready to go up. In the international market, where it is sold by the ton–it has. Kirby explains, “For large amounts of bullion in the Asian market, the pricing mechanism has completely and utterly divorced […]Related Posts:Colossal […]
  • WNW 168-Ferguson Analysis, Iran Nuke Deal Stalled, Gold Repatriation
    By Greg Hunter’s    (Friday 11.28.14)  I told you last week there would be no charges for the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, and no charges were brought. Of course, there was rioting and violence, and that seems to be what was wanted.   The Governor of Missouri did not deploy the National […]Related Posts:WNW 169-Race Distr […]
  • Gold is Kryptonite to the Dollar-Bill Holter
    By Greg Hunter’s  Financial writer Bill Holter says the players in the gold markets are fearful. Why?  Holter says, “The GOFO rates, or gold forward rates, in London are negative.  They should never be negative, and they are more negative now than any time since 2001.  That shows extreme tightness in the metals market. […]Related Posts:Financ […]
  • Central Banks Absolutely Desperate-Dollar Terminal-Gregory Mannarino
    By Greg Hunter’s Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino contends all the market rigging that has been reported in markets such as Forex, LIBOR, stocks and commodities is a way to prop up a system doomed to implode.  Mannarino says, “It’s clear to me what the central banks are doing means they are absolutely desperate right […]Related Posts:Dasta […]
  • WNW 167: Obama Immigration Amnesty, Jerusalem Violence, Ferguson Mo Decision
    By Greg Hunter’s (11/21/14) President Obama, who many are now calling emperor, has made millions of illegal aliens legal with the stroke of his pen. Some in Congress say the time is up and something had to be done, but that is not how our government works. Obama says he is within his power, […]Related Posts:WNW 170- Budget Battle, CIA Torture […]
  • Maguire - This Is What Has The Gold Shorts So Terrified
    Today London metals trader Andrew Maguire spoke with King World News about what has the gold shorts so terrified at this point. Maguire also discussed where the sovereign buyers have large bids in place in the gold market as well as what will trigger them to raise the price of those bids. Below is what Maguire had to say in Part II of a powerful series of in […]
  • China Causing Massive Worry For Gold Shorts But Watch Silver
    Today an acclaimed money manager told King World News that China is causing massive worry for the gold shorts, but also said investors need to keep an eye on silver because it’s headed to triple-digits. Stephen Leeb also discussed the fact that gold is heading back into the world monetary system. […]
  • Maguire - Banks Panicking As London Gold Hub Implodes
    Today London metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News that bullion banks are now panicking because the London gold hub is finally imploding. Maguire also warned the bullion banks are not the only one who are panicking. Below is what Maguire had to say in Part I of a powerful series of interviews that will be released. […]
  • Will This Disaster Be The Catalyst For $10,000 Gold?
    With continued unprecedented trading action across the globe, today King World News spoke with the man who recently had a fireside chat with billionaire Frank Giustra. On the heels of his recent meeting with Giustra, he discussed a nightmare scenario that he expects will be the catalyst for global panic and $10,000 gold. […]
  • Remarkable Chart Shows Major Turn In Gold, Silver & Shares
    On the heels of a rally in the U.S. dollar, gold and silver consolidating recent gains, and crude oil breaking below $60, today KWN is pleased to share one of the most powerful charts showing the relationship between general stocks and the gold and silver sector. This remarkable chart appears to finally be turning in favor of the metals. […]
  • No. 680: November Retail Sales, Financial-Market Distortions
    (SGS Subscription required) • November Retail Sales Gain Boosted by Spurious Seasonal Adjustments,0.5% of 0.7% Headline Sales Gain Tied Just to Gasoline-Seasonality Issues • Irrational Markets Continue as Great Dollar Calamity Nears […]
  • Tentative Schedule for Commentaries
      Commentary Date Releases Period Release Date   Monday, December 15, 2014 PPI Industrial Production November-2014 November-2014 12/12/2014 […]
  • No. 679: Labor Numbers, Trade Deficit, Household Income and Construction Spending
    (SGS Subscription required) • Widening Fourth-Quarter Trade Deficit Should Hit GDP Growth Hard • October Median Household Income in Continued Low-Level Stagnation • Full-Time Employment Is 2.4 Million Shy of Pre-Recession Peak • Headline Unemployment Really Increased by 0.1%, But Gain Was Hidden in Rounding Details • November Payroll and Unemployment Data He […]
  • No. 678: October Durable Goods Orders, New-Home Sales, November Consumer Conditions
    (SGS Subscription required) • No Economic Boom in Durable Goods Orders or Housing Activity • Real Durable Orders Goods Set Early Pace of Flat-to-Down Activity for Fourth-Quarter 2014 • New-Home Sales Revised Lower in Third-Quarter; October Broad Sales Activity Remained Stagnant • Consumer Confidence and Sentiment Remain at Levels Consistent with Historical R […]
  • No. 677: Third-Quarter 2014 GDP, First Revision
    (SGS Subscription required) • Gross Domestic Product Upside Revision Was Nonsense • Initial Gross Domestic Income Reporting Suggested Major Revision Shenanigans that Boosted Headline GDP • Underlying Reality Remains Down-Trending Stagnation in Broad Economic Activity […]
  • No. 676: October CPI, Real Retail Sales and Earnings, Existing-Home Sales
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Annual Inflation: 1.7% (CPI-U), 1.5% (CPI-W), 9.4% (ShadowStats) • Inflation Held at 1.7% for Third Month, Despite Tumbling Oil Prices That Reduced CPI-U by 0.5% • Annual Real Retail Sales Growth Fell Back to Recession Level, Amidst Suggestions of Much-Slower Fourth-Quarter Activity • Third-Quarter GDP Headline Growth of […]
  • No. 675: October Housing Starts, PPI
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Housing Starts Indicated Fourth-Quarter Contraction • PPI Headline Inflation of 0.2% Reflected Peculiarities of New Reporting Approach • October PPI Will Dampen Real Growth in New Orders for Durable Goods and Construction Spending […]
  • Commentaries News
    The Next Regular Commentary: is scheduled for Monday, December 15th, covering the November PPI and industrial production, followed by one on Tuesday, covering housing starts, and one on Wednesday, covering the CPI and real retail sales and earnings.  A Special Commentary on Friday, December 19th, Will Review Developments of Year Past and Preview Likely Devel […]
  • No. 674: October Industrial Production
    (SGS Subscription required) • Unexpected Production Decline Was on Top of Downside Revisions • Annual Growth Dropped to Six-Month Low • Implied Fourth-Quarter Production Pace Slowed Sharply • Continued Contractions in, and Downside Revisions to, Auto Production Should Hammer Inventory and Third- and Fourth-Quarter-GDP Estimates […]
  • No. 673: October Retail Sales, Consumer Liquidity, Updated Hyperinflation and DollarRisks
    (SGS Subscription required) • October Retail Sales Were Near Consensus, with Minimal Revisions and A Sharply-Slowing Pace of Fourth-Quarter 2014 Growth • Negative Surprises on the Economy and in the Political Arena Are Among Imminent Top Threats to U.S. Dollar […]



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  • Interview with Ambassador Michel Ching-Long Lu
    Ambassador Lu told me that Beijing didn’t respect their promises regarding free elections.
  • Iran, Human Rights, and the Nuclear Issue
    Compared to Iran, the P5+1 nations are nuclear rogues and, arguably, human rights outlaws.
  • Shameless Commerce, the Merchants of Death
    VT is continually coming up with ways to deal with intruders on your roof, a common problem in the holiday season
  • Jews, not Palestinians, Trapped by “Narrative”
    By Alan Hart In recent months nothing has made me more angry than an article written and posted on 11 December by Alon Ben-Meir with a headline that described the occupied and oppressed Palestinians as being Trapped In Their Public Narrative. It included this statement. “The Palestinians haven’t learned that they cannot have it both […]
  • They Have Butchered Children
    I recently returned from Syria, where I attended an International Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism sponsored by the Syrian Ministry of Justice (see my previous post on the event here), and where I had a chance to experience just a small taste of what life is like in a country under siege by a menace so evil it is the stuff of nightmares.
  • Top Anti-Nuclear Authorites to Convene in New York City
    Growing threat of planet-wide nuclear extinction will bring world's leading scholars and activists to New York City for two-day symposium Feb. 28-March 1, 2015.
  • Transhumanism: The Annihilation of Humanity?
    Our children will probably be the last human generation on earth…unless we rise up and overthrow the techno-psychopaths.
  • CYBERPOL: Budapest Report
    WORLD NEWS: Breaking news Budapest reports: CYBERPOL the International Cyber Security Organization, ICSO, charged with Cyber Policing stressed at the 3rd International World BorderPol Congress (Border-Police ) held in Budapest this week, the immediate need for a coordinated cyber crime management program at borders check points in the fight against cyber-cri […]
  • Diabetes: Type 2 Information for Veterans
    Knowledge of the various aspects of diabetes is the basis for decisions about exercise, diet, blood glucose monitoring, weight control, use of medications, vascular risk factors, foot and eye care. […]
  • 90yr old veteran arrested for feeding homeless
    90-year-old World War II veteran Arnold Abbot was arrested for feeding the homeless in Florida last month. Still facing 60 days in jail and a 500 dollar fine, but after protests and a massive backlash he's achieved a small victory. It is no longer illegal to feed homeless people in public places in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Syrian No-Fly-Zone a Bid to Save Al Qaeda
    Recent strikes on Syria by Israel have been alleged to be part of a regional plan by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel to establish a no-fly-zone (NFZ) over Syria, just as NATO did in Libya in 2011 effectively handing the entire nation over to Al Qaeda and now “Islamic State” terrorists. DEBKA File […]
  • Energy Aggression Against Russia is Expanding
    During his recent trip to Ankara, President Vladimir Putin said on December 1 that the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline project for Southern Europe would be terminated due to the negative position of both Bulgaria and Brussels. Instead of that, it was proposed to build a gas pipeline through the territory of Turkey […]
  • US: Historical Mythology in the Service of Fascism
    The United States government, at this moment, is aligned with many fascists and neo-Nazis.  In Ukraine, a swastika-wearing gang called “the Right Sector” was the primary force in the campaign of street violence and terror that brought down the elected government. The “Right Sector” is just one of a number of Ukrainian ultra-nationalist groups that […]
  • Is Qatar Attacking Russia?
    The Qatari newspaper Al Raya which is close to the family of Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and expresses the official viewpoint of Qatar ran a story on December 1 under the headline “Syria: the seventh Muslim district of Russia” by Mahmud Zaaluk. The article offers a curious view on Moscow’s Middle East policy. […]
  • Syria: Two Different Approaches to Resolving the Conflict
    “The main task of Syria’s leaders is to avoid becoming directly dependent on the Western powers,” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said curtly in an exclusive interview with the French weekly Paris Match. That crucial statement represents a significant phase in the unfolding Syrian crisis. First of all, the Syrian president’s opinion evinces the stoutness of […]
  • Treaty between Abkhazia and the Russian Federation is Revealing
    Russia’s signing on November 24 of a ‘treaty on alliance and strategic partnership’ with Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia should be viewed as part of a much bigger picture. As stated in previous articles, part of its motivation is to show up US actions for what they are: if the West can do what it […]
  • Project Coast: Who’s Behind the Recent Ebola Outbreak?
    The report issued by the World Health Organization states that the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most complex since the detection of the virus in 1976. This outbreak has reached an all time high in both the number infected with the virus and those deceased from it than in all […]
  • Why Rockefellers Aim at Destroying Farmers Worldwide?
    For the better part of the past century Western pop culture has systematically denigrated and devalued what should be the most honored profession of all. Those who labor with the land, day-in and day-out, to deliver the food that we eat have assumed a social status too often similar to the dirt of the soil […]
  • Yemen: Houthis are in Charge, yet Instability Persists
    Following recent formation of a Cabinet in Yemen, consisting of professionals and technocrats, the situation in the country has calmed down to some extent, but it remains tense and is on the verge of shifting into armed conflict at any moment. The Houthis have gained control of the capital and most of the major cities […]
  • Terrorists are Taking Hold of Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia’s authorities must have finally realized that Islamists are not to be played with, once the militants of the Islamic State carried out a terrorist attack near a Shia mosque in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom on November 4. In the aftermath local security and intelligence agencies have launched a massive operation targeting […]
  • '160k plus Christians flee Iraq'
    At least 160,000 Iraqi Christians have been forced out of their homes in the city of Mosul after the ISIL Takfiri terrorists seized Iraq's second-largest city in June, a Christian lawmaker says.
  • US wealth gap widens among whites, blacks
    Americans are 40 percent poorer today than they were in 2007 at the start of the Great Recession and wealth inequality has widened as a result of that economic crisis, according to a new report released on Friday. […]
  • Disease makes young woman look 80
    A rare aging disorder has made a 28 year old Chinese woman look like a grandmother in her 80s.
  • ‘ISIL beheads four men in Syria’
    ISIL Takfiri militants have reportedly beheaded four men accused of “blasphemy” in western Syria.
  • ‘Kiev’s policies main threat to Ukraine’
    Ukrainian officials keep adopting measures that further destabilize the security situation in the country, Russia says.
  • Russia vows to respond to US bans
    Russia has vowed to take retaliatory measures in response to the latest round of US sanctions imposed on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.
  • Black moms speak out against US racism
    The mothers of four unarmed African American males killed by white police officers spoke out on Friday against police brutality and racial injustice in the United States.
  • ICC halts Darfur crime investigations
    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has suspended inquiries into alleged war crimes committed in Sudan’s conflict-hit western region of Darfur.
  • ‘CIA wrongfully imprisoned 26 people’
    The US Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA torture techniques has revealed that at least 26 people were “wrongfully detained” by the spy agency. […]
  • Taliban kill Afghan court official
    Taliban militants have shot dead a top official of Afghanistan's Supreme Court, the latest in a spate of strikes in the Afghan capital, Kabul, as most foreign troops prepare to withdraw from the country later in December.
  • Thousands Of Protesters Swarm Washington, NYC: "Don't Expect To See Obama Here, Black Issues Don't Matter To Him"
    Those planning on visiting (or merely driving around) Washington or New York City today may want to consider a plan B. As Reuters reports, "thousands of demonstrators were expected in Washington and New York on Saturday to protest the killings of unarmed black men by U.S. police and to urge Congress to protect citizens. Organizers said the protests woul […]
  • The Dummy's Guide To Tomorrow's Japanese Elections
    The Japanese economy may well be getting crushed under the weight of Abenomics (courtesy of an unprecedented in history quadruple-dip recession and a record number of Japanese corporate bankruptcies due to the plunging Yen), but as we wrote previously, Abe has effectively hijacked the nation to his (and Paul Krugman's) stock-market levitating policies a […]
  • Dollar Correction: How Far and How Long?
    The US dollar's run stopped last week, but not before new highs were recorded against the euro, sterling, and the yen.   By the end of the week, the euro had risen 1.4%, sterling 0.9%, and the yen had risen as much as the two of them put together.  It was the biggest weekly gain for the yen in 16-months.     There is one pressing question that internati […]
  • The Oil Market Actually Works, And That Hurts
    Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer of The Automatic Earth The Oil Market Actually Works, And That Hurts Please allow me to revert back again a little to what I wrote earlier today in Will Oil Kill The Zombies? I think we need to be clear on what’s going on here. The oil market actually works. And that’s a rarity in today’s world of manipulated everything, of no […]
  • And The Winner In The "Worst Idea At The Wrong Time" Category Is...
    The undisputed winner in this year's "Worst Idea At The Wrong Time" category is the poor suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, a town which was looted, burned and generally eviscerated on several occasions in the past few months as a result of public anger first at the murder of Mike Brown and subsequently, the acquital of the police officer who shot […]
  • Presenting The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For
    Courtesy of the Cronybus(sic) last minute passage, government was provided a quid-pro-quo $1.1 trillion spending allowance with Wall Street's blessing in exchange for assuring banks that taxpayers would be on the hook for yet another bailout, as a result of the swaps push-out provision, after incorporating explicit Citigroup language that allows financi […]
  • Crude Carnage Contagion: Biggest Stock Bloodbath In 3 Years, Credit Crashes
    We leave it to Jack to explain what happened this week... [youtube] Quite a week!! WTI's 2nd worst week in over 3 years (down 10 of last 11 weeks) Dow's worst worst week in 3 years Financials worst week in 2 months Materials worst week since Sept 2011 VIX's Biggest week since Sept 2011 Gold's bes […]
  • "The Most Egregious Sections Of Law I've Encountered During My Time As A Representative"
    Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omn […]
  • CHRiSTMaS WiTH KeYNeS...
    .       . .   Ben really loved uncle Keynes He'd often let Ben pull the reins They both had great fun But when they were done Ben's coat would be covered in stains The Limerick King.     . .   . .   . Paul really loves his new sweater  Clowns always make him feel better  His favorite is Keynes  A man with no brains  Who turned the world into a debt […]
  • "This $550 Billion Mania Ends Badly," Energy Companies Are "Shut Out Of The Credit Market"
    "Anything that becomes a mania -- it ends badly," warns one bond manager, reflecting on the $550 billion of new bonds and loans issued by energy producers since 2010, "and this is a mania." As Bloomberg quite eloquently notes, the danger of stimulus-induced bubbles is starting to play out in the market for energy-company debt - as HY ener […]

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