Free teen driving contracts

Slower, because young drivers tend to speed. Printable Teen Driving Contract. Daily ideas, insight and updates to inspire you to love your family well. This is a way for your child to give their word on a teen driving contract that they will make the safe decisions and will serve as a constant reminder of what will happen if their side of the agreement is broken. Obviously, speeding tickets and warnings from police officers are admissible evidence.

The road to independence

Parent-Driver Contract

A big risk factors for teen drivers is having teen passengers in the car. All drivers put their phones on airplane mode it saves your battery! You can only have a maximum of passengers while you're driving. Let the passengers handle DJ and navigation duties on their own devices. The following tips and suggestions are aimed at improving the quality of driver of all ages. Be safer and drive smarter. Excessive speeding: Driving privileges suspended for month s.

Parent-Teen Driver Contract [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Don't let them profit by denying you justice. Instead of lecturing or badgering, try for some open-ended questions, such as:. Before continuing on with the online Parent-Teen Driving Contract tool, make sure you have set aside at least 30 minutes with your teen to create it together and discuss each of the contract terms. Customer Satisfaction. Anything built in the last 10 - 15 years should fit the bill. Teen drivers are looking to you for guidance as they transition to full time drivers and gain more experience behind the wheel.
The Checkpoints Parent-Teen Driving Agreement pdf This colorful, one-page agreement has driving rules for teens and parents. These statistics are grim to consider. Better yet — have them keep it picked up! Over the years we've offered our frequently unsolicited opinion about the best and worst cars for new drivers. Know the statistics of teenage drivers — and share them.
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