Holocaust experiments on pregnant women

With the relief that comes from letting go, she unlocked the memory that had haunted her and was free to face it. Or have influences -- both within academia and the Jewish community -- served to sweep such accounts under the historical rug? She understood if they said they only tolerated sex with their husbands to create families. On alternate days, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, they would take us to a blood lab. Due to its size and international composition, there were inmates from all over Europe whose voices survivors remembered. They faced starvation, illness, brutal labor, and other indignities until they were consigned to the gas chambers.
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Testimonies of Jewish Victims of Nazi Medical Experiments

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Silence lifted: The untold stories of rape during the Holocaust

Langer doesn't buy the argument made by some that his being male might have kept women from telling him such stories. As the calibre of the orchestra improved under the baton of Laks, the SS began to make more frequent and diverse requests of the musicians. The first deals with pregnancy and childbearing, while the second focuses on sexuality and sexualized abuse. In some cases, pregnant women were forced into Lebensborn homes. Strangely enough, many of them recall Mengele as a gentle, affable man who befriended them as children and gave them chocolates. One difference was the initial targeting of Jewish men for arrest and incarceration— in both Western and Eastern Europe.
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After Hitler’s pal died, Nazis recreated his injuries in a sick experiment

Jessica Neuwirth is among those who believe sharing rape stories from the Holocaust may help women worldwide. Due to the forced labour, frequent selections, suicides and generally poor health of the musicians, by the end of the year the orchestra was shrinking rather than growing. Psychologist Eva Fogelman hopes survivors who were raped will speak up so they can be helped in their healing. But as a result of this linkage, in coping with the calamity they faced women were always coping for both themselves and their children. Unlike in Auschwitz, in Birkenau Jews were allowed to join. Although many of the women of Theresienstadt were privileged to live with their children in the family camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau, by June they knew they were going to be sent to the gas chambers.
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Anonymous 9 months ago. It was assumed that because of Rassenschande, Jewish women were not used, but some historians point to reports that Jewish women were used in brothels established by the Germans for all categories — military, SS, civilian population and foreign workers. Another showed scars from beatings an officer doled out when he took her to clean his living quarters and raped her. Then in December the Germans began the "Final Solution". A second difference in the German treatment of men and women was their consistent and traditional pattern of delegating leadership roles to men. More than a decade of non-stop and singularly focused research on the subject took an emotional toll on Chalmers , a year-old expert on pregnancy and birth in difficult social, political, economic and religious settings.
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