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Then time seems to stop, as they place a new photo on the table, accompanied by a small folder of others. It says something about the state of Solomon Sea's machinery, that Prometheus isn't sure if it's an engine flame failure, a turbine shattering, an exhaust backfire, or potentially even some sort of boiler explosion. Catch any decent hang time of those waves recently? Either that, or she eventually simply stopped caring about unifying the paint jobs of her entire air wing and began to let her pilots do whatever they wanted with what was found, as long the majority of the flight looked roughly the same. Now though, it is little more than a ragged mini-skirt and shredded vest, showing more bandages and healing wounds than skin or underwear. Solomon Sea is easily one of the worst cases of post-return PTSD in a shipgirl I've ever seen, let me put it that way. Leary'Click to expand
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Unfortunately though, there was still no getting around the fact that she had at least one newly re-bandaged or patched injury on almost every limb of her emaciated body. Unfortunately, it is only then that they begin to realize just how shattered the broken CVB's memories and mind actually are. Perfect quality decoration cake cars and get free shipping. Much that Ataru-kun did spice things up here, the presence of Lum-kun and her friends on this planet would end up hurting us far more worse than what might have happened if her father actually launched that 'invasion' a year ago. Then comes the key moment.
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A radio message from one of the CVB's ranging flights of fighters taking the lead ahead of the main pack, announces that it has located the Abyssals. Therefore, upon returning to the medical bay after dinner with the latest crate full of rations she and the others have been cautiously increasing in size with each meal for their patient, it is with good reason that Prometheus freezes at what she sees. You better make sure she doesn't loose too many aircraft. Hearing a slightly unhinged giggle, and glancing back at Solomon Sea still cowering in the doorway and doing her best to restrain an joker's grin that doesn't quite reach her remaining eye, Ryuujo then has to reflect on her thoughts. Tried to figure out what day of the week it was With their intact and relatively clean for mechanics and engineers outfits, the three visitors stick out like sore thumbs among the fairies of the aircraft carrier. Especially given who his grandmother was
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And it was technically six months plus a week and a few days. The first, is that Solomon finally pauses in her cooking pot feeding frenzy, despite being unhindered by Prometheus, Kongou and Hiei's best attempts to stop her. I can see why you guys called me in. Her gaze shifting from face to face in confusion, it is only then that she seems to notice the feathers and gore coating her hands, face and the front of her borrowed clothes. While Solomon Sea has kept a few flights of fighters running BARCAP over the Izumo in tandem with her's, there is still at least a good 80 aircraft making up the CVB's strike package, and even more kept in reserve in her hanger. Tried to figure out what day of the week it was Every photo of her's is practically placed under a microscope, and from the moment she and Darter discovered the first half eviscerated Abyssal corpse, she is questioned about her thought process and actions in ever increasing detail.
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